Sasuke and Naruto were facing each other; The final showdown, the last battle. The air was heavy with power and passion. Naruto's eyes still held love, even though it was burried deep. Sasuke's eyes lacked life completely; Revenge, anger, hatred, and love.

Sakura ran as fast as her legs would carry her. Tears were prickling the back of her eyes, but she tried her best to keep them in, knowing how her vision would be affected if she let them drop. And she wouldn't cry this time, not this time.

She felt a strong chakra presence and increased her speed. Protect Naruto, she told herself. The first priority, is Naruto. Give your life if necessary, I have no reason to live if I let him die infront of me. Sasuke had been the reason behind the destruction of her hometown. He had been behind Ino's death. He was the reason Naruto was suffering. Now there was no love in her for him. There was nothing in her heart for him anymore, nothing except hatred and revenge.

She now could feel somewhat what Sasuke felt. And as she felt what he felt, her mind refused to work and think it over.

The vision cleared and she saw Naruto; Sage mode, furious, dangerous, hurt. She composed herself and looked around for Sasuke. Her eyes caught him, his clothes were ripped and there was a large wound on his chest. Slight pleasure rose in her, wanting to hurt him further. She hated him now, so much that she was becoming him. But her heart was too burned to let her mind have control.

Sasuke moved. Sakura clutched her fist, Naruto pulled back a punch. Sasuke approached closer, and closer. Sakura pulled her arm up, Sasuke prepared to release himself completely, Naruto's eyes flared; Sakura's fist struck the ground.

The ground should have exploded, she should have felt pain, but she didn't. The time froze, she saw Sasuke's cold eyes focused and Naruto's lean body prepared for anything. Then they came closer, slowly so slowly it tortured.

Then it paced, scenes flooded infront of her; People, strange people. She saw long dresses, people laughing, screaming, crying, there were so many faces, so many buildings, animals, things, destruction, revulsion, sadness, birds chirping, faces changing, bodies changing, loud noises, It sped infront of her eyes, teasing all her senses. Then it slowed down, and she saw herself in a strange place there were so many lights around her, she thought that she would go blind. Then she saw a body, infront of a darkened path. It held its hand towards her, she reached out and had touched it barely that she lost consciousness.

Sasuke and Naruto fell down. Their hearts felt empty, as though every feeling had been squeezed out from them.

"Sakura," whispered Naruto his empty eyes looking around at where Sakura had stood. She wasn't there. He looked closely, peering through narrowed eyes.

Sasuke looked at Naruto, and followed his gaze. Sakura, Sakura...Sakura..Now as his heart was composing softly, his mind raced. What was wrong with him, what was he doing, why was he doing this, Itachi, Itachi,...Naruto..

"Sakura!!!" screamed Naruto , "Where are you??..SAKURA!!!!!!!"

Sasuke's heart shook slightly, his hand went up to his injured chest, but now he noticed for the first time, that there was no pain there. He stroke, there was no wound there either.

Naruto had no wounds as well, but he failed to notice as he searched frantically for Sakura. He screamed and wailed, tears gushing down his face as his heart returned more and more to normal.

In another time Haruno Sakura was found. Lying peacefully, her face gentle, her body vulnerable and an aura of calmness around her. Her mind was awake, but her eyes couldn't open. Like a dream her heart was refusing to wake up from.

"Who are you?," a soft male voice came from a far, it sounded so far

Sakura shifted trying to catch more of the voice. Another voice was soothing for her, and she wanted to reach out to who it was coming from, but her body was working on its own, and didn't comply.

"What," the voice began again ,"THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY CLOSET?"

Her mind now woke up with a start.


"Oye, I am asking you, what the hell are you anyway?"

No, Not Naruto,Sasuke, Neji, no..who was this...

"What the hell is with your clothes? And what the hecks this?"

Her eyes fluttered open, a strange sight greeted her. An orange haired boy, he was leaning over her shaking her shuriken infront of her face.

"Who are you?" she whispered ,"Where am I?"

The boy blinked annoyed at her ,"Your in my house, in my closet and I want to damn know why."

Sakura's mind reached a coclusion. She was far from home right now.

Authors Notes

There are many people who have died in bleach, expecially the Espadas, but there are some of them who are alive in this story, so if you read it, read it keeping that in mind. After all it is fanfiction, so thnx for reading the prologue anyway.