This is unlike any other story I have ever written...this is strictly MATURE if you are not MATURE enough please don't read it!



What's Done In The Dark: The King's Concubine

Dear Dairy

"Uh….ahn…mmm…Please….more…your majesty please….harder!" the pleading tore out of my lips in gasps of pleasure and pain.

"You little slut….god you feel so good." He groaned but his voice was lost to me. He pounded in me harder and faster and my body even in its hurting pain returned the pounding. His warm hands massaged my breast in hard even strokes as his lips devoured mine. Our bodies blended together in ways that was just humanly impossible and these moments where we give all we have to each other, our hearts are connected through a bond of absolute trust, love and devotion that surpasses all else. Ah, he feels so good; his strong body pressing against mine filled me with warmth that could never be achieved no matter how close I stand next to a real fire. His strong and big groin filled me with ecstasy as they pressed to the deepest of my warmth, claiming me as his possession and together we rode on the waves of passionate love making.

He picked me up and put me on the center table and began tearing into me with his needs and demand for release that only I was capable of delivering. My juice slipped past his groin, making my opening a slippery road for him to enter and exist over and over. I cried out in both pain and pleasure, wanting it to stop but wanting it to go on forever. As if the extent we were going wasn't enough, he turned me around and I held the table as he took to my back and from behind began another round of love making. We had both cum more than ten times but he was not letting me rest, he was determined to instill in me that I was his possession and no one other than him would have me. This was my punishment from trying to free myself of him. It was nothing less than I deserved, what had started as an act of play to save my brother's life has turned me into a dog, barking at my master's command. I hated it; I wanted it to go on forever.

Finally he stopped, exhausted and we both collapsed to the floor in heavy breaths, fully and overly satiated. He was done, I could leave but my spine would not move. I did not have the strength to even keep my eyes fully opened.

His arms snaked around me and he pulled me close to his body, his hands still fumbling my breasts.

"Don't ever try that again. You belong to me and will always be mine. No one but me will have you." he whispered heatedly in my ears. But I was too exhausted to react. Taking this as an act of defiance, he swiftly swung my face to his and my body protested painfully with the move.

"Answer me! Say it, that you belong to me alone!" He demanded and even in my hazy gaze I could see the madness in his stormy eyes, the need, the lust, the absolute certainty that he would make me suffer if I ever tried to leave his side again. In that moment I knew I would be a slave of his needs for the rest of my life. But it was ok wasn't it? I won't feel a thing; let him do what he wants. My body would be his forever but I could close my heart so it would no longer hurt.

"I belong to you alone." The words escaped my lips out of their own accords, whether it was the words of my heart or words to free me from the tight grasp he was holding my face with I know not, what I do know is that I am tired and want to sleep.

"Good, mark my words Serena, if this ever happens again there will be hell to pay by all with your blood." The threat was real, as real as me and him, as real as these games that have become my life.

"Yes…your majesty." I assented and he finally let my head fall on his arm gently as he massaged my forehead.

"You belong to me, me alone." These words he kept repeating until I lost consciousness and in the last minute when sleep would claim me, I prayed for death to free me and for god to forgive my sins. But I knew it was too late, I could never be forgiven for all I've done. So my prayer is that someone, anyone, God please…protect my brother!