High School With a Hyuuga

Hey fanfition people! 1Stella444 here. I decided to make this story because I really admire the NejiTen couple. This story does contain strong language! Which is why I warn you that its rated T for Teen. Heh, that sounds like a movie rating. Anyway, I don't own ny of the characters from Naruto. So, with that, enjoy!

TenTens P.O.V (Point of view if you don't know) ' '= thoughts

"Hurry up TenTen, we're gonna be late for our first day of high school."said Hinata as she poked her head through TenTen's door.

"Five more minutes Hinata, please?"

" No, we're gonna be late and I wanna make sure I get there on time for my classes." Hinata goes into TenTens room and pushes her off the bed.

" Ow, jeez, I was getting up, who let you into my house anyway?"

" I let myself in, now hurry up and get dressed." Hinata turned around briskly and left the room.

"Jeez, since when did Hinata get spunk? Oh yeah I remember, WHEN SHE STARTED CRUSHING ON THAT UZUMAKI KID!"

" What was that!?"

" Nothing, Uzumaki stalker." I mumbled the last two words as I put on my new school uniform, which consisted of a pink shirt and a skimpy blue school skirt.

"Gosh they have some perverted uniforms at this school. I swear if any guys try to feel me up I'm gonna fuck them up big time. Not that I'm blaming them though I mean, look at me." I turned and looked in the mirror at myself. I had nice curves, creamy and smooth skin, and soft silky hair that was pinned up in two buns all the time.

'I look so hot' I smirked at the thought while I fixed my short skirt.

" Hey TonTon, stop admiring yourself in the mirror and come on. If we are late I'm blaming you!"

" How do you know I'm looking in the mirror, you're downstairs?"

" I told you, I can see through things. My whole family has this kind of power."

" Whatever, stalker," she muttered the last word, " and don't call me Ton Ton!. I am not the neighbors pig!! I picked up my backpack and ran downstairs.

" About time you got here, TonTon." TenTen glared at her. Hinata had on a cream shirt with a school skirt like mine. At this high school, you could have a variety of colors for the shirt, but you had to wear the same short skirt all the time.

'Gosh, they are some fuckin perverts' I thought as me and Hinata began our walk to school. y life story hasn't been exactly wonderful. My parents died in a terrible accident that I would rather not go into. I was really depressed back then, until Hinata came and sat next to me one day in the Academy. Ever since then, we've been really close friends. You're probably wondering why Hinata is so spunky. She actually used to be very polite and shy around me until that son of a bitch Naruto messed that up. Ever since he told her that she was too nice to people, she became obsessed with trying to get his attention, so she started acting out. Surprisingly, not really, he constantly ignores her. I keep telling her she should find someone else. I mean, she has guys constantly asking her out, but turns them all down for that fag. I swear, I'm gonna kick his ass one of these days for doing that to her.

"Hey Hinata, hey TenTen!" yelled Sakura and Ino as they rushed towards Hinata and I. Now Sakura and Ino are really something. Hinata and I met them last year and we all became really close. Sakura is the brains of the group, but when it comes to things like fashion and socialization skills, she's a real dumb ass. Ino on the other hand is, well, how can I put this nicely? A slutty, stupid, gossip girl. Yay, I described her in three words, which is hard to do when you're talking about Ino. Don't get me wrong, she's awesome. I mean, with her big mouth, you could get dirt on anybody through her and she wouldn't care how many people hate her. She's got guts and I like that about her. We are gonna cause havoc at Sarutobi High.

"Can you believe that we all got into Sarutobi High! This is gonna be like so awesome!" Ino screeched as she jumped up and down.

"Yeah how you got in is a mystery to me." said Sakura

"Shut-up forehead girl!"

" Make me Ino-pig!"

" Well, well well, looky what we got here."

" I'd say we just got some hot chicks to play with."

"Who the hell are you creeps?"

"You're worst nightmare, little miss brunette."

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