Reno eyed Loz wearily, "What do you mean take off my pants?" he asked.

"like I said take them off, your filthy and need a bath" Loz answered.

"you ain't giving me a bath." Reno said slightly panicing.

"You can give yourself one, i'll just watch toi make sure your clean" Loz replied.

"HELL NO YOU WON'T!" Reno shouted.

"I have to make sure your clean, Yazoo and Kadaj won't let me keep you if they come back and your still dirty." Loz said.

"I don't care I aint bathing in front of you or anyone else." Reno replied.

Loz shrugged, "ok." He then threw a punch at Reno's face.

"Wha!" Reno yelled as the fist connected with his face sending him crashing into the wall.

"Bad PEt! You don't disagree with me ever!" Loz growled. Reno stared up with a glazed look over his eyes for a few seconds before slipping back into unconciousness.

Cloud entered the cavern without looking or caution, due to being so lost in thought. "Wha!" he heard someone shoud and a large thud followed seconds later. Looking to his left where he heard the yell come from, Cloud saw Loz bent over the crumpled form of Reno.

"Reno!" Cloud yelled, causing Loz to look up. 'well there goes the element of surprise' Cloud thought mentally kicking himself

"Who're you?" Loz asked?

"Cloud, what the hell did you do to Reno?" Cloud demanded.

"Nothing, he wouldn't listen a...a...and I...I got angry." Loz stammered a bit worried about Reno, and what this scary Cloud guy might do to him.

"So you nearly killed him!" Cloud yelled glaring at Loz.

Loz looked absolutely petrified by the gleam in Clouds eyes. Just as cloud was rushing forwards two shots rang out. Loz slumped forward a bullet having exploded dead center of his head. Simultaneously Cloud slumped to his knees.

Reno who'd just been regaining conciousness struggled into a sitting position. Rude rushed to his partners side, "just relaxe Reno, Tseng will take care of Cloud." Reno tried to get to his feet but Rude held him down, Reno was in no shape to be of any help at the moment. About a minute later Reno stopped sturggling, due to sheer exhaustion.

Tseng stared down at Cloud. The blonde was gasping for breath, the bullet had lodged itself in his chest, nowheres fatal if they treated it now, which they could. They had the medical supplies on the chopper, but Cloud was losing blood a lot of blood. Loz had gotten lucky with his shot. Making a quick decision Tseng raised his gun and aimed it at Cloud. Cloud's eyes widened in an alarm then to a pleading stare. Steeling his resolve Tseng pulled the trigger.

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