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Bella POV

It was one of those sunny days I used to wish for but now hated. When it was sunny I couldn't spend time with my beautiful and amazing Edward Cullen. Of course he could if he wanted to...but people would see his perfect skin sparkle and he along with his family would use their Vampireness to kill them all...

They took today to hunt so none of them were around till much later and I was so bored without them. Separation became hard between Edward and me lately because of what happened months ago...I shuddered while remembering.

"Bella!" Someone shouted and I quietly groaned I knew that voice. I turned around and saw Mike Newton running up to me in a rugby shirt and some shorts.

"Hey Mike." I said with as much enthusiasm as I could manage. He smiled at me and walked me to my truck.

"Where's Cullen today?" He asked trying so hard to keep his voice normal. I shrugged.

"I don't like sunny days...Carlisle and Esme take the whole family out camping since the weather here is so random." I said with a laugh, though I couldn't lie for my life it was easy to lie for my love, Edward.

" is Friday and you deserve much better than to be alone tonight..." I could see where this was heading. "Let me take you out." He said with a small smile, no longer shy about asking me out.

"Sorry Mike but in case you've forgotton, I'm dating Edward and I'm in love with him." I said starting to get annoyed.

"Just saying after what he did to he made you when you left he doesn't deserve deserve someone much better." He said leaning one hand on my truck while my back was pressed against the door. "Than Edward Cullen." I bit my lip to control my laughter, the thought of me liking Mike in that way well in anyway was absolutely insane.

"Oh my,...I guess I should tell Edward about this." I muttered looking away pretending to be shy. Mike smiled.

"Maybe you should." He replied cocky.

"Oh yeah...he'll definatly be interesting in finding out that there is a crazy stalker boy who won't leave me alone and is trying to get me to do 'it' with him..." Mike's face pulled into horror before he ran off. I was still laughing by the time I pulled up to my house there was anote on the door.

Went fishing with Billy, won't be back till tomorrow. Love, Charlie.

I smiled, though Charlie was a man of few words, the few words were beautiful. I ran up to my room and looked for something to wear for when Edward came back tonight. He was supposed to be taking me to dinner and I wanted to look really special. I looked in my closet and found another note.

took away your...nice clothes and went shopping for you!!!! All the clothes are at my house and if no one is home I left a key under the matt. xoxoxoxoxoxo 3 Alice.

Though I was furious she took my clothes I was happy that now I could find something nice for Edward tonight. I jumped in the car and listened to it roar to life. Maybe Edward did need to get me a new car. Famous last words by My Chemical Romance was almost ending and I was humming the tune all the way to Edward's house which was almost impossible to find.

I skipped up the stairs and got the key from under the matt and put it in. It was very quiet in the Cullen household so for some reason I was quiet too as I walked upstairs to Alice's room and saw some amazing clothes laid out on the bed, I would have to thank her when she got back.

Suddenly I heard a noise that scared me half to death.

It was a groan of somekind and I immediately wondered if someone broke in to the house. I tip toed and heard it again from Edward's room. I pressed my ear to the door and listened.

"What made you change your mind again?" I reconized Rosalie's beautiful voice immediately and I prayed to God it wasn't who I thought it was in there.

"After leaving Bella and leaving here I realized it wasn't her I was you." My heart ripped into shreds as I realized it was Edward's velvet voice.

I heard gasping and I was shocked it wasn't me. "Now...if we're done talking." Edward growled at her. "The shirt must go." I lookeed through a crack in the door and he slowly took off her shirt revealing her perfect body. I backed away from the door and felt the oddest surge of De ja Vu...he broke my heart like this before. I was surprised and proud of myself has I walked down the large stairwell and opeend and locked the door without tripping. I couldn't believe the sound of my truck didn't make anyone come out but I was in a daze as I drove down the two mile drive way. Half way through though I broke down.

I pulled the key out of the ignition and opened my door. I hopped into the bed of my truck and curled up under and emergency blanket and started crying...crying like I had nevered cried before...crying like I just watched a family member die.

What seemed like hours later though judging by the day light left it was only thrity minutes my truck bed sunk with someone elses weight. I opened my eyes and saw Carlisle sitting in front of my fedal position.

"Bella." He said and I flinched when his cool hand brushed my face. "What happened." He whispered. "Did Edward hurt you?" He asked and I noticed the rest of the family, excluding the evil two were leaning over the bed looking at me.

