Ripped Pictures


I had lived here in Montana all 15 years of my life, and I had never thought this would ever happen here, never something so bad, so frightening

Chapter 1- "Sapphire"

I entered our small barn and walked up to Dream's stall, smiling as I thought the ride we were going on today, Dream was my 6 year old Quarter horse mare, she was 15.3h, Coal black with a cloud shaped white star on her forehead, which was how she got her real name, Dream Cloud. "Hey Dreamy girl, how are you this morning? Are you ready to go meet Laci and Sniper?" I murmured to my mare. I brought Dream out of her stall and hooked her to cross ties in the aisle, I quickly groomed her off and went to get her tack.

As I did I noticed a man standing outside of the barn he looked very big, he had brown hair, brown eyes and he was probably about 6'2 probably in his early 30s. I walked up to him and asked "Hi, may I help you?". He looked down at me and smiled "I'm Mr. McDonnell I'm here to see a Quarter horse yearling, a blue roan mare?" He told me. "Oh you must be here to see Sapphire, let me get her out of the field for you." I said, wondering where my father was he usually handled the sales and was always here when people came to look a one of our horses. We were a Quarter horse breeding farm, and we trained horses for barrel racing, roping,well we basically bred rodeo horses. I went and got Sap's halter and lead rope and walked over to the yearling's field "Sapphire! Come here girl." I yelled, and Sapphire came running up to the gate. Sapphire was big yearling about 14.3h already, she was a blue roan and had hazel eyes, she was a real gentle filly loved getting attention. She would be an easy horse to ride and train, plus she had speed she'd make a great barrel horse. I walked Sapphire up to Mr. McDonnell and he said "Wow, She's a beauty. And a tall one". "Thanks, and yes she's 14.3 already! She's going to be a big girl, and she is going to be a speed horse too, I think." I said, proud of Sapphire, who was at the moment nuzzling Mr. McDonnell.

"Belle!" I heard my dad call out my name, "Hey dad, I was just showing Mr. McDonnell, Sapphire. I didn't see you or mom around so I thought I would go and get her." My dad smiled. "Thanks, Belle I got it from here. You go on and go meet Laci, I bet she's waiting for you." "Okay Dad I'll be back later!" I said rushing off back to the barn. I had Dream tacked up five minutes later and I was heading off to go meet Laci. I asked Dream to lope and she responded with an energetic lope, a few minutes later I saw Laci(who has black hair and bright blue eyes, she's about 5'5)and her horse, Sniper(who was a Thoroughbred, who was off the race track, Sniper's real name was Jane's Sniper. Sniper was about 7 years old and a big 16.0h bay stallion—although he never acted like one) and I waved to her. I pulled on Dream's reins and she stopped right by Sniper "You're late Belle!" Laci said, laughing. I was always late meeting her, but she never really minded "I know, I know." I said "But there was this guy there to look at Sap and I couldn't see my dad or mom around, so I went and showed her to the guy and then my dad showed up." I finished, knowing she'd understand, since her parents owned a Thoroughbred breeding farm, "Your parents are selling Sapphire?" Laci asked. "Yes, sadly they are trying to sell Sap even though she will probably be a great barrel horse!" I said. I loved barrel racing, it was my favorite rodeo event. My parents, when they were younger had both been on the rodeo circuit they still loved rodeos and competed sometimes but mostly they bred the horses, sometimes I would ride the horses for sale in rodeos to show off the horses. "Well let's go ahead and head on down to the river so we can go swimming! It's really hot today!" Laci said excitedly. I smiled as we went running off.

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