Draco Malfoy walked in to the Leakey Cauldron and went directly to Neville's table. He sat down without being asked.

"You're here often," Draco said.

"I live here," Neville responded.

Draco glanced over to where Hannah Abbott served behind the bar. Neville said nothing, but waited for Draco to explain what he wanted. He saw no need to volunteer any more information for Malfoy's benefit.

"You returned your share of the reparations money to my father," Draco said.

"I don't want to take anything from your family."

Neville only retuned the money because the Wizengamot had made refusing it impossible. He couldn't keep it. He would beg on the street before he would take a knut from Lucius Malfoy.

"Abbott was happy to take her share of the money," Draco said with a gesture toward the bar.

"That's her business – isn't it?" Neville replied.

Neville and Hannah had talked about it. She thought losing money was a fitting punishment for a man who had used his so freely in Voldemort's service.

"My mother sent me to thank you, but somehow I don't think you did it to be kind," Draco said.

"The money wasn't mine. I sent it back to the person it belonged to."

"The Wizengamot doesn't see it that way," Draco said bitterly.

"They want the money to smooth over injuries," Neville said. He looked past Draco to where Hannah stood pouring elf wine into a glass. He knew a small picture of her mother hung on the wall next to the butterbeer tap where she could see it while she worked. "They think money will fix all that's broken, but I don't think it can. Money won't change the past or make it better, so you Malfoys might as well keep it for yourselves."

Draco winced a little. Neville didn't want to throw more dirt on someone who already had been hit with several shovel loads, but he spoke the truth as he saw it.