Snow Day

Minbar, set post Objects at Rest

"John," said Delenn with concern, as she examined the screen in front of her. "All of our sessions today; meetings, conferences, the reception tonight; they've all been canceled."

"That's right," he said from the bathroom.

She shifted in her seat at the small desk in their bedroom, and looked over towards the bath. The door was open and steam was flowing out into the outer room. Her husband liked a very hot shower, and the thought of him, just out of sight, getting dressed, was enough to raise her temperature without the benefit of the white clouds coming towards her. "But we had a full schedule today...these are not things that are easily put off. What has happened?"

He emerged from the bath, his hair damp and a few beads of water still clinging to his short clipped beard. He was wearing casual clothes, a loose sweater and slacks, not the suit he generally wore to work. She liked that sweater, it clung to his broad shoulders, and then fell in soft folds, leaving an intriguing gap at the waistline where one could run one hands up to feel the smooth skin and hard muscle underneath the cloth. If one felt inclined to do so.

Coming over to greet her, he saw her looking up expectantly, awaiting her answer. She looked adorable, with parted lips that almost demanded one kiss and then perhaps another. He leaned over to oblige, and almost lost his balance in the attempt. She steadied him with one hand, while snaking the other behind his head to pull him close and finish what he'd started.

"Snow day," he finally managed to say, during a pause, and almost laughed at her astonished expression.

Protesting, she said, "It is not snowing, and besides, what would the weather have to do with the business of the Alliance? We are not discussing planetary conditions in any of the meetings we had scheduled...."

Her questions were cut off by another kiss, and he pulled her up into his arms to continue in a more stable position. Coming up for air, he said, his serious tone belied by the smile dancing at the edge of his lips, "I canceled it all. No work today, no meetings, no business. I told everyone to act as if we were snowed in, cut off from everyone else on the damn planet. They used to do it sometimes when I was a boy, back on Earth when there was bad weather. Close the schools, sometimes they'd close everything down." He smiled at her as she appeared to carefully consider what he had said.

Matching his serious tone, she asked, "And what does one do then, on such a day?" She pressed against him, and her hands found their way under his sweater, warming her chilled fingers against his still damp but warm skin.

"You try to keep warm," he said. "Sometimes you have to huddle close together," he explained. "Body warmth is the very best way. All the authorities say so; I learned it in basic training."

"I see. Well, I would not want to contradict your teachers; it would be disrespectful." She let one errant thought wander through her mind, as to how far behind she would be tomorrow, then she cast it loose. There was nothing she could do, which was the glory of it. "Is it not more efficient to utilize the body's warmth without the impediment of clothing?"

"Oh yes," he said, as she burrowed further underneath his sweater, lifting it off his shoulders. He finished tugging it over his head, and then returned the favor. As her robes cascaded to the floor, he pulled her close, and said, "That's standard operating procedure. For a snow day."