I nodded my head. "Not physically." I mummbled my voice cracked and rough. I looked at everyone's face and started hyperventalating when I saw Emmett's face and realized he didn't know. Jasper was gasping and holding his hand across his chest in pain...he was feeling my heartbreak

"Emmett." I whispered tears starting to fall again. He quickly reached foward and stopped the tears with his fingers.

"What is it Bella?" I sat up and looked at everyone.

"I don't know if it's still happening but go look at Edward's room...quietly." Everyone but Alice went. She jumped in the flat bed with me. "Did you know?" I asked.

"Not till I saw you finding out...but I heard more than you did. It's been happing for three months." It stabbed at my chest. So pretty much ever since we got back.

We both stopped when we heard a heartstopping and heartbreaking growl and I knew exactly who it was from...Emmett.

Emmett POV

As I finished my last grizzly for the hunt I thought of Rosalie. Something's been different lately...she doesn't kiss me as much and she's always practicing piano with Edward. Poor Bella has been all alone for a while. Alice said that Rosalie convinced Edward to tell Bella he was hunting too so she could have one weekend without her. Don't know how she convinced him but she did.

Suddenly I heard Alice scream in terror I was at her side faster than normal, blood still dripping down my mouth. Jasper beat me though and was there holding her as she had a vision.

"Bella." She mummbled. By now Carlisle and Esme were here too. "She's alone. In the bed of her truck which is in our driveway somewhere and she's crying." What did Edward do? We jsut got back for God's sake! She came back and soon we were all running home. THere was something in that vision Alice wasn't telling us but she would tell us if we needed to know.

We found her truck half way through the drive way with Bella crying her soul out. Jasper was starting to breathe funny so whatever Bella was feeling hurt him.

Carlisle jumpe in the bed and we all leaned over the edge looking at her.

"Bella." Carlisle whispered. I flinched when she flinched away from his cold touch. "What happened?" He whispered in shock but Bella didn't talk, she seemed frozen. "Did Edward hurt me." SHe flinched at his name and I growled deep in my chest, Bella was too amazing of a person to be hurt likee this.

"Not physically." SHe choked, She seemed to notice us for the first time and when she looked at me she started to hyperventalate and she looked so heart broken. Jasper had one hand on his chest and was gasping for air so Bella must've been in so much pain.

"Emmett." She whispered and her eyes began to fill with tears. I don't know when I did but suddenly I was stoking the tears away and the oddest shock ran through me. I was very confused but I wiped away her tears as if I didn't feel anything.

"What is it Bella?" I whispered. She sat up and looked at us confidently.

"I don't know if it's still happening but go look at Edward's room...quietly." Everyone but Alice went. She stayed and talked to her. "Did you know?" Bella asked but we were approaching the house

We jumped up the side of Edward's window and what I saw broke my stone cold heart.

Rosalie was underneath Edward as ran his fingers down her body. THey were both naked and now I understood what broke her heart so much and was was breaking mine.

I couldn't control myself. I loved Rosalie Hale with all I could give, she saved me and I loved her. I growled so loud that my family all dropped down so they could cover their ears and the two traitors in bed looked at me through the window. Rosalie looked apologetic and terrified and heartbroken while Edward looked the same but he seemed thankful that Bella didn't find out. Oh if he only knew.

"You two. Dining room. Now." The venom was dripping off Carlisle's voice as he spoke. I dropped down and sat down and if a vampire could cry, I would be. Alice came up holding Bella in a fedal posititon and she was asleep.

"How long have you known?" I choked.

"They knew how to avoid my visions...I only jsut saw and three months it's been going on." So Edward gets back from Bella saving his stupid life just to sleep with my wife? Alice helped me up and I composed myself enough to walk into the house as Alice quickly- very quickly- ran Bella home. When she came back all of us went to the dining room where Rosalie and Edward moved two chairs to the opposite head of the table.

"Why?" I asked loudly making Rosalie flinch.

"After coming back from Italy I thought everything was fine between Bella and I till I saw Rosalie again..." Edward started. "Everything changed and I realized we were meant to be."


"I realize that. We figured we'd wait till the right time to tell you both!" He shouted back.

"Oh so you guys have sex for a couple months and then you were gonna tell us?!" I shouted. Carlisle put a hand on one shoulder and Jasper on my other calming me down.

"I can't believe after what Alice showed you Bella was like when you left you're just going to leave her again!" I shouted viciously.

"I'm not going to tell her I've been cheating on her! I'm just going to stop what we have. " He said matter of factly.

"You guys have hurt Bella!" I shouted. "Sweet innocent, lovable, calm, and beautiful Bella."

