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Bella POV

Terrifying…knowing my life or death is in the hands of a twisted Vampire. One of the best vampires in the world no less. I missed Emmett. I missed the way he would hold me to him.

Just bite me already. Let it be quick.

"Caius!" Someone shouted. He pulled his mouth away and turned us to see the only thing in the world I needed to see.


He, along with Alice, Edward, and Carlisle were standing in the doorway with a look of horror, disgust, and agony on their perfect faces.

"Emmett!" I shouted and tried stupidly to go to him. Caius pulled back against him tighter and I winced in pain. Emmett's face was broken and frozen.

"Caius!" Carlisle shouted so viciously I could practically hear the venom dripping from his voice.

"Carlisle." Aro warned. "We had nothing to do with this. He believes that this will be easier if she is just changed now. Ever time we get too close, he threatens to bite her." I started to shake violently.

"Caius. Release her! NOW!" Carlisle and Edward shouted. I was touched that Edward still cared about me.

"Sorry dear friend." Caius replied darkly. "But she has caused us too much trouble. I understand her worth in the vampire world so we should just change her now."

Emmett finally seemed to come to.

"CAIUS!" He shouted so loud Caius flinched. "Put. My. Girl. Down." He growled pronouncing each word carefully and viciously. My heart stuttered when he called me his girl.

"Who are you? Who do you think you are? You can't talk to me that way!" Caius shouted back, his voice just as vicious.

"I'm the man she loves. I'm Emmett Cullen. She's Bella Swan-my fucking world. Now give her back." He took one step forward and immediately Caius' teeth were on my neck again. He froze in his step.

Caius tilted his head so his nose skimmed along my neck.

"She does smell mouthwatering…doesn't she?" I gulped and my breathing picked up. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if Emmett had to watch Caius sink his teeth into me. I wondered for a moment if the pain would be worse than before. Or if Emmett could save me himself the same way Edward did. "Tempting to just bite and have a taste. I don't understand why you wouldn't just turn her already." Caius said calmly. I suppressed a shudder.

"Because I love her." My heart stuttered and tears became fresh in my eyes at Emmett's words. "I love her enough to restrain myself. I love her." It seemed as though he were talking to only us.

I watched as Alice's face suddenly became blank. After a moment her face twisted into a terrible grimace. Then a vicious stare. Both her and Edward crouched low and growled.

"Caius! Don't you dare." Alice growled. Aro walked over and touched her hand than growled himself.

"Caius! Whatever you do to that girl we will release back to you ten fold!" (Sorry Avatar… when Iroh is saving the moon spirit… yeah.) Aro shouted. I watched Felix and Demetri crouch low in the corner of my eye.

Edward, Carlisle, Alice, and Emmett crouched deeper as well.

"You would turn against me?! Your own brother!" Caius shouted. Emmett paced slowly over to where Felix and Demetri were and I knew Caius had no chance at defeating all of them.

Suddenly I remembered something.

*****Flash Back****

"Emmett!" I called one Monday afternoon in a time seeming so long ago. It was a time when Edward was my world.

"Yes my little human?" Emmett said walking into the living room where I was playing video games. The rest of the family went hunting and Emmett and I were left alone.

"I keep getting shot! Damn you stupid ninja people." I complained as I threw the Nintendo 64 controller down. Though it was an old system the games were so addicting.

I was playing a James Bond video game and I was doing well…till I got shot.

"Don't get mad at the video game because you keep getting shot." He said as he picked up the blue controller and sat beside me on the floor in front of the couch. "Now…what's happening?" He asked as he swung an arm around my shoulder and we both leaned back against the couch.

"Well…it's in this corridor thing. I go down the straight hallway and then the baddies come. I shoot them all but when it comes down to the last guy who has no gun; I get shot and then die. I don't know who did it." I complained as I demonstrated my failure. He tapped his chin with his finger for a moment before taking the controller.

