Meredith sat slumped over her shot of tequila, staring glumly into the clear liquid that looked all too innocent for the next morning's hangover.

Pick me. Choose me. Love me.

The words echoed loudly in her head, repeating themselves a thousand times over until her thoughts were a blur of confusion and alcohol.

He brought a hand to his forehead, brushing it through his thick hair. Unable to speak, he reached towards her, but she pulled away. "I'll be at Joe's tonight, so if you do decide to sign the papers, meet me there...

The door swung open behind her and she gasped. A couple strode in hand in hand. Meredith turned back to her shot glass, took a deep breath and lifted it to her lips.

Christina dug her fingernails into the back of the chair, teeth gritted she turned to the empty space beside her. On her right several teenage girls were crying into their palms, she flinched away from them, instinctively clutching her stomach.

"Miss Yang, we're ready for you." A stereo-typical receptionist rose from her chair, clutching the phone to her chest.

"But I'm not rea..." The receptionist raised a hand in front of her face, gesturing to the phone now placed at her ear.

Her hands clenched into fists as she stumbled towards the waiting doctor. "Damn you Meredith." She cursed under her breath.

Derek closed his eyes slowly, brushing a hand steadily through his hair. The divorce papers lay a silent threat on his desk, menacing black writing a scrawl on the page. He knew what to do.

"Derek?" he looked up to see Addison in the doorway, red hair contrasting her pink scrubs.

He stood up, locking his eyes with hers.


Six shots later, Meredith's resolve was weakening. She reached for the whole tequila bottle; Joe eyed her warily but said nothing.

The door swung behind her but she made no move. It was past twelve, there was no hope now.

"Meredith?" she looked up to see Derek in the doorway, black hair perfectly shaped despite the wind.

She stood up, locking her eyes with his... Then she fell majestically to the ground, knocking a bar stool as she went.

She opened her eyes a few seconds later to him standing over her. "Oh Mer." He sighed, glancing over to the tequila bottle and lifting her to her feet.

"You came." She slurred, steadying herself on the counter.

"No." He paused, bringing her closer towards him "I chose."

Then he pushed his lips against hers, sweeping a hand through her matted hair. She wrapped a hand around his waist and kissed him back. But he broke away all too soon.

"Pick me, Choose me" He paused "Love me."