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Ino P.O.V

I couldn't sleep.

What happened yesterday had me so sad and angry, that I was literally up all night, wondering if I was gonna tell Hinata the info Kiba wanted me to pass on or not.

I don't know what kind of charm Hinata put on Kiba, but I know she must've done something. I mean, I've never seen Kiba so happy just to be around her all the time, and Hinata doesn't even like Kiba. Ugh, that selfish bitch. Trying to have Naruto and Kiba all to herself. Well, I'm not buying her little innocent game, you can be sure of that.

I crawl out of bed, eyes droopy and body draggy, and look at the clock.

"9:15. Great. I guess I better get ready for this day of hell." I take my shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair. Right when I'm about to leave the house, I get a phone call.


"Hey Ino, this is Chouji."

"Oh hey Chouji, what's up"

"Do you mind going to the mall with me to help me pick out a suit for homecoming?"

Shopping! That's just what I need to keep my mind of things.

"Of course! Meet me at the food court in an hour okay?"

"Alrighty, see ya Ino."

"Really Chouji, really?" Shaking my head, I walk up to Chouji to find him chowing down on something from every food place in the court."

"What? I bought a salad."

"Yeah, a salad that has as much calories as that hamburger in your other hand." Chouji looks at both, and reluctantly sets them both down on the table.

"Sorry to disappoint you again Ino, I just thought I was doing the right thing." He sulks in his chair and looks at the large amounts of food with disgust.

Oh great, now I've brought his mood down. What kind of friend am I?

"Look Chouji, I'm not disappointed in you, it's just... I couldn't get any sleep and I'm just a little cranky that's all. Don't worry about it. But next time, I'd prefer that you make your own salads at home, okay?" His smile immediately returns and he finishes off all the food in a time I didn't think was humanly possible. He rubs his stomach, stands next to me, and says happily,

"Alrighty, let's go find me a suit! Do you already have something in mind, because I was thinking about going with a green tux with-"

"Noah whoa whoa, you in green? Uh uh. Nope. No way. I refuse to let you do that to yourself. Just let the fashion guru guide you, and I guarantee that you shall be one of the best looking guys at that dance." "You really think so?"

"Chouji," I say, wrapping my arm around his shoulder, "When I'm done with you, girls will be falling all over themselves to be with you."

"Well, I don't know about that, but thanks for helping me out Ino."

"No prob, now let's see... ooh, I know the perfect place to go!" I take Chouji's hand and we go from store to store, trying to find the perfect outfit for him, as well as finding a few accessories for myself along the way.

We shop for a few hours, bags and boxes in tow filled with clothes and accessories, and decide to just walk around.

"Today was a fantastic day Chouji. Nothing cheers me up more than a good trip to the mall."

"Now that you mention it, why were you so down in the first place?" Chouji glances at me with concern, and I suddenly feel embarrassed.

He's supposed ed to look at me for guidance, for inspiration. What would I look like if I told him that I was upset over a guy?

"Oh, it was nothing," I respond, "Just kinda agitated that's all, but I'm feeling much better now." I try to give Chouji a big grin, but I know he isn't buying it, as the concerned look on his face still remains.

"What's up with you Chouji, I said I'm fine." I playfully push him, and he staggers to the side a little bit, smiling as he regains his balance.

"I guess, since you're so intent on knocking me over."

Soon we're both chuckling , then bursting into full on laughter as we pass the malls flower shop.

"Oh Chouji, we should pick up some flowers for the vases in the hall. Some beautiful orchids and cherry blossoms will be darling." I wistfully walk into the shop first, and my heart immediately drops to the soles of my feet.

Standing directly in front of me is Hinata, who seemed to be looking at some dragon lilies on sale.

This is the last thing I want happening. I don't want to see her, not now, not when I have to tell her what Ki-

"Hey Ino!" Hinata gives me a happy grin as she rushes to me and wraps her arms around me, and I almost have the urge to jump back and slap the living shit out of her.

"Oh hey Hinata," I say, speaking through clenched teeth, "What brings you here?"

"Oh, I was just looking for some flowers that we could have for the dance, you know, to kinda beautify the place a little."

"So were we," Chouji steps alongside me and smiles, "Ino thought that some cherry blossoms and orchids would be nice, isn't that right?" He bumps my arms with his elbow, and I immediately put on the most fake smile I have and nod my head in agreement.

"Ino that's just perfect! You always know how to make everything beautiful. I'm sure guys are just lining up to go to homecoming with you." My smile falters and I almost sneer at her.

"Well I wouldn't exactly say that, I'm just waiting for the right guy to ask me is all."

"I know what you mean, I asked Naruto to go with me yesterday and he said yes! I've been so giddy ever since then. I even bought a new dress and everything."

"Wait, you're going with Naruto?"

