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Glinda was all smiles as she opened another bottle of champagne to the cheers of the guests. It was a ball celebrating something or other. Lurlinemas. Or maybe her recent engagement to Sir Chuffrey. It didn't really matter. It was next week she was dreading. Next week would mark the anniversary of the death of the Wicked Witch of the East, Nessarose and after that…well it didn't bare thinking about.

"It's strange to think it was only a year ago" Someone was saying "What frightening times"

"Well I was never afraid of some story book witch" Someone else, maybe Avaric, replied.

"Anyway I'm heading to Munchkinland next week. A whole bunch of parties going on. Will you be there Glinda?" Whoever said.

"Of course she will" Avaric answered for her "Our Glinda would never miss a party."

"Perhaps. You know I never RSVP to things until the last minute. And anyway I don't believe in celebrating peoples deaths, no matter how tyrannical they might have been."

Avaric laughed "Oh yes. Friend to all living creatures and all that other nonsense. I believe the official cause for celebration is the anniversary of the liberation of the Munchkins."

Glinda smiled and nodded. She was so caught up in her own grief and guilt that she sometimes forgot that Nessa's death had had political consequences.

"I was at Shiz with both of the Wicked Witches, did you know?" Avaric started "So was Glinda"

A few others had joined the conversation by this stage. Even a year later, gossip about Oz's Wicked Witches was wildly popular.

"Could you tell they were evil even back then?" someone asked

"Well we should have guessed" Avaric was saying "I mean the Witch of the West and that green skin. Pretty obvious something wasn't right about her."

Glinda's smile was growing more and more strained. "Regardless of what the Witch was like, you can't blame her skin colour."

"You knew her pretty well didn't you?" Avaric continued "Weren't you two roommates or something?"

"We didn't speak much. I hardly knew her at all."

"It's funny I'm sure I remember being at some party and you two dancing together. She was wearing a ridiculous hat. I don't know why but that sticks out vividly in my mind." He went on.

"It sounds like you have a far better memory than me then" Glinda said with a laugh. If people had been paying closer attention they might have heard how forced it was. Glinda's cheeks were starting to ache from the effort of smiling. She couldn't take anymore of this. Making her excuses she left the ballroom and made her way home. It had started to rain softly and she couldn't help wondering, as she always did when it rained, how water could possibly melt a person. Those screams echoed in her head now overpowering the soft pitter patter of the raindrops. She hadn't really had a chance to grieve, not properly. Running a country kept her busy. Instead those deaths remained at the back of her mind, constantly threatening to push forward to the surface and shatter the façade that so much depended on.

When she got home she had planned to sleep. Or maybe cry. Or maybe throw breakable objects against the wall. Or if she could muster up the courage, to open the cupboard that was locked at all times and take out the ugly black witches hat that she kept there. Instead she was greeted by Boq, now the famous Tin Man, who was sitting on the couch in her parlour dejectedly.

"Well I'm pleased you felt comfortable enough to let yourself in to my home" She said in a tone that made it clear she was not pleased at all.

"A servant let me in" He said apologetically "I wouldn't have stayed but it started raining. I was scared I would rust if I left."

Glinda softened at this. Boq's transformation to the Tin Man was in an indirect kind of way her fault. She was the one who had made him get involved with Nessarose in the first place after all. The uncomfortable and familiar feelings of guilt and resentment (she remembered all too well the Tin Man leading that witch hunt) overtook her indignity at Boq's intrusion.

"It's just I have to talk to you. I have something…some things that you need to hear."

Glinda assumed they would be Boq's usual declarations of undying love. She heard that kind of thing from so many different people. They somehow always seemed to both cheer her up and reinforce her guilt at receiving admiration that she knew she didn't deserve simultaneously.

"I've been speaking to Madame Morrible"

It was the last thing she expected to hear and the last thing she needed to hear.

"What? Why?"

"Look" Boq began "I know there isn't any future for us when I'm made out of tin. Glinda, don't argue I know you say there's no way whatever happens but I just feel like…I don't know, if I had flesh things could be different."

Glinda shook her head but Boq didn't notice. Or maybe he just didn't want to hear her, he was determined.

"I've been speaking to Madame Morrible. She thinks she could magick me a body" He continued.

In truth Glinda was speechless. She couldn't really justify why, she knew Madame Morrible remained popular with former Shiz pupils. If Glinda hadn't been universally loved people would certainly have questioned Madame Morrible's incarceration.

"What? Why? I thought you were more loyal to me than that Boq. I'm disappointed."

Boq looked devastated "Glinda it's not you. It's just, she says if she could see the Grimmerie she said she would be able to fix me"

She didn't say anything for a long time. Though, really, it took all her self control to refrain from saying what she was really thinking.

"Madame Morrible is a murderer. Do you really trust her more than me Boq? You know I've been doing all I can to figure out some sort of magick that will get rid of the tin"

Boq didn't say anything. He knew Glinda well enough to know that she was always far too distracted to think of him and he was desperate enough to not realise that Madame Morrible could have ulterior motives in wanting to get her hands on the Grimmerie.

"How did you get in to Southstairs to see Madame Morrible anyway?" Glinda asked, her voice as cold as Boq had ever heard it before.

"Well when you're the Tin Man people tend to let you into places you wouldn't normally be allowed. Glinda why not let her try? The worst that could happen is she doesn't succeed in magicking me a body."

Glinda didn't answer though she knew for a fact that not magicking Boq a body wasn't the worst thing that could happen by a long shot.

"I love you so much Glinda. Please you may not realise it now but if I had a body maybe we would have a chance." Boq said desperately.

Glinda's lips were pursed and when she spoke her voice was incredibly shrill.

"Look I don't understand why you've been visiting Madame Morrible in the first place but trust me she isn't going to do anything for you."

Boq didn't look hopeful and Glinda was worried. Whatever was happening it was clear Madame Morrible was up to something. Glinda decided that tomorrow she would go and visit Madame Morrible herself and figure out was going on.


Far away from Oz, Elphaba woke with a start. In general she didn't believe in prophecy but some kind of sensory perception made her feel frightened. Somehow she knew, something terrible was underfoot in Oz.