"It's a sneak attack Bells." He said with a grin as the player moved down the hallway but stopping before the baddies would hear. "Did you even notice there was a door here?" He said turning the character to an old door. I blinked and shook my head. He swiped an I.D card and inside the room was a sniper. He shot him twice and he crumbled to the floor. He gave me back the controller and I ran down the hall and shot the other guys, this time killing them all. I squealed and hugged Emmett.

"What kind of a move is that?" I asked once I was back into the game.

"The Em Attack of course." He said obviously.

****End flashback****

Would that work here?

Did it ever work in real life?

***New Flashback***

"Edward!" I shouted angrily. Edward was immediately in front of me with guilt on his face. He just bought me a too expensive diamond necklace for no reason. I was standing in the living room area and he was standing at the foot of the stairs. "I'm barely okay with you buying me gifts on my birthday but buying me random gifts? What is that?"

"I thought you might like one." He said sheepishly.

"Why?!" I grumbled. "I hate presents."

"Well I already bought it so can you not be mad at me." I tapped my chin with one finger and that reminded me of Emmett.

"Maybe…" I started. "Hey Emmett!" I shouted. I heard a door open.

"Yeah Bella?" He called.

"Em Attack!" I shouted and I caught a glimpse of Edward's face.

It was priceless. He was so confused.

In a second Emmett flew down the stairs and tackled the unexpecting Edward. They rolled into the dining room where I heard a chair break. Esme wouldn't like that.

****End of Flashback***

It had worked. If Caius could be distracted by Edward, Carlisle, Alice, and Aro then maybe Felix, Demetri, and Emmett could attack him without me getting damaged…or bit.

I was about to seem like an idiot but maybe it would work.

Emmett POV

God… their had to be a way to get to her. She seemed to be deep in thought. Of course…she's about to get bit by a creepy old vampire and she's thinking about something.

"Thee Em Attack." She whispered making everyone blink in confusion. A strong memory hit me.


Watching a football game in my room I could hear Edward apologizing for buying Bella a huge necklace that costs about the same of his Volvo. I chuckled at her adorable anger. Edward was right. She is cute when she's angry.

"Hey Emmett!" She suddenly called. I jumped up and opened my door.

"Yeah Bells?" I shouted back in confusion.

"Em Attack!" She shouted. Immediately I thought of the James Bond Game. She was the man without a gun and I was the sniper hiding in the room. I ran out of my room and lunged down the stairs to tackle Edward. We rolled into the dining room where we crashed into a chair. We would have to buy Esme and new one…

***End of Flashback***

I looked over at Edward who saw the whole thing. He took a step forward towards Caius and the family hesitantly followed. Caius flinched and pressed his teeth on her again. My unbeating heart hurt at the image. I held up a hand for these two. They took a large step and at the exact moment Bella shrieked with pain we lunged for Caius who was taken off guard by our attack. Felix and Demetri held him up against the wall while I fell back down to Bella. She was holding her neck and writhing in pain. Her mouth was open as if she was trying to scream but nothing came out.

"Carlisle!" I shouted and he rushed to my side.

"Carlisle." Aro called as he and Marcus stared at their stupid brother. He looked at me and I nodded. He ran over to them and they started to talk.

"Edward." I called. He ran over with Alice. "I need you to suck the venom out like you did before." I said as I was holding her hands at the side of her body.

"Emmett I can't." He said his voice pained. I looked up at him. "The fact that I'm not tied to her with love anymore means I won't be able to find the will to stop. Do you remember how hard it was last time and I thought I was in love with her then." Dammit.

"Emmett You have to do it." Alice said looking at Bella. "You love her more than Edward did. You can stop." I stared down at Bella.

Could I do it?

"Em…Emmett." She gasped. I leaned down and cupped her face. "Not…like this. Not…by his means." I knew what she meant and I nodded. I titled her neck over and took a deep breath. I placed my mouth over the teeth marks and sucked.

Her blood trickled down my throat and the animal inside of me awoke with vengeance. Not even those poor humans who I had wrongfully attacked tasted this good. The burning hot liquid seemed to pump throughout my body.

