Chapter 1

Alice's POV

As soon as Carlisle entered my room I knew it meant change.

"I'm thinking Forks," Carlisle began. This happened every time we moved, I was consulted first, to get an outline of how the move would effect us and then the others would be told afterwards, so as not to falsely raise or lower their hopes any. "How will that work out?" A vision immediately dominated my mind, 2 girls…

"La tua contante," I murmured.

"For whom?" Carlisle demanded.

"Destiny" I added.

"Alice?" Carlisle asked, he was anxious his voice revealing his feelings, I didn't need Jasper's gift, Carlisle was always anxious when we planned a move.

"2 of them," I paused. Carlisle's wise face dominated by confusion "For Edward and…" again I paused, "Jasper!" Carlisle's face shifted to concern, either for me or for the 2 girls or Jasper, I was unsure.

"How would it work out?" he asked.

"No-one would be hurt" I answered as the vision progressed.

"Not that?" he asked, he was asking about mine and Jasper's relationship.

"2 relationships, with the girls, for some reason I see only one addition as a vampire, in the future but it is all unsure, the other will remain human," I finished. "So many decisions are yet to be made..." I was concious that my voice was drifting, but I was so absorbed in fantastic visions, those that would prove to be true and those that would not.

"Ok, not Forks," he resigned.

"NO!" I yelped. "Who am I to prevent Jasper's , it's what Edward deserves after all these years, and also I can see a glimmer of something for me, eventually and I am almost certainly curious about that," I added.

Carlisle smiled. "Forks, it is decided!"

Bella's POV

As we pulled onto the driveway I saw the truck which Charlie had been referring to and next too it stood a tall, thin, dark haired, pale skinned girl, she waved, slightly embarrassed as we arrived, I smiled shyly in response.

"Oh that's Tara!" Charlie smiled raising his hand acknowledging her "She and her sister just moved in next door, they're from England, she said she would try to be here when you arrived, she seems very nice, extremely bubbly and has a decent sense of humour when you get to know her, she arrived a few days ago, hasn't started school yet though," Charlie was rambling, I groaned inside, a best friend already arranged, brilliant.

I stepped out the car. "Hey!" she raised her hand again "I'm Tara," she reached forward to shake my hand.

"Bella," I responded.

"From Isabella, meaning God's promise", she must have sensed my cringe, "It's ok, I'm a bit of a nerd for storing facts," her English accent seemed welcoming. "Anyway…after that rather embarrassing introduction on my part, I think I'll let you unpack," she stepped backwards, towards her house. "I'm afraid the truck is some kind of car share, I gave Charlie a contribution towards the price," she added slapping it slightly. "He said you wouldn't approve if the truck was entirely for you."

"That's great," I replied, a little over enthusiastically, I barely knew this girl and now we were sharing a truck. "Are you going to Forks High?" I asked stepping forward, I felt extremely sorry for her, it was clear Charlie had arranged all this; she seemed as embarrassed as I was, I didn't want to make it any worse for her by being hostile.

"Yep," she answered running her hands through her short, dark brown flicky hair.

"It'll be great to know someone," I responded, she seemed unusual for the vision I already had of Forks, not dressed like the others, I imagined she would stand out at school a little and that perhaps she would be grateful for a friend, like I would be.

"Yeah, it'll be my first day too, I'm a senior though," Charlie had filled her in.

"We'll be able to travel together though," I replied.

"The company would be calming," she answered glancing at the floor.

"Agreed" we both grinned as she lifted her head, "Anyway, you have unpacking to do and I've got to cook for my sister, she'll be back from work soon," she answered suddenly.

"Nice meeting you," I responded.

"Likewise, fancy a shop later, local shopping centre, I need to grab a few things?" she asked "It'll give us a chance to test out the beast," she added slapping the truck before she skipped back to her house. I smiled, she seemed nice enough.

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