AN: Word is DRAG. AU fic - Dean and Sam live in an apartment.

Domestics - The Table - Part One

'I think it should go over there.' Sam said pointing to the window.

'Nope, I like it over here.' Dean stood next to the couch.

'Why there?'

'So I can put my stuff on it.' Dean sat down.

'The window has more illumination, I can work there.'

'Illumination?' The elder brother questioned.

Sam huffed and dragged the table.

Dean shot up. 'Hey! I bought that!' He grabbed one end of the table and pulled.

'I paid for it too.' Sam tugged harder.

Their eyes locked in a silent battle, each grunted with effort, and each pulling in their own direction...


'Give up Sam, my table!' Dean psyched; there was no need for the brothers to use words.

'Get your own table, and put your porn under your bed, don't parade it around the apartment.' Sam grunted inching his way closer to the window.

'Hey, I don't parade it around.' Dean objected.

'Yes you do. It's in the kitchen drawer and behind the magazine rack,' Sam's feet slipped, giving Dean an advantage. 'Don't drag your feet! You're going to leave scuff marks on the floorboards!'

'Sorry Samantha.' Dean smirked, rolling his eyes and desperately pulling it closer to the couch.


Not knowing their own strengths, there was a thunderous crack before they flew in opposite directions.

Sam was surprised, while Dean looked more lost than ever, maybe even a bit frightened of ploughing into the wall behind him.

'Damn it!' Dean said landing on his rump.

Sam sat there looking befuddled, holding half the table in his hands.

'So…how about you keep that half and I'll keep the other.' Dean quipped, dragging himself cautiously off the floor.

The glare he received caused him to dart out the door…

'Dean, I want a new table!' …and to the nearest furniture store.

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