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Raising Tom

Chapter Two

Harry sat on a bench outside the orphanage. He had been sitting there for the last few hours, wondering what he should do. Raising Tom Riddle, the boy who would turn into a murderous monster. How could he do it? Could he really raise the boy to not become Voldemort.

'There is no way to change my Harry. No matter what you do you will not be able to change my destiny. Nor will you be able to change yours.' The voice of Voldemort echoed in his head.

'We'll see Voldemort.' Harry replied back. He got up and entered the orphanage. A young girl answered the door. She looked at Harry with awe for a moment, he was still wearing his torn up cloak.

"um. Hello can I help you with anything?" She asked.

"Could I speak to the matron please?" Harry requested.

"Ah yes follow me please." She said. She led Harry to a room, where a sharp-featured women sat at a desk, working on some paper work. She looked up when Harry entered the room.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"I'm-" Harry stopped to think of a name. "I'm James H. Riddle. I believe that a boy named Tom Riddle is here. I am one of his distant cousins and I was hoping I could take custody over him."

"To you have any papers or anything to prove that you are related?" She questioned.

"I don't- I left them at home. I could maybe bring them to you tomorrow." Harry said.

"Fine then, bring them tomorrow. Would you like to meet Tom today though? To make sure you can handle him if you take him home," she asked. "He's different then the rest of the kids. There have been weird things happening around him."

"I understand. I would like to meet him none the less." Harry said. The lady sighed. She took him to Tom's room and knocked on the door.

"Tom you have a visitor." She said, opening the door. Harry walked inside. She shut the door behind Harry.

Harry saw the boy as he sat on his bed reading a book. He remembers him doing the same thing when Dumbledore showed him that memory. A sudden rage filled Harry. 'I could kill him right now and no one would know. I could solve all my problems with one curse.' Harry thought.

'Then Harry you will be just as bad as me. A murder, a monster.' Voldemort said.

"Hello Tom." Harry said with a fake smile. "I'm James Riddle and I want to adopt you."

"You're not a very good liar." Tom pointed out. "What do you want?"

"I just want to talk to you, get to know you a little bit." Harry said. "I'm like you in a lot of ways. We are both special."

"Does the old hag think you're crazy too? Or are you from the asylum. Cause if you are I'm not going with you," retorted Tom.

"No I'm not from the asylum." Harry whispered. "I'm a wizard and so are you."

"You can do magic and stuff. I want to see. Show me now." Tom ordered. Harry sighed.

"There are muggles around it would be a bad idea to do it around them." Harry replied. "Once we are away from here I will show you some magic alright?"

"Okay, but what is a muggle." Tom asked.

"A non-magic person." Harry explained.

"Can wizards speak to snakes?" Tom wondered.

"Some can. It's called Parseletongue. I can speak it too." Harry said. "I better get going. I'm going to come back tomorrow to get you."

"Good bye" Tom said in Parseltogue. Harry looked at him.

"I'll see you tomorrow Tom." Harry replied back in Parseltogue, and then he left. He Apparated to Diagon Ally and got a room at the Leaky Cauldron with the little money he had. He laid down on the bed trying to relax. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"I'm busy right now!" Harry yelled.

"It won't take that much of your time Mr. Riddle." The person replied. Harry knew that voice. He went to the door and opened. There stood a young Dumbledore.

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