Ripped Pictures

Chapter 34 "Change Of Plans"

Sunday, September 26th, 2009 11am

Belle Pov

I sat my cell phone down and looked at Quinn with a frown. "Chloe just called to say this weekend is canceled because no one can go this weekend. Nick and her have to stay behind because their uncle is coming into town, Sam is having a problem with Tempest and of course Jake will stay behind with her, Darrell and Jen backed out after Sam and Jake."

Quinn sighed. "So much for a great birthday weekend."

I was about to agree but then I thought of something. "Quinn we could still go!"

"Belle, our parents will never let us go without everyone else." Quinn stated.

"What if they think we're going to Reno to watch Pepper compete? What if they think we're going with Ross and Pepper?" I said, straddling him.

"You want to go