"Yeah, I know you all don't really approve but-"

"NO!" I take both of her hands and give her my best real smile.

"I would love for you to go to homecoming with him."

This has got to be the most amazing news I've ever heard. Not only can I be sure that Hinata doesn't go to homecoming with Kiba, but I can have a chance to woo him away from her. Talk about perfect time and opportunity.

"Really Ino?"

"Of course, I want you to be happy. Going to a dance with the person you like is a wonderful feeling that I just couldn't couldn't have the nerve to squander." Hinata's face lights up and she hugs me tight.

"Thank you for understanding and supporting me Ino. I really appreciate it."

"No problem, Hinata, anything for you,"

And my Kiba-kun of course, tee hee.

Sakura P.O.V

"Hey Sai, I haven't seen you in a while, how are you?" I set the last of the tables against the wall as I notice Sai walking into the hall.

The hall is humungous and Western-like chandeliers made from shiny ivory crystals hang from the ceiling as the tall, glass windows on the right side of the hall allows for a clear view of the beautiful lake nearby. Small round tables for four were scattered throughout the hall and silk-like tablecloths laced with pearl embroidery blanket them, giving the room on elegant, filthy-rich look.

"I've just been busy with work that's all." Sai replies as he helps me carry this giant glass sculpture of a swan to the food table, not that I need any help with carrying things of course.

"Oh, is it the same job with your uncle Danzo?"

"Well...I guess you could say that." I stare at him, a little puzzled by his statement, but the feeling of confusion is quickly forgotten when I notice the gang heading in.

"Geez Sakura, you could've saved something for us." My blonde- haired friend says as she, Hinata, Chouji, and Shikamaru arrive.

"Hmph, like you would've done anything. Knowing you, you'd probably be too scared to break a nail.

"Hmmm, I guess your right." Ino and the others walk closer to me and I notice that they have the most beautiful orchids in their hands.

"Oh my gosh you guys, these flowers are gorgeous." I sniff the bundle of flowers that Hinata is holding and grin as the sweet scent engulfs my nostrils.

"I know, Ino picked them out. She's a beautiful genius." Chouji says as he starts placing the orchids in groups of 4 into the vases on each of the tables.

"Where's everyone else?" Shikamaru asks, taking out his phone and texting God knows who.

"Well I heard that Neji and TonTon were going out to the mall so they wouldn't be here."

"Are you serious Hinata?!" Ino jumps up and rushes to Hinata's side, "And since when do we get to skip out on party planning for the school?"

"I think the bigger question would be why TonTon is out with my cousin." All of us girls stand here gossiping as I spot Chouji and Shikamaru chatting it up with Sai.

Soon after we all notice Naruto, Gaara, Kiba, Shino,Temari, Lee, and Sasuke walk in; Naruto and Kiba in a heated argument, while the others either watch with curiosity, or ignore the nonsense.

"Look, if your stupid dog didn't follow you around everywhere, then maybe we can actually go somewhere decent to eat without getting kicked out.

"And maybe, if you weren't such an annoying little bastard, we could actually have Akamaru there without being noticed!" The two guys continue to shout profanities back and forth as Sasuke passes me. I glance down at my wrapped up ankle and I'm suddenly reminded of the incident that happened a day earlier, I hear his footsteps stop right behind me and I grow tense.

"So I see your ankle is fine today."

"Yeah, I guess." I shift uncomfortably on my other leg and don't take my eyes off the ground.

"Well, just be more careful next time." My eyes widen as I hear his footsteps continue again.

Well, this is shocking, we didn't exchange any type of hostile words to each other. Of course, I can't say the same for the two loud mouths as Hinata approaches them, attempting to calm them down.

"Please stop fighting you two. I'm sure whatever happened isn't that important enough for you guys to keep bickering like this." Hinata stands her ground between them and the boys calm down, although their scowls remain clear as day.

"Look, all I'm saying is that the next time we go out to eat, leave the mutt outside." Naruto jams his hands into his pockets and walks toward the gigantic window.

"I swear those two are always too much to handle, I don't know how Hinata does it." Ino mumbles as she stands there watching Kiba and Hinata talking.

"I'm telling you, Hinata gas the patience of a saint. I don't think anyone but her could deal with those two without losing it."

"But don't worry, I'll probably take Kiba off her hands very soon." As she says this, I glance at Ino suspiciously.

"And what do you mean by that?"

"Oh nothing, nothing at all." I gaze at Ino with an expression of doubt written on my face.

"If you say so, just don't do anything you bimbo."

"I think it's a little late for that."

TenTen P.O.V

You know, something in my gut told me no to do this. Why do I always put myself into these stupid situations, I mean, is it this hard to stay out of trouble?

"See TonTon, was that so hard?" I stare at the crowd of people in the mall, refusing to look at the bastard beside me as he carries the dress, shoes, and accessories that we squired today along one of his arms.

