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"Ichigo! to the left!" Rukia shouted.

Ichigo grunted and swung his giant clever to the left. "I know! I'm not blind woman!" His eyes widened when he saw Rukia aim her hand towards him.


A fireball of energy shot towards Ichigo. It missed his head and he realized there was a hollow behind him. "T-thanks."

"Dammit, and you say you aren't blind." She complained. "Ichigo! Cero to the right!"

He nodded and spotted the hollow charging the infamous cero blast. "Getsuga Tenshou!" A blue wave of energy shot to the hollow as it fired it's cero and immediately, the two bodies of energy disintegrated. Ichigo shunpoed to the front of the hollow and quickly drew his sword down. When he turned there were three Menos- Gillian, towering. "Dammit Rukia! What are all these hollows doing here?!"

"The fit you and Ishida threw a while ago attracted this much!!" She said as she slashed through another masked monstrosity.

"It's impossible to lure this much!"

"Ichigo! You have hollow reiatsu have you forgotten that?! You're shinigami and hollow, you're a double delight to them!"

Ichigo forgot to consider that. Oh dear.

The two shinigami continued to hack and slash their way through the hord of hollows. "Rukia! Isn't there anyway to stop them?!" He screamed.

"I don't know Ichigo! Just hold them off for now, Soul Society should be sending reinforcements!"

Then suddenly, something caught her eye...


"I know." He said as he sped off towards the Humanoid masked being. "Vasto Lorde, was it?" He asked the man.

"Why yes. And might I add. You smell delicious." He smirked. Then disappeared.

Ichigo's eyes widened. He's too fast. He quickly spun around and brought Zangetsu to his front, blocking the hollow's claw.

"Rukia! You holding good there?!"

"Don't distract yourself, Shinigami." The hollow disappeared again and lashed through Ichigo's arm.

Ichigo let out a scream of pain as he turned to shove his blade into this hollow. The hollow simply dodged.

"I can't believe you're the man who beat Aizen." The hollow said. "You are strong but you lack concentration and the use of logic. If you didn't rely on your brute strength then maybe you could beat me."

"Getsuga Tenshou!" Energy shot out Zangetsu again and the hollow sped to the side..

The shinigami is strong. Very. It's a pity he holds back.

"You better stop holding back, shinigami, it's not going to get you anywhere." The hollow sped towards Ichigo.

"I don't need to waste my energy on--" Then there was a sharp pain on his abdomen. The hollows claw was in him.

"Had you been in your bankai, Kurosaki Ichigo, I'd be dead."


"H-How do you know me?!" He coughed out his words, along with blood.

"I was a fraccion of Szayel Apollo Grantz. I should know enough."

Rukia finished off another hollow and saw Ichigo's bleeding state.

Damn it. "ICHIGO!" She went to him.

The hollow pulled out his hand and proceeded to finish Ichigo when...

Shit. Ichigo mustered what ever strength he had left and... "BAN----" His vision blurred.

"It's useless, shinigami, you're too gravely wounded."

"RIKUJOUKOROU!" Ichigo was surrounded in six rods of light and was suspended of all movement.

"Rukia?! What the hell?!"

"Ichigo, You're dying. Don't move." He tried to focus.

"Rukia! I can't even beat him! Stand back and take this off, I'll finish him with Bankai!"

But his vision was slowing fading, and all he could here were the last few words of Rukia and the Vasto Lorde.

"You're much weaker than him, shinigami... do you really think you'd beat me without bankai? I doubt you can even use it."

Damn it Rukia! I told you...

"Shut up. If you want it so much then fine..." The stern Kuchiki voice resonated.

Ichigo's eyes widened despite losing consciousness.



Ichigo completely lost his vision and he was dreaming... It was dark and he was falling. Everything was black but it was as if he could see, then he landed on cold concrete. His eyes widened in shock when he saw where he was. He was lying on the road, his body under tremendous pain. He looked forward to see a figure, she was walking towards a pair of doors, with two men beside her... three words echoed non stop in his head.

Don't follow me...


...Don't follow me, Ichigo...

...Or I will never forgive you...

"RUKIA!" Ichigo's eyes shot open and he sat up, soon after that a very sharp painful sensation flooded his torso. "Augh!" He then paused to look around.

"W-where am I?"

"In the 4th division, Kurosaki-san." Said the petite voice of Kotetsu Isane who was tending on the lash on his arm.

He took in his surroundings, white walls, a bed, a table. Yes, this is the 4th division. He recalled the events, the horde of hollows, the Vasto Lorde, Rukia... Them a thought struck him.

"Rukia!" He quickly started looking around, "Where's Rukia?!" He more of demanded than asked.

"Kuchiki-san is fine. I was indeed very surprised to see her almost unharmed when she came with Abarai-fukutaichou carrying you."

Ichigo twitched. Renji was carrying him?

Have mercyme!

"She is currently at the soutaichou's office with the other taichous I didn't catch what they were supposed to be doing there."

"Oh?" He tried standing. "I think I better go see them."

"No, please Kurosaki-san, you must stay and rest." She ushered him back to the bed,

"No, it's alright Kotetsu-san, I can manage."

"Kuchiki-taichou gave strict orders to keep you here."

"B-Byakuya?" He asked bewildered.

She nodded.

The man probably doesn't want me wandering around seretei again.

He sighed. "Fine, I'll stay. Make sure Zaraki doesn't hear of me or else I'd be in your grave than your infirmary."

In the soutaichou's office, the taichous and fukutaichous were sitting in two rows, a long table in the center and at the end was standing the Soutaichou, Yamamoto-Genryusai Shikeguni. I swear, he and Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore could battle out beards and names. Do their names really have to be as long as their beards?

I guess so.

But today, beside him stood Kuchiki Rukia. Of course the taichous were wondering what the petite shinigami was doing there and why they were called.

Yamamoto started, "Kyouraku taichou and Soi Fon taichou had suggested something that I have considered, though of course, I must have your opinion on this. Kyouraku taichou, would you care to explain?" He motioned for Shunsui to stand.

The taichou stood up looked around and smirked.

I don't think much'll go against it. Except of course for Byakuya.

"As well all know, after Aizen's betrayal, the 5th squad has been left in shambles."

They nodded.

"First off, the poor thing doesn't have taichou, for obvious reason, and well... it's fukutaichou is still in the infirmary, recovering."

"What are you getting at?" Hitsugaya asked.

"Patience, Hitsugaya-kun." He then continued, "Well, I was taking a stroll when I went by the 2nd squad, there I saw Soi Fon taichou dispatching units to the real world, I was bored so I wanted to help and well, when we got there, there were no hollows, except for one that was dying."

"It was a Vasto Lorde." They shrugged. "We also found, an Unconscious Shinigami representative and a Kuchiki Rukia..."

Byakuya stiffened.

"In Bankai that is."

All the gazes were shifted from Kyouraku to Rukia. "Rukia... you.. you didn't even tell me..." Renji said, surprised.

"And so, Soi Fon taichou and I have a suggestion."

Soi Fon stood. The gazes then shifted to her... some expected what came next and some didn't. Though, Byakuya was praying he was wrong...

"We vouch for Kuchiki Rukia to be appointed captain of the 5th squad.

Byakuya's eyes widened. All the years he had used his power to prevent this. All the effort he had put into making sure Rukia was safe, away from danger and all that crap.

Rukia was at shock too.

Me? Taichou?