The Harvest's Done

Three children sat under a venerable old tree near the Hogwarts lake, enjoying the October sunshine. Two had black hair — the boy's silky-slick, the girl's rather bushy. The other girl was blond, with huge blue eyes.

'So they never returned?' Jean Longbottom asked.

Lear Snape nodded. 'They stayed Muggle. They died long before I was born. Mum says their unused magic turned against them.'

Jean shuddered. 'How awful — to live without magic.'

Minnie Scamander shook her head. 'My granny says they made their own magic.'

'Muggle magic?' Lear smiled. 'If anyone could do that, it would have been my grandparents.'


A/N: 'The Harvest's Done' — Allusion to LBSM by Keats.


Finite Incantatem


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