And let me tell you, that in itself was utter torture.

"If by hard you mean constantly trying to keep you out the dressing room every time I tried to change, then yes, it was very hard." Neji chuckles, wrapping his free arm along my shoulders and bringing me closer, regardless of the immense resistance I'm giving him.

"Anyways, we should leave soon. People might start to assume things if we don't show up in time to help out with the festivities later on tonight. Besides, people are watching us." I ease myself out of his arm as a group of girls glance at Neji, giggling loudly and trying too hard to get his attention.

At that moment, a pang of anger hits me hard. I can't stand girls that try too hard to get a guys attention, especially one that I know for a fact is no good. Neji winks in their directions and the giggles grow louder as we walk past them. I look back and glare at them, which stops the giggling altogether and the smiles instantly fade away from their faces as well.

Satisfied, I turn around and find Neji staring right at me, a huge smirk on his face.

"I didn't know you were the jealous type TonTon." I stare at him and then straight ahead, observing the couples and families walking, shopping, and talking.

"I'm not."

"Really? Cause it seems like you were glaring pretty hard at those girls back there."

"Oh I was, but it was because they were trying too hard. I can't stand women who aren't a challenge, you know?"

"Now that's something I think we can both agree on." I smirk a little as we reach the exit to the mall.

"I'm just saying, these stupid broads always wonder why they can't ever get a decent man, but put themselves out there for any jerk or creep to come in and screw them over."

"So is that why you won't hook up with me?"

"Neji, why does this always keep coming up?"

I try to get ahead of him, but of course, he's literally one step ahead of me, walking in front of me and making me unable to dodge his question.

"Because we had that spark, and ever since then, I can't seem to get you out of my mind."

"For the last time, there was no spark! Sure I was a little shocked at how easily you could read me but... that was it, nothing more."

Neji just stares at me. Hard. And seems to be pondering over what to make of the explanation I just gave him.

Oh shit, I hope he isn't planning on doing anything rash and stupid.

"Alright I understand."

Wait, what?

"Excuse me?"

"I understand what you're saying. If you didn't feel a spark, then there was no spark." I smile, and give a huge sigh of relief.

"Oh thank goodness. I thought you were gonna be mad about the whole situation."

"Of course not," Neji says walking ahead of me to open the door, "If there wasn't spark then, then I guess I'll just have to make a spark happen tonight."

Hinata P.O.V

"Father, look I told you, I don't need an escort. I'm perfectly fine with going to the dance by myself."

"Listen to me," My father says, standing next to Sai on our front porch , the sky glowing a light orange/ lavender as the evening sets in.

And once again, my dad is being strict. Oh joy. I glance at Sai and he gives me an apologetic smile. I sigh and realize that my father is glaring at me.

"Do you understand?" A stern look is smeared all over his face and I realize that I haven't listened to a word that he had said.

"Oh, um, yes I understand." Straightening my back, my father nods his head with satisfaction and pats Sai lightly on the back.

"Make sure that you keep an eye out for my daughter while you're there. I don't want anything happening that I won't approve of."

"No problem sir." Sai bows his head respectfully and I feel compelled to do the same.

My mind is suddenly reeling at the fact that Naruto was supposed to be my date to homecoming and my father possibly downing the bear thought of it.

"Good, now you two go and have a good time."

"Thank you sir." Sai smiles and nudges me to start moving.

I hope everything works out.

Temari P.O.V

"Come on Gaara, you're gonna miss out on the whole party."

"I'm not going out there dressed like this, go on ahead without me."

"You're not missing this dance. After all of the time and effort I spent getting you ready, you're going into that hall, you're going to stop acting like such a bitch, do you understand me?" Gaara throws me what I'm sure is his most menacing glare as we stand in the vestibule of the hall, many couples giving us looks as they walk past. But neither they nor Gaara phase me. I refuse to let Gaara miss this chance o step out of his comfort zone and be himself for a change. In front of others.

"Ugh, alright, but you owe me." My red-headed sibling straightens up his burgundy suit and slowly walks towards the huge crowd of people.

I smirk in satisfaction and feel small vibrations near my chest. I reach into my strapless gown and pull out my cell phone.

"Damn, four missed calls and ten messages, what the hell?" And surprisingly enough, they're from my lazy lover. I run through each text, each one more urgent than the next.

Temari, meet me on the outside patio.

Hello? Are you there?

There is something I really have to show you.


I never knew Shikamaru to sound so...anxious. Cursing under my breath. I put my phone back in my dress and try to find a way to the outside patio.

Ino P.O.V

This the perfect evening. The faint stars in the sky are starting to sparkle, the moon's dim halo begins to illuminate the sky as the sun sets and I'm standing here next to Kiba-kun...now if only Chouji would go away, then I would be completely happy.

