Title: Compensation
Rating: T for now
Characters: Grimmjow, Ichigo, Pantera the unlucky car
Disclaimer: Don't own the involved Bleach characters
Warnings: Language, future smut, homosexual situations and... pushy!uke Ichigo, rational?Grimmjow I think (zomg)
Synopsis: Ichigo gets into fights often. Unfortunately for him a certain fight leaves him unconscious with a head injury, and he wakes up to find himself being nursed by a handsome, angry, blue-haired man who suddenly starts yelling at him over a trashed car. Ichigo is forced to compensate with what money he earns from his part-time job, and soon ends up giving the man more than just money.

A/N: Hey guys, it's my very first AU fic. Originally written for mako-oneesan (my mama XD) and I decided to share it here. Firstly, I will warn you that I suck at AU, so beware of fail plot/story/writing... This is my way of challenging myself, I guess. I hope it will be good enough for you guys to enjoy. Also, this might be a little more slow than my other fics, but I hope it'd still be fast and interesting enough to keep you guys reading. With that said, please read on! :)


Grimmjow grumbled, cursing under his breath. Goddamned kids and their bloody fights. He could care less if the bloody delinquents wanted to tear each other's balls out, but he would have been much, much happier, if they didn't involve his goddamn car. A smashed windshield and a busted hood! Grimmjow ran a hand across his blue hair and sighed in frustration, throwing his blazer at the kitchen counter and tugging his tie loose, unbuttoning the first few buttons of his shirt. One of the kids involved looked at him apologetically. Why the hell did he bring the kid home again anyway? Oh yeah, he got his head bashed. Stupid brat, Grimmjow thought. And I'm stupider for actually bringing the fuckin' brat home.

"Sorry about your car," the kid said, staring at him with those chocolate brown eyes and that obnoxiously bright orange hair as he sat nervously on Grimmjow's couch. God, that kid annoyed him.

"Don't rub it in," Grimmjow muttered, getting increasingly stressed at the thought of the costs to repair his car. "Ch'! Ya better repay me for this, ya brat!" The kid was startled by his sudden outburst but he glared back at him defiantly, with a blaze in his eyes that sort of captured Grimmjow's interest for a moment.

"Why the hell do I have to pay?! It's those fuckers who bashed your car up, and in case you forgot, my head too!" the kid stood up to yell back, then wincing and hissing in pain at his head. He held his head and sat back down on the couch.

"Whatever," Grimmjow grumbled. The kid was right, but still, he wasn't gonna get away scot-free when he was involved in the damn fight that damaged his car. "At least repay me for savin' yer ass." At that, the kid stiffened and bowed his head, probably embarrassed as he rubbed his bandaged hands. Grimmjow did save him – the other three stupid fucks in the fight who ganged up on the orange-haired punk were ready to finish the job. Grimmjow gotta admit that he was pretty impressed the brats had guts to actually kill someone, but he was too pissed off about them damaging his car and had given the three delinquents an ass-kicking they'd never forget. He almost forgot that he needed someone to actually pay his repairs in cash, and the miserable unconscious kid looked like the perfect target. Well, that's what Grimmjow hoped. "What was that?"

"I said I don't have any money," the kid snapped at him as he looked up, glaring at him with the same eyes as before. Huh, the kid had something more interesting in him than just his bright orange hair, Grimmjow thought.

"What's your name?" Grimmjow suddenly asked, and the kid's glare faltered, confused by the question. Grimmjow waited for an answer.

"I-Ichigo..." the kid muttered after a moment, seemingly uncomfortable with his unusual name. It was, actually, but hey, he wasn't any different with the name Grimmjow.

"Well, Ichigo," Grimmjow drawled, advancing towards the teenager, "even though I look like a competent, well-off, rich adult with the suit and the tie and the car, but that car cost me a bomb, and I do not want to kill any more people to get my money to repair her. Now tell me how the fuck are you gonna repay me when you're the one involved in the goddamn fight and had me save your skinny ass!"

The kid backed away to the end of the couch as Grimmjow moved in, his face taking up an emotion of what seemed to be both fear and anger. "F-fine, whatever, I'll do what you want," the kid said – and was that a blush? Grimmjow stared at him, not knowing what to say. Finally after what seemed like a minute, Grimmjow stepped back, sighing once again.

"Don't ya have any parents or a job?" Grimmjow asked again. He needed the money, goddamn it. That car was his baby, his lover, his world. And some fucking brat smashed it. Fuck, he won't be letting this go. He was going to get something back one way or another.

"I do have a parent, but I am not going to pull my dad into my mess," the orange-haired brat retorted angrily. "But yeah, I do have a part-time job. Why?" he asked dumbly, despite the earlier emotion. Grimmjow didn't know whether to laugh or be amazed. The kid switched emotions like it was nothing. And the question was so stupid, Grimmjow wanted to pass it off as a result of his head getting hit. He also noticed the sensitivity of the parent question, but chose to ignore it.

"Well, obviously you're going to pay me back with what little shit you earn," Grimmjow said.

"So you're not going to have me do anything?" the kid asked again.

