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" It's another day with you and me in Paradise …"

The music simply reverberated through the radio and on the music of the people around me, but not into my soul. I simply gazed at the road ahead. Forks Town could hardly be called Paradise, maybe only if you called it Paradise of Rain… But there was something else bothering me. I couldn't exactly put my hand on it, but as the lyrics came once again, I guess it had something to do with the "with you" in them, as…

But then giggles issued. I forgot to mention I was driving my senseless and brainless brothers Emmett and Jasper and sisters Alice and Rosalie to school. Or should I say sisters and brothers-in-law? They were certainly not having any troubles with the "with you" part in the song, why couldn't they just let me…

"Edward, what are you doing?", Alice grinned from the back.

"Nothing of consequence, Alice, just trying to think…"

A round of laughter. "You're incredible! Who talks like you in this age? What are you doing in Forks anyways, you should be at a King's Court" Rosalie interjected.

Just waiting for graduation I mumbled, but only said out loud "Guess you've sorted out all your problems and now have only trouble with me finding my way...", I said a little grumpier than I intended.

"Ok, I understand you're in fool mood now, just drive us to school with another song playing… Keep it in the 90s please…" Alice announced.

My pleasure I thought, and switched to Boulevard of broken dreams…

They rolled their eyes and I laughed softly. When they saw that they didn't say a word, just Alice reminded me "Just don't be late when you pick us up, remember we have to get home early, the girls are coming today and Mom and Dad insisted on us not being late so we would all greet them..."

I mumbled OK and turned the music louder. God, I forgot all about those stupid girls… Well, I actually couldn't call them stupid as I hadn't actually talked to them and they weren't as much "girls", we were all in high school anyway… Isabella and Marie Swan were the daughters of Chief Swan and had moved to Forks to live with their father after their mother remarried… and they weren't too happy about it. I couldn't blame them, who would want to move in a town where all the citizens knew your story on the first day? I don't really know how they reacted, I've only seen them once each. Isabella, the smaller one (they were twins, but she was 2 inches shorter than her sister) has taken my eyes the first time as I saw she was shy, a little harder to adjust and that brought up memories of when Carlisle (my Dad) had to move to Forks and practice here. I remember me putting on a scene, so when I saw little Swan girl in front of the library the other day, I wanted to go up to her, make her acquaintance and even recommend her some good books.

Just as I was thinking that, a hand sat protectively on the girl's shoulder and her sister appeared and glared at me. Marie Swan was…the total opposite of her sister. I don't know if it was genetics, I'll have to ask Carlisle, or just a developed habit of being unique and standing out, but she was one of the most antisocial persons I have ever met, err saw. Well maybe not entirely antisocial, as on the first day of their arrival I saw her in a club in Port Angeles Alice insisted on going as it was the opening. I wouldn't have noticed her if Alice hadn't cried out "wow, just look how she moves", and all eyes were redirected to a girl that stood out in terms of clothes ( though they weren't too revealing, they showed her curves and well, they weren't the type a decent girl should wear in Port Angeles) and dancing. It was like she was lost in her world, just giving everything…well, it was surely alluring for the guys rounding up for her. I didn't see her later, but she didn't show up the other day at school. Hangover I rolled my eyes, I hated getting drunk. And I saw poor Isabella wandering on her own and offered to direct her as I thought how insensitive her sister was and how two sisters can be so far off…

Why was I remembering all this? Well, first to make the way to school a little bit shorter (it was a full half an hour) and then they were going to stay at my place. Yes, that's right. As a policeman in Forks, though he was The Chief (I was actually surprised he had subordinates), Charlie Swan didn't earn much so he had to get another job in Port Angeles now that her daughters were living with him and you know, they were going to college next year… As Chief Swan and Carlisle were good friends and Carlisle couldn't say no to a person in need. He offered to take the girls in whenever their father would be absent for a while. So I guess our family was starting to look like a baseball team, and it wasn't really calming knowing the girls would be a majority…

Well, Forks High and another day in Hell, without you I could add (who was I directing t anyway?). Well, I guess the girls' arrival wasn't going to be that bad. At least, something changed

6 hours later…

We were on our way home. Alice was chirping one of her stories about how she convinced a teacher the Earth was plat (yeah, I guess not even Emmett would believe her at this point), but when we got home the laughter suddenly seized automatically.

"Well, let's get it over with" Rosalie started to the house.

"Why, I feel like I'm going to like them", Alice smiled.

I hated how she pretended to see the future. "Alice, you generally like people. And some are crazy enough to like you", I answered.

"Yeah, but these I've seen and talked to and I really feel I could be friends to. Maybe you'll like them too", she grinned. Saw? Talked to? Was she hiding something from me, she didn't comment on talking to the girls. As I wanted to comment, the door opened and Carlisle rushed us in "Finally, come on it, they're already here". I don't know why these news made me anxious, maybe I thought I would have to prepare.

We walked into the saloon where Esme was sitting next to Isabella (why didn't that surprise me?), talking gently and Marie was sitting on the other end of the couch and talking to Carlisle, although it seemed she only answered shortly his questions. As we entered, Isabella looked up very quickly and I saw the start of a smile, Marie looked intently at us, raising one eyebrow as we were a curiosity.

"Now here is the rest of the family…" and presented us each. Emmett and Jasper were trying to stay in the back as they felt is was a family moment and didn't feel it proper yet, and the three of us were therefore in the front. Rosalie just smiled a pretended smile, but when Isabella smiled back at her, genuinely, caught her off guard and…oh my God? Did I just see Rosalie embarrassed? But she quickly recovered at the glare of Marie, which she returned, not even trying to mimic a smile. Alice saw it all quickly and masterly shifted on the couch between Isabella and Marie, wrapping her arms on the both of them… As Isabella blushed, I half expected Marie to slap her hand (wouldn't my inner monster rejoice a little to see Alice rejected for once?) But actually when Alice asked her intimately "What's up?", Marie returned her gaze and actually formed a smile (small, but still) and said "Nothing much". Then she switched her look and she turned to me, her smile instantly disappearing. Oh, it was my turn.

"Hey, nice to meet you, I'm Edward.", I tried one of my best smiles, especially not to frighten Isabella, who actually blushed. That is so sweet I heard myself thinking, then came back to reality at Carlisle's words.

"Well, now that you are acquainted, I hope you will get along fine, just like…family."

Marie jumped up of the couch "Yeah, yeah, we've already heard the speech from Dad…It was such a pleasure meeting you, may I be excused…", and she passed by us without waiting for a response.

Carlisle said nothing I believe he was caught off guard, but didn't see anger either. Isabella stood as well. "I'm so sorry for my sister. We've just moved and she doesn't take the change very well…" She blushed again. I smiled.

"It's alright, I understand that", Carlisle smiled too.

"Come on, Isabella, I'll show you around the house", I offered before I could think much where I was heading.

"Just Bella", she answered and followed me.

I smiled again and looked forward to this change…