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Edward didn't come back in New Moon. Bella didn't go cliff diving. Laurent changed her then the wolves killed him. She made a similar treaty with the wolves when she was changed. She became 'vegetarian' and wandered the land like the Cullen's except on her own. Bella's power is absorbing other vampires powers when they are close and a shield against mind powers, she's also stronger than Emmett and faster than Edward with an uncanny talent at fighting. The story starts 200 years after she was changed as she moves to a new town.

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Chapter 1

Bella's point of view:

I sighed as I shoved the last box into my red Ferrari, I was moving again, off to Wasilla - a large city near Anchorage - to star life in high school. Again. Yawn. I was going to start 16, old enough to drive and be my own guardian. I sighed again. 200 years was a long time. Especially on your own. It was that long since I'd had any proper friends. I was painfully lonely.

I jumped in the car and revved the engine. My new home was about an hours drive from the little motel I was staying in. Joy of joys *sarcasm in case you hadn't gathered*. I flicked on my Fall Out Boy, Folie à deux CD and turned up America's Suitehearts. Before I knew it I'd sung along to the CD about 10 times and was pulling up at my new house.

It was huge, a beautiful red brick with a large wooden porch. I grabbed 5 or so boxes and walked into the main room. The bottom floor was all open plan. In the furthest corner there was a granite, glass and white kitchen and a long glass seat with 10 black and white leather chairs, set in alternative colours. There was a touch sensitive (pressure not heat because my hands were to cold to use a heat sensitive touch screen) computer screen sat on a desk along the wall next to my grand piano. Leaving the entire room - apart from the far and right walls, empty. I would leave some space open for my stereo and as a dance floor but would turn the rest into a lounge. I had two luxurious white leather armchairs, a matching 3 seat sofa and an expensive Chinese wooden coffee table. I would have a plasma screen TV mounted on the wall as well, at least 60", completing the whole modern, black and white look.

I threw the boxes into the corner of the room, they were all full of DVD's, pictures, paintings and other bits, and went back out to the car grabbing boxes full of clothes and more personal things, dragging them upstairs. There were three large bedrooms upstairs all with en-suites and walk-in wardrobes. I just had to choose the colour scheme I wanted. The first room had a black carpet, red walls, a huge black iron bed in the middle with red covers and matching furniture. The next room had a white carpet, black walls, a similar black iron bed with a black and white chequered blanket and matching furniture. The room was the same layout as the last and I was willing to bet the interior designers I had hired had done all 3 rooms the same just with different colour schemes. I didn't mind. They were all amazing. I got to the last door expecting something similar but when it swung open I gasped in delight.

The walls were an off-white and the floor was a honey-brown hard wood. The bed was the same wood with a thick off-white quilt and several big fluffy pillows. There was a chest of drawers and a dressing table in the corner. It was perfect for me.

I spent the rest of the day unpacking and arranging for me to start school at Wasilla High, what an original name. I would start tomorrow as it was the first day of a new term. Lucky me. I wandered around the house aimlessly for the next hour before sitting down at my grand piano. I played a 4-bar intro then started singing my new song.

Your walking away,

And I don't know what your looking for,

You've gotta show me the way,

Because I know that I am lost without you.

But you walk away,

Yeah you walk away,

You just walk away.

Away. Away.

You leave me all alone,

And its so lonely all on my own,

Yes, you leave me on my own,

My own.

But you walk away,

Yeah you walk away,

You just walk away.

Away. Away.

I started playing the bridge and found myself turning it into a whole new piece, sobbing over the piano. I'd written the song about him when he'd left. The thought cut me up still. I was alone, so alone. All I wanted was someone to be open with, to talk to without keeping any secrets, to spend eternity with as a friend or a lover. Was that such a bad thing? Did that make me evil? No. I didn't think it did. Maybe ... maybe I would change someone. Someone my age but who would die without me. Like a victim of a car crash or ... or ... Then I stopped thinking. I couldn't do it. I couldn't condemn someone to this life even if they weren't alone. It was evil. Pure frickin' evil.

