Chapter 1

Watch out!

Well this all started when my mom wanted to go to Florida, or wherever she said this is my Trip to Florida.

"Mom do I have to go?" I mumbled.

"No why?Do you not want to go?" She well sounded disappointed.

"Do I have to?!"

"No,I guess not." A smile came across her face.

I wounder what she was thinking?She did not say anything the whole ride to the airport.I was allowed to drive, so she was leaving me home all alone!!

"No parties!!Ok, you can have one friend over while I'm gone." She said real loud!

"Ok mom I got it."

"Bye sweetie"

Ok house to self, no parties,one friend? What to do? So I went to bed think what to do tomorrow. I woke up to a horn, so I went to the window to see who it was. Dad,and a boy? No a kid my age? I went down to see them.

"Hi dad!" I said happily

"Hello basket case." I frowned " Ok Samantha!"

"Dad it's Sam or Sammy."

"Ohhh?" He mumbled

The teenage boy walk up to me. What did he want a kiss on the lips or something.

"Sam this is........." Ohh come on hurry up. "Cole, Cole this is Sam!"

"Hi." His voice was smoothe. silk.

"H-hi..Nice to meet you." I stuttered

He just stared at me with eager eyes. What was he looking at me or something behind me? So I looked behind me. Nothing?

"Well lets go inside I think it's going to rain." My dad steped in.

I was smiling Cole was too!