It was sweet and tangy. Filling and fresh. It was the best thing I had ever tasted. Much better than Bear blood.

The fact I could still taste the venom reminded me why I was doing this. I shut the monster inside of me up and drank till the venom was gone.

But when it was gone, the blood tasted even better. It continued to pump into my mouth as if it wanted to. I opened my eyes and saw her.

My beautiful Bella finally resting and calm. I pulled away from her neck and covered my mouth with my hand.

I could still taste her.

I still wanted to drink.

But more importantly…I still loved her.

Bella POV


Ugh! What the fuck is that noise?! Don't they know I'm trying to sleep? I groaned and felt someone's ice cold hand touch mine.


Damn beeping…it goes faster as my damn heart beats quicker.

I heard his chuckle. I felt his touch.


I fluttered my eyes open to a too white and bright room.

I groaned again.

"Morning sunshine." My eyes adjusted to his angel face. I smiled weakly and reached for him. He immediately ducked down so I could pet his cheek.

"You saved me." I said with a grin as I traced his features. He grinned.

"I guess I did, huh."

"Don't let it go to your head." I said with a grin. "Where are we?" I asked.

"We are back home in the Forks hospital. Don't you remember? You got attacked by a coyote in Maine when Alice's cousin was sick. Explains the bruises and the teeth marks." He said with a smile.

I laughed and it really hurt.

"What really happened?" I asked. His grin faltered slightly.

"Caius is under tight confinement. Apparently he kind of cracked. He'll be okay in a while but who cares right?" Hesitantly I removed my hand from his face and touched my neck. It was cold on one traceable crescent shape. "Twice you got bit Bella!" He sang. "You are not good with Vampires." I laughed.

He looked over my shoulder to the heart monitor, which was still beeping slightly fast.

He grabbed my face.


He slowly leaned in and breathed out, drowning me in his scent.


He leaned his lips onto mine so they just brushed each other.


He pressed harder.


He parted my lips.


He pulled back.


He was grinning victoriously.

He pulled away and Charlie and my mom came in.

I remembered the story perfectly.

After they warned me never to do this again they left and I fell asleep.

Several weeks later.

"So graduation is in a couple days." Charlie said as I ate my dinner slowly. I sighed in relief.

"Yeah. Can't believe it." I said with a smile. His eyes were looking at the scar on my neck, again. He hated how calm I was about the whole thing.

"Bella…can you promise me something?" He asked putting his fork down. I did the same and looked at him. "I know how much you love Emmett. And I…I just want you to promise me that you'll tell me before you go running off with him. I know I'm going to loose you to him soon." I swallowed a huge lump in my throat.

"I promise dad." I swore to him. It pained me deeply to know that I was going to leave him. He was about to speak when the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it to the surprise that no one was there. Only a letter on the doorstep…from Italy.


I feel horrible how things ended. I'm sorry we put you through this. We hope to hear from you after the change.

As a gift, tell him.

Tell your father everything so when, heaven forbid, he dies at least he knows you're happy.

An apology I hope.

Sincerely, Aro & Marcus

P.S Felix and Demetri can't wait to see you.

"Bella?" Charlie called. "Who is it?"

"No one dad. Prank I suppose. But can I make a real quick call." I asked still staring at the letter.

"Sure." I ran upstairs and called Emmett. When he picked up I didn't let him talk. "Come over. With Carlisle."

Two minutes later. They came.

"Dad." I called him into the living room. He seemed startled of how they got here. Emmett and Carlisle were still reading the letter. "We have to tell you something."


Charlie took it very well, all things considered. At first he was absolutely terrified of them. But Carlisle explained his story than Edward's, Esme's, Rosalie's, Emmett's, Jasper's, and Alice's and Charlie listened carefully asking questions.

He asked what I was going to be like and I told the truth.

"We honestly don't know. As soon as I can handle it, I'll find you." This pained him more than anything.

"Why did you tell me?" He asked suddenly.

"I wanted you to know the truth in case something happened."

A long pause.

"Thank you."

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