I checked them time. Half 8. Time to get ready for school. Woop woo *heavy sarcasm there*. I ran upstairs and into my wardrobe, grabbing the outfit I had chosen earlier. Black skinny jeans and a tight white tank top with white converses. Simple but nice. It was that or a loose boho dress with cowboy boots and a cropped leather jacket. It didn't look that great - the loose of the dress wasn't the right style for me, although it looked okay - and was so last season! I walked out of my house, pausing to lock the door, and jumped into my Ferrari.


My first 3 lessons were okay. English, spanish and trig. The female population was excruciatingly bitchy, the teachers were nice and the male population was ... well ... lets just say I'd been hit on over 5 times today. My next lesson was PE. Huzzah *more sarcasm*. I had to dumb it down totally and become clumsy so as to avoid any mistakes ie: me popping the ball by grabbing it to hard or running around the track faster than the world record. I got changed and I could here all the girls muttering in their groups about my 'plastic surgery'. Well it wasn't exactly my fault. They could blame Laurent. Then everyone started running onto the field and sat down in the bleachers. The guys were already out there and I headed for the back row ... which wasn't empty. The hole in my chest ripped wider and I froze. The guy looked up and I could feel his confusion which was quickly replaced by recognition and shock. I could feel it. Jasper Cullen. Damn.

I sat down a few seats away from him and he slid across to me.

'New student?' I nodded not making eye contact. 'Vampire?' I nodded again. 'Why do you feel like a hole's been ripped in your chest?' I looked at him.

'Because I'm pretty sure it has.' I snapped. He leaned back a little surprised but quickly recovered.

'I'm Jasper Hale but you already know that. Your Bella Swan right?'

'Don't tell Edward! Please! I'm not ready yet!' He blinked at my outburst. Then laughed.

'I wont, don't worry. So ... how's things been with you these past 200 years? And why do you feel like a hole's been ripped in your chest?' Damn it, he wasn't gonna drop it was he!

'Well you know. I've just been dying of loneliness and stuff and then I've been travelling from city to city like you guys do. And I'm not gonna tell you why there's a hole in my chest. Not yet.' I sighed and I felt a wave of happiness come over me. 'Thanks Jasper.'

''S'okay.' He muttered. Then the teacher came out and started explaining the rules of volleyball to us taking up the rest of the lesson.

The teacher dismissed us and we started to trot back into the changing rooms when Jasper caught up with me.

'Have lunch with us today? If you're on your own. And I'm sure if you're not ready to see everyone as Bella you could call yourself ...' He thought for a second. 'Hannah? Or Hayley? Or something like that.'

'Thanks Jasper.' I mumbled. 'You have no idea how lonely 200 years gets!' I added with a laugh, then disappeared into the changing rooms. When I was dressed again I walked out and found Jasper waiting for me. 'Thanks. I'd forgotten how nice people actually were.' He laughed and led me to the canteen. We both bought food we couldn't eat then went to a table in the far corner. 2 people sat there already. Rosalie and Emmett. We sat down and they looked up.

'Hey Jasper. Hey ...' Emmett paused for a second. 'Sorry I don't know your name.' I laughed.

'I'm offended! You should remember me Emmett! Its Bella. Bella Swan.' Emmett jumped up shock evident on his face and Rosalie's jaw dropped a little.

'No way. No friggin' way! It can't be! Stop lying! What is this some kind of sick joke!?! Are you here to screw Edward up even more!?! He'll go friggin' insane if he sees you!' Then Alice and Edward appeared behind us carrying their own trays of food.

'If I see who?' The velvet voice asked and a sharp pang of pain ripped through my chest, like a knife being pushed into my chest. I placed my tray on the table and turned around.

'Me.' His face twisted into a mask of horror. 'Hello, Edward. Long time, no see.' I was unable to keep the hostility out of my voice.

'Bella. Oh my god, Bella! I'm so sorry! I thought you died! 80 years ago they all stopped me running off to the Volturi! I'm glad they did now!' He pulled me into a hug and I felt the hole in my chest ripping and tearing, burning at the edges. He squeezed me but my arms just hung by my side. Then he let go and held me back so he could look at me. I started reading thoughts and saw my face in his head, my eyes wide with fear and panic. 'Bella! What's wrong!?!'

'I ... I have to ... have to go. It was nice seeing you again. I'll see you soon, 'kay?' and I ran at human speed out of the canteen. I flew straight into my car and drove home at 240mph.

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