"What, you want to repay me through sex or something? Very funny, brat, I ain't a pervert and I'd prefer you give me money to actually do something about the problem than just have one quick lay which I can get any other day," Grimmjow snarled. What an annoying question. The kid seemed to relax at his answer though. Jesus, he must have watched too many movies, Grimmjow thought irritably. Even though he does look kinda cute for a stupid brat. Grimmjow snorted at his own thought and proceeded to absent-mindedly remove his shirt, much to the teenager's surprise. He didn't say anything though, but just stared at Grimmjow uncomfortably with that virgin blush of his. Grimmjow turned back to him, "Well, what are you waiting for? You can go back. Come back to me to hand me your pay whenever you can. I'm gonna send Pantera for repair with what much money I've got, so if you run and hide your pretty little ass, I will hunt you down, ya got that?" Grimmjow shoved a business card into the confused kid's hand, "Call me when you can pass the money. Spread this number around for prank calls and I'll kill you. Not calling me at all, I'll kill you. Now get out."

The kid nodded, still with the light blush on his cheeks at Grimmjow's topless figure and moved to head to the door. He didn't speak until he reached the door, in which he faced Grimmjow with the same eyes and said sincerely "Thanks..." he looked at the business card in his hand "...Grimmjow".

Grimmjow grunted his reply and sat down on his couch, lighting up a cigarette. His name sounded weird when the kid said it, and Grimmjow didn't know why. Exhaling the nicotine smoke, Grimmjow leaned back on his couch and sighed once again. "...Stupid brat."


Ichigo lied on his bed, exhausted and still feeling slightly sick from his of his eventful day. It was the first time he was involved in such a major fight that led him with a massive injury. Ichigo clenched his fist, wincing a little at the sharp pain. His knuckles had been cut and bruised terribly from the fight. He then touched his head, avoiding where he had been hit. He remembered that it had already been neatly bandaged by the blue-haired man when he came to. He didn't know how long he was knocked out, and Ichigo's memory of the fight was a little fuzzy due to the hit to the head, but he could remember that there were 3 of them and one had a wooden stick as a weapon. He also remembered, ever so clearly , the brilliant flash of shock-blue hair suddenly bursting into the fight, kicking Ichigo's attackers, breaking the wooden rod with ease and knocking two of them out with just mere punches. Ichigo had never seen such ferocity and also of such strange display of grace. By then he was already out cold.

When Ichigo awoke, he didn't expect to be in a decent apartment, greeted by a frowning, yet very good-looking man in his early twenties, in a shirt and tie with the same striking blue hair and eyes, bandaging his bruised hands. Ichigo remembered his hands were rough and calloused, yet careful and somewhat gentle as they casually brushed against his. He also didn't expect to be yelled at about him being a delinquent and about a damaged car and the repair costs.

At that thought, Ichigo scowled. Ichigo was not a delinquent - he just happened to have hair a shade 'too bright' for 'normal' people that they found it annoying and wanted to pick a fight with him. And how would he know it was the blue-haired man's car that got smashed in the fight?! He didn't even know it was there! Those fucking delinquents... Because of them, Ichigo now had to repay a goddamn debt. The teen groaned; he had seen the said car that the man had dubbed as 'Pantera', and that car was a very sleek and very nice, expensive car. Seeing the smashed windshield and busted hood made Ichigo himself cringe to see a beauty like that disfigured. But god, how the hell is he going to repay? It will take him forever with his meagre salary from his part-time job, most probably stretching into after his graduation which was coming in about less than a year. Ichigo groaned, covering his face with his bandaged hand. Stupid car.

But if the stupid car wasn't there, he wouldn't have been saved by the blue-haired man. He was glad the guy wasn't a pervert like in those movies. Ichigo thought he was the type to actually use sex as an excuse to have him compensate for his loss, but fortunately it didn't seem to be the case. Well, the guy did have a point when he said he'd rather have money than a quick lay since Ichigo did think the blue-haired man was good-looking enough to have women swoon all over him. He did, however, think the guy could be one crazy asshole. With that foul language, the scowl, the built and the way he carried himself, Ichigo thought he looked better off as a gangster or a hit man than an office worker of some sort with that suit and tie.

...Grimmjow, was it? Funny name, foul mouthed and probably a shitty personality. But he is good looking though. Ichigo blushed at his thought. No, no, Ichigo denied to himself, he just admired the man's physique since his was too skinny. The teen sighed, brushing off his unsettling thoughts. He blamed his weird thoughts to his exhausted body and decided that he needed a rest. He doubted he could go to school the next day; when he arrived home his doctor father was screaming at him about his injuries (his dad knew of his troubles at school and was used to him coming home with bruises) and screamed at him some more with that annoyingly professional-doctor-tone of his that he was in 'no condition to go to school'. Ichigo would be fine with that but he'd definitely be going for his part-time job. He didn't want to skip any work days that could delay his pay, which would also mean delay his compensation to the blue-haired man. Ichigo wanted it to be over as soon as possible. He didn't want a crazy blue-haired man, capable of actually murdering him, to chase after his ass for money forever.


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