To the people who bothered to stick with this story from it's start (3 years ago) to now, thank you. And I'm sorry. It just got really (I'm sorry for the word) shitty.

I'm sorry. D: I tried my best to keep this up, but I didn't see the point.

I mean honestly, I was walking with no direction with this. Keeping suspense in every chapter just so you'd read the next without anything being resolved. I'm sure people grew tired, and I did as well.

Also, reading how I wrote three years ago made me cringe. HAHA. Poorly and hastily written, I think the people who bothered to read all the way to the last chapter deserved more. So I'll give more!

I'm going to start a better written, nicely organized and thought-out Rukia story. Because Rukia is my favorite freakin' anime character EVER.

Lots of love! - Person who used to be ohforheaven'ssakeshutup

I even changed my username~~ wee.

LOOK OUT FOR "A Predicament" BY ME. TEEHEE. (Yes, that's the new story.) xoxo

(Wish me luck in college btw, I just finished my first semester!)