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Daughters by John Mayer


I was snuggled up to my pillow very nicely. My head rested perfectly in just the right way, I could feel Claire next to me, breathing steadily. I had just had the best night of sleep in my whole life.

My phasing stopped about a year ago after I helped train some of the new 'runts' as I called them, the little punks that complained about being a werewolf and not wanting the responsibility. I scoffed at them, they just don't appreciate or embrace their culture or heritage at all! I mean being a LaPush wolf is an honor to our tribe and there they were complaining like little babies! Seriously, cry me a river, build a bridge and get the hell over it!

Jacob was still running with the pack. He and Nessie's son Ayden ran as well. He was a good kid, could phase in a split second, like his dad.

I heard the little patter of feet. Lifting my head just in time to see my twinsies creep through the door. They were 5 now and the most awesome kids in the whole world! Kane was like Claire, he had the flame of a raging forest fire, he was passionate about everything that he did or said and he was well aware of what he wanted and stopped at nothing to get it.

Aiyana, or Yaya as everyone called her, was more like me. She was laid back and liked to laugh and smile. She was a light hearted kid with a killer smile that could make you happy by just looking at her. Her sense of humor, even at 5 was better than anyone that I had ever met. Although I am a little biased when I talk about my children, they are in fact my children, what parent isn't?

I peered down to see Kane with his wolf boy pajamas on. His hair was getting shaggy in his eyes, which were big and brown. And next to him Yaya had on her princess nightgown. Her hair was all the way down her back and she screamed at the mention of a haircut, even though it got in her way when she did anything. Kane and Yaya were, for the most part, identical, but the one thing that differed between them, beside the male/female difference, were their eyes. Kane's eyes remained a mellow brown, and as time went by, Yaya's eyes got lighter, like a hazel type color.

" 'Morning Daddy!" Yaya squealed.

"Good morning dadda." Kane mumbled with a smile, easy to see that he was still sleepy. I grinned down at them, glancing back at Claire, who was still peacefully asleep.

"Morning thing one and thing two, let's go get some breakfast and let mom sleep for a bit." I suggested. They both nodded and dashed toward the hall. I fallowed and scooped one twin in each arm, kissing both their shaggy hair. "How about pancakes?" I asked, looking to both of them.

"Yah!" Yaya laughed as I tickled her tummy.

"Alright then, you guys go watch some cartoons on the tube." I set them down and watched them scurry into the front room. I found my way into the kitchen, gathering up some already made pancake batter. I could hear them bickering over the remote. They were 5 but they knew how to use the remotes better than even Claire or I did. I peeked my head into the from room just as Yaya smacked Kane on the shoulder.

"Let go!" she yelled. I had to admit she was a tough little thing. Kane nudged her and got the remote free of her hands.

"Ha!" he stuck her tongue out at her.

"Hey! You guys are twins you're supposed to be nice to each other!" They just looked at me incredulously. "Kane, be nice! Yaya don't hit your brother!" I scolded them both. I slipped back into the kitchen, knowing that they wouldn't fight anymore.

I dumped the last little bit of batter into the frying pan. Once all the pancakes were finished, I fished through the fridge for the syrup and butter. Putting 2 pancakes on each little plate, I smeared butter on them before slicing them up. On one plate I poured Kane's favorite, blueberry syrup and on the other, Yaya's favorite, strawberry syrup.

I peeked back into the front room to see Kane and Yaya leaned up against each other, laughing hysterically at some cartoon. "Alright PB & J, you're breakfast is ready!" I laughed. Kane looked at me funny as he walked through the kitchen door.

"Dad, why do you call me and Yaya 'PB & J'?" he asked, sitting down to his plate at the table. I laughed momentarily, thinking back to the night, Claire and I were considering names.


"What do you have in mind?" she asked me, excited.

I honestly hadn't thought about it. "I dunno Claire….err….peanut butter and jelly!?" I laughed. "They're twins right. They go together like PB&J." I laughed. She giggled with me. It was the first time I had seen her smile in a while.

"You want to name our children after preserves and peanut butter paste?" she asked laughing.

"Why not!? It'll be different! It'll be….unique!" I chuckled. Claire smacked my arm playfully.

"Be serious! Please Quil!" she giggled again.

*End Flashback*

"Maybe I'll tell you about it someday." I laughed, watching him lick syrup off his little fingers.

After the messy, syrupy breakfast, I sent Yaya and Kane to the bathroom to wash their faces, while I cleaned up the dishes. When I was finished, I hurried to the couch to get hold of the remote before the sticky twins returned. I flipped it to 'The Angry Beavers', one of my favorite cartoons as a kid.

"What is this daddy?" Yaya asked, looking revolted by the "old" cartoon playing on the TV. Kane snuggled to one side of me, Yaya on the other.

"It's the Angry Beavers." I answered her. After a few minutes, they were totally enthralled with the cartoon. Laughing like little jackals, I thought Kane was on the verge of tears. "You okay son?" I asked, patting his back. He nodded, giggling still. I didn't see Claire standing in the doorway, laughing at us.

"How come only dad get's all the hugs around here?" she asked walking toward us. Kane flung himself out of my arms.

"I'll give you a hug ma!" he said, jumping off the edge of the couch, into Claire's reach. She hugged him tightly.

"Traitor." I laughed.

"I love you." she said, tickling his tummy. I was expecting Yaya to get up and hug Claire but she snuggled into my side.

"I like giving Daddy hugs!" she declared, giggling. My heart swelled with pride for my little daughter. And to think I had my heart set on a boy.

"Is that so?" Claire asked, cocking her eyebrow. "You better give me a hug and a kiss or I'll force it out of you!" Claire said, inching toward Yaya.

Yaya glanced up at me. I shook my head. "You'll never make me!" she screamed laughing, running out of Claire's grasp. Before I could muster what was going on, it erupted into a full on tickling match. Everyone was laughing and giggling. I found Claire and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

After the fits of giggles died down, I found myself laying on the couch, Claire next to me, Yaya hugged to Claire's side and Kane to mine.

Another perfect Saturday morning in the Ateara house.