But no, Kiba and Chouji just have to stand here and chat about some new restaurant that just opened up in town.

"I hear the steak there is simple phenomenal, oh, and don't get me started on the rib special."

"Man, Akamaru and I have to check it out as soon as we get the chance." His canine companion yelps with glee as Kiba pets him gently on the head. My patience is really wearing thin.

Where the hell are those two?

All I need is for Naruto and Hinata to walk in hand-in-hand, then Kiba will realize that she's no good for him. Then I'll swoop down and rescue him from his sadness and next thing you know, he'll be all mine.

Indulging myself in my wonderful fantasy, I fail to notice that Shino and Naruto have joined the group. I also fail to notice that the blonde hot head and Kiba-kun are arguing.

"What the hell do you mean she's your date?! I'm supposed to be her date!" The raw anger behind Kiba's statement pulled me out of my thoughts and I become nervous all of a sudden.

" I asked her last night when we went out Kiba. She didn't have a date and-"

" I offered to be her date! I told Ino to ask her for me." All eyes suddenly fall on me, and instead of feeling confident, I'm close to trembling with fear.

"You asked her didn't you?' Kiba shoves the others out of the way, and we're now face-to-face. His eyes are full of slight hope, mixed with anger and confusion.

What the hell dd I just get myself into?

"I, well, umm... listen Kiba I-"

"She played you? How tragic." The bittersweet tone automatically angers me as I see Karen coming up from behind Kiba, snickering in his ear.

" I would've never guessed, Yamanaka; I mean, being jealous of your best friend is bad enough, but trying to set Kiba up is just ruthless. You might've earned some bitch points for that one."

"Shut your trap!" I didn't mean for it to be like that!" I spat.

"Then... what did you mean to do?" Kiba's voice starts to crack, and I'm almost at a loss for words.

"I wanted, I just wanted to make it look like Hinata wanted Naruto so you'd be my date."

"So you lie to me and your best friend."

I glance at the floor, not wanting him to see the shame on my face, nor the fact that I wasn't sorry for lying to Hinata. When I don't respond, Kiba shakes his head.

"You're pathetic. All this time I thought you were at least honest enough to swallow your jealousy in order to see me happy."

"But Kiba I love-"


"That bitch doesn't deserve to be with you."

"And you think that you do?" He grabs the front of my dress and lifts me slightly off the ground. The crowd around us begin to fall silent and the boys try to calm him down.

"Kiba, put Ino down now." Shino whispers calmly as he carefully walks towards us.

Kiba glances at Shino, then turns his head and glares at me. He drops me and Chouji catches me before I fall to the floor.

With his back turned, Kiba mutters, "If you ever call the girl I love a bitch again, I swear I'll hate you more than Karen." My heart drops and tears start to form under my eyelids. Kiba walks away with Shino; the crowd parting to let them through as they all turn to look back at me.

"Come on Ino, let's go outside." Chouji whispers and I nod slightly, allowing him to lead me through the thick crowd.

Just as we head through the door, I can faintly hear Karen yell, " She's such a bitch isn't she?"

Sakura P.O.V

"Are you just gonna let her talk about Ino like that?"

"She deserved what she got. She tried to have her cake and eat it too, and she got humiliated because of it." Sasuke sighs as he scans the crowd silently once more.

Sadly, I got put on security watch with him until Shizune-sempai returns, and just witnessing the incident between Kiba and Ino have got me a little on-edge.

"I'm just saying, I know Ino did wrong, but Karen has no right to judge."

"And neither do you."

"I never said that I was judging anyone."

"You don't have to . You always like to beat around the bush about everything, but never once bother to judge yourself."

"That's not true and you know it." I turn to him and I am suddenly enraged.

"But I guess you don't really give a fuck about that, now that you have my brother giving you all his attention."

"Listen here," I murmured, careful not to attract the already riled up crowd into our business, " I know it must've been hard accepting the fact that your brother and I are together, but I would think that you would be mature enough to handle it."

"Oh really? Every time you see me, you give me some glare or the finger, then you always wanna rub the fact that you're with my brother in my face all the time, and you're calling me immature? Alright." he shakes his head and chuckles a little, which I surprisingly find kinda cute.

"Whatever. Hey, maybe we should search the rest of the building, you know, so we don't ave anymore hectic situations like the one that just occurred." I glance at Karen and her slutty entourage, wearing revealing dresses that were making some guys swoon, and the girls look on in disgust, sharing a mutual feeling of mine.

"That sounds good. Besides, the last thing I wanna see is Itachi showing up to smother you with his so-called love and affection."

He grabs a cup of punch sitting on the food table behind him and walks ahead of me, while I myself grab one as well and follow him through the crowd, all the while failing to notice the dangerous glare of a certain red head following me.