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Soft sand engulfed my shoes as I jumped off the Kinto un and onto the small island that was home to not only Kame Sen'nin, but also with Turtle. I smiled to myself and started towards the house, no one was inside so I figured the only logical thing was that everyone would be inside. As I walked up the wooden steps towards the door I could hear from the window girls grunting and counting 'One-Two-One-Two' I could only guess that the old Turtle Hermit was watching aerobics again.

I knocked on the door before opening it and walking in. Muten Roshi sat in front of the television, his eyes almost glued to the screen, Bulma sat on the couch and opposite of her sat Kurririn and Jyuhachi-gou. As soon as I walked in, all three of them, aside from the hermit who was too busy watching the girls lift their legs, looked over in my direction.

The first thing I noticed, it was really hard not to, was that Kuririn had what looked like hair. I always thought he was naturally bald, but the stubs of follicles made it obvious that he just shaved his head.

"Gohan." Bulma waved with a smile, getting up to great me. I smiled and walked over to her.

"Hello." I told her and then I looked over at Kuririn and his wife. He wore that look on his face, the one that he had before and all the other times I had seen him, that look that he felt sorry for me. I turned my gaze back to Bulma. "Just the person I was looking for." I told her and she looked at me with bewilderment.

"Looking for me?" she asked.

I nodded, "I was wondering... what it was, er, well, is like, having a baby in the house... I know from reading those book that they cry a lot and need to be changed... and that they are hungry... but I really don't know much..."

"Wait a minute... a baby?" Kuririn asked, I looked back to him and he looked a shocked and a bit confused.

I nodded. "Yes... a baby."

"Bulma, you're letting him babysit Trunks?" he asked and I looked at her, I had expected she would have told everyone that my mother was having a baby but I guess she had not after all.

"No, he's not babysitting Trunks." she told him with a smile and looked over at me with a wink.

"Then what are you talking about a baby for?" Jyuhachi-gou asked, looking less than interested. I wondered if she was even enjoying being there at the moment, she didn't look like she was, but then again, she really did not express much emotions.

"I thought Bulma had told you... My mom is having a baby." I informed them.

Kuririn's mouth looked like it dropped to the floor, Muten Roshi detached his eyes from the television and Jyuhachi-gou looked over at me as if she didn't believe me. "Ch-Ch-Chi-Chi's having another kid?!" I nodded.

"But... but when?! How?! Goku's dead, how is she having a kid?" Kuririn looked as if he was trying to figure it out.

I opened my mouth to say something but Bulma cut me off. "Well, it's obvious that it IS possible," she told him, "they well..." she looked over at me as if she did not want to say something. "Well, she is almost four months now, and what happened four months ago?" she asked in a tone that I knew she was making on purpose to get them to try and think about it.

Jyuhachi-gou was the only one that spoke up. "Cell."

Bulma flicked her finger in the air, "that's right. And everyone was training that time before the last battle right? So before then, Son-kun could have..." Another glance at me, "and therefore Chi-Chi is pregnant."

It did make sense, I mean, there was no other way any of it could have been possible. My mom is always home, and I would know if she was seeing someone, besides that, my mom is very dedicated to my father, and I doubt she'd go off looking for someone else just because dad chose to be dead for a while. What I didn't understand, was why Bulma kept looking over at me and cutting out about how they had sex. I knew about it, I mean I did read those books and I did find a few of my mom's romance novels that I read.

Kuririn crossed his arms. "Man... I never would have thought that Goku would leave another kid behind..." he smiled and looked over at the old man who was stroking his beard. "Hey! Do you think she'll let him train with us or do you think she'll make him study like Gohan?"

"Well for one," Bulma cut in, "she's having a girl, so I don't see why she would let her train with you."

"A girl?!" the old turtle hermit adjusted his sunglasses as well as his shocked expression to be composed, "Hmmm..." he then smiled and looked at Kuririn, "you don't think she'll look like Goku do you? I mean, Chi-Chi's an okay looker, but if she looked anything like Goku, we'd be in trou-"

He didn't have the time to finish the sentence before Bulma knocked him over his head with a growl. "This is Son-kun's kid we're talking about, not some girl on your T.V.!" she yelled pointing to the television.

"And that concludes todays work out! Don't forget to come here again tomorrow," the girl on the television put a finger to her cheek and winked before the program was switched to something else.

"Wait... she could look like... Gyu-Mao!" Kuririn said almost with a shocked expression.

"Why should you care?" Jyuhachi-gou asked him, looking at him with her seemingly cold eyes.

I was starting to get a bit annoyed, I mean, I only came here to talk to Bulma, but them talking about how my sister was going to look was really starting to irritate me, and I think Bulma noticed this because she cut in again after Jyuhachi-gou spoke. "Would you two stop it, Gohan is standing right there, how do you think he feels about you two talking about his sibling?"


"Thank you Bulma." I told her and she shook her head.

"No need to thank me," she told me. We had walked outside, leaving the Hermit, Kuririn and Jyuhachi-gou inside Kame House. "I should have pummeled both of them." she told me, looking angry. If there were two people in the world that could scare me, it would be my mother and Bulma. "What was it you wanted to talk to me about?" she asked and I came back from my thoughts.

"Oh, right. I was wondering what it's like having a baby in the house... I know that they cry... but I really don't know... How is Trunks most of the time?"

"Trunks? Well... for the most part he's a good baby... he does eat a lot, but I guess that's normal for Saiyans, Vegeta eats a lot and your father did when he was little and still did... He cries every now and then, but he's fairly quiet actually... The only thing I would have to tell you to be careful about is diapers... You wouldn't believe some of the things you will see in one, and for the most part, you'll learn to just not question what it was or how they were able to do that and just throw it away." She tapped her finger on her chin.

"Lets see.... what else... well, they do cry sometimes in the middle of the night when they're hungry, well Trunks does that. But well... all babies are different. Your sister might be really quiet and not cry at all, or she could be a pain and cry all the time." she nodded. "I'm not sure how girl half Saiyans will be... but if she's got Goku's jeans in her, she'll probably eat a lot unless she's like your mother. But really, you'll just have to see for yourself on how she'll turn out as to what kind of baby she'll be."

I was really hoping that she would be more like mother. "Thanks Bulma..." I nodded and she smiled.

"You don't have to thank me. Is your mother doing well?"

I nodded and smiled. "Yes, she's doing well. Though..." I frowned, "my room isn't really my room anymore... she's turned it into half the baby's room."

"Hmm... that sucks... Well, I'll hope for you that your sister will be a quiet baby." She smiled and I nodded.

"Me too." I gasped quickly. I didn't think about what time it was. "Oh no!"

"What is it Gohan?" she asked.

"I didn't really think about what time it was. I have to get home before I get into trouble." I told her and looked up at the sky, cupping my hands to my mouth I yelled for the Kinto-un which came promptly.

"Alright, well tell your mom I said hi, okay?" she told me.

"I will," I jumped on the cloud and as soon as I did it started flying off in the direction of my house.

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