"I will not let her hear what I've done. I will just break it off." He said as if I didn't get that.

"SHE ALREADY KNOWS!" I shouted. He stood up and I did the same. Rose was holding him back slightly and Carlisle and Jasper were holding me back

"You told her?" He gasped.


"She saw us?!" He gasped again seeming out of unnessecary air.

"Yes. How could you do this to the girl that risked her own human life to rescue you? to the girl that has shown you nothing but love!" Edward tried to speak but I cut him off. "You're right though. You two are perfect for each oteher, You both are lying, cheating, scum bags." Rosalie looked so offended I wanted to laugh.

"Edward!" Alice shreiked. "I love her too! You hurt me too!"

"I love her too." Jasper said surprising us all. "She's part of this family."

"I love her like a daughter." Esme whimpered.

"I love her. She is my daughter." Carlisle said calmly. I got up and stormed off.

"Where are you going?" Edward and Rosalie screamed.

"I'm taking Bella away from you guys for a while. She doesn't deserve any of this pain for the shit she's been through for you." I yelled grabbing my keys and jumping in my jeep and speeding off before shouting. "I'll call you later dad!" out the window.

I parked the car two streets away and ran through the forest to her house. I followed her mouthwatering scent up the side of the house and hung off the side of her window. She was sleep but still crying in a fedal posittion.

I opened the window and walked downstairs where I found a pen and paper and wrote as best I could in Bella's handwriting.

Alice, Carlisle, and Esme are taking me camping with them. Don't boys! it's more like a girls' night out with Carlisle there for when I get hurt. I'll call you once we get settled. We'll be back in a couple days. LOVE BELLA

I put it on the fridge and the walked back upstairs to where Bella was still sleeping a restless sleep.

"But I thought you loved me?" At first I thought she was awake but then I remembered that Edward had said she talks in her sleep.

"Bella." I whispered by her ear making her shiver which made me grin.

"Emmett?" She asked openeing her eyes and rolling over to meet my face. "What's wrong?" She asked raching up to touch my face with her fingertips which almost made me shudder. The warmth was soothing.

"We're going away for a little bit. To get away from those two." I said calmly. She grimaced but nodded.

I lifted her up and jumped out the window and ran to my car. I put her in the passenger seat and buckled her up in the simple one strap so she could lay down sideways on the seat. I started to drive and she got settled. She tried a bunch of different positions but finally just layed down as if she were in bed and put her head on my lap. She immediately calmed. I put my hand on her head and soothed her till she fell asleep.

I thought about the shocks I felt when we touched and rememebred they were once with Rosalie but these were stronger then they have ever been. NO! I can't put Bella in the middle of this. You're only doing this because you miss having a girl. Half of me shouted. But she is Bella and for some reason something is different now. You two are meant to be. My other half screamed.

I decided to head to Maine since we had a very nice house in the forest that no one would notice if we moved in.

Bella POV

I opened my eyes but didn't move. I was laying down in Emmett's huge jeep with my head on his lap and it was so soothing. I looked up and traced all of Emmett's muscels with my eyes til I finally moved up to his beautiful golden eyes, They were like a river of gold that swirled. He looked so beautiful and so sexy. Wait! Don't say that kind of stuff. You just found out one Cullen cheated on you. I debated. But! There is some kind of shock that you know you are feeling when you touch him. Don't deny that.

Emmett looked down and smiled.

"Morning sleepy!" He sang in a loud booming voice that made me laugh. I sat up and stretched but immediately wanted to be by Emmett again.

"Where are we?" I asked looking around the unfamiliar trees and scenary.

"Maine. We have a house up here that is nice and no one will know we're here." He smiled showing his very prominent dimples. I smiled at his beautiful breathtaking smile.

We pulled up to a large house that looked similar to the one in Forks. He parked in the garage and grabbed one of thirty some keys in the glove compartment. He opened his door and in the same second had his shut and had already un buckled me. He grabbed my hand and my heartbeat started to rise when the shocks came back.

"It's so beautiful, Emmett!" I squeaked once we were inside.

"Yeah." I looked over and saw he was staring at me and we both quickly turned away.

"So what do we do now?" I asked running over and jumping on the couch. He jumped over the back and landed so hard that I flew up and my head rested on his shoulder.

"Anything we want!" He promised. He put his arm around my should and pulled my face more into his chest as he turned on the TV.

It was now I realized this was going to be a very very long time with Emmett. Cause now I have a major crush on him.

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