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Alright, well we know that there were seven years between the Cell games and the Buu Saga right? What happened in those years? Goku trained in the other world, Gohan was accepted in High School, Trunks was able to be with his father and Goten was born. But what exactly happened? We know how Goten became Super Saiyan, but what about Trunks? It's obvious Vegeta didn't know about it. This is meant to clear up some questions that might have arisen from those seven years. I Know there are probably a LOT of stories like this, but hopefully it won't be exactly like the rest (since the only stories I've read on here were BulmaxVeg)




"voices that are not there but people think are there"

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Oh yes, the first few chapters are probably going to be just in Gohan's POV.

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Three weeks.... four weeks..... five weeks....

I've lost count of the endless days that seemed to go by since his death. Nothing is the same, everyone is always weird around me, even mother sometimes.

A few weeks ago I had gone to Muten Roshi's, my mother wanted me to give them her regards, it was Kuririn's birthday, so of course i was going to the party, to try and relax a bit, maybe keep things off my mind. But as it seemed as soon as my feet, no as soon as I came into their view, the air was tense, I could feel the uneasiness, I could see it on their faces. Everything turned from looking cheerful and happy to glum and sad.

"Kuririn!" I exclaimed happily, trying to ignore the tension, hoping that if I ignored it, everyone would as well and they would go back to how they were before; laughing, joking and playing around. "Happy birthday!" I landed on the sand, the softness squished around my feet and I handed over a present I had gotten for him. It wasn't much, but I thought a new hat would suit him well.

"Ah, Gohan, t-thank you." I could hear the nervousness in his voice, the awkward face, the look of pity and concern. I could see it on everyone. I had a feeling they would probably stay this way, with me around.

I smiled, "your welcome. I have to go now, mom wanted me to pick something up for her. She sends her regards as well." I backed up a bit, waving slightly before my feet lifted from the ground. "Bye!" I waved to all of them before turning and flying out of their sight.

I've tried to talk to her about it, but at the mention of my father... mother sometimes seems to loose it. I have not trained at all, not once since that day. I have not had the drive for it. Mother hasn't pushed me to study yet, either, I think once she does, she will finally be better. Maybe things will start to get back to normal soon... I hope.

I closed my eyes and had to fight back tears that started to well up again. Every time I shut my eyes I could see his smile, I swear that most of the time I can hear his laugh, hear him calling my name, but the moment I open my eyes or turn in the direction, there is nothing there.

A hot tear rolled out of the corner of my eye, trailing down my face to hit the grass underneath me. I was not far from the house, in fact, I laid ten feet from the front door, trying to relax at least a little bit. The past few weeks I felt too tense, too strained. I don't think there was a night I didn't cry myself to sleep, the endless question of "If" going through my head.

"If I killed him when I had the first chance, would this be different?" "If I did him in, father would still be alive, right?" "If I were more careful, if I didn't let my Saiyan instincts to fight take over me, would I have been able to kill Cell?"

Too many possibilities and nothing to show what could have been, only what has become. A world empty of Son Goku. It pained me that he did not want to come back, that he would rather stay there in the Other World, to be dead and not with his family. I know mother can't bear it, this long without him, she's looked worse the past week, her eyes darkened from lack of sleep, her eyes puffed from crying. Every morning, evening and night she still makes twice as much food, hoping he'll walk through the door, smiling as usual, hand up as if to say 'hi' but instead just chuckles a bit and says "Yo."

I turned on my side, the tears welling up again. I know that I couldn't continue to mope around all day, but I couldn't help it. It hurt too much.

"Gohan.. be strong."

I opened my eyes and sat up quickly, looking around. I swore I heard his voice but nothing was there; nothing at all aside from the wind. I looked back down again before standing up. Mother was not home, she went with Grandpa to the next town for food for our dinner. Not that I really was too hungry, though every time I told her I was not hungry, she'd yell at me to eat, expecting me to eat as much as dad if not, maybe she just thinks that I'm trying to starve myself. Either way. Standing, I started towards the house, I could at least do something to get my mind off things.