A/N: This is my second attempt at fan fiction. Hopefully you all enjoy this. Please feel free to flame/review/critique. I promise not to be to offended. Also this is just the prologue the other chapters should be much much longer. :)

Summary: Au: What if instead of Tseng and Elena being captured by the remenants it had been Reno. What if Jenova was never found? how would the events of Advent children change? rated m for possible future violence. possible reno/rufus in later chapters as well.

Disclaimer: this is the only disclaimer I'm likely to put up. I do not own anything. I wish I did but ya, I don't sadly.

Reno wasn't just angry, oh no, he was pissed! How dare Rufus send him on a solo mission to the Northern Cave. The mission itself was bogus enough, but no Turk was ever sent on a solo mission. At least not ones who were expected to return.

Oh Gods! That was it wasn't it? Rufus didn't expect him to return did he. Reno wracked his brain trying to think of what he could possibly have done to merit going on a suicide mission. That's when Reno remembered exactly what his mission was. He briefly went over the mission report in his mind. 'Check the Northern Cave and the surrounding area for traces of Jenova. Should you find any remains, place them in the steel box provided. Be aware of a gang of silver haired men who've been said to frequent the area.'

Reno scoffed at the absurdity of his mission. Jenova was long gone. As much as he loathed to admit it, Strife and his gang of miscreants had dispersed of the calamity 2 years ago. As for the silver haired men, well Reno laughed, he was a Turk after all. No gang was going to take him down, he vowed. He grew up near the slums of Midgar and therefore frequented the slums daily.

Finally deciding the mission didn't require 2 Turks and that was the only reason he had been sent alone, Reno grabbed the designated steel box and started his search. This didn't mean Rufus wouldn't get an earful when he returned to Healin. Reno enjoyed having partners, they not only had your back, they kept things interesting. Especially Rude, he may not be much of a talker but he sure as hell kept things interesting.