Authors Note:

Holy Shizz you guys...I haven't been able to log onto this account for MONTHS! And I have no clue why... but anyway, there is something I am quite ashamed to tell you. You'll probably all hate me, except for you people that don't like this story. I'm not going to finish it. I know this is probably like horrid and stupid of me to do but, I really have no inspiration for this story anymore and I think that it's just hit rock bottom. But, before you all come sending me hate mail, I do have another account AlwaysForgotten11. I have started a story on there very much like Bella Bites Back. So, I think you should go read it.

If you have any other questions or anything related to that send me a message on my AlwaysForgotten11 account.

Much Love,

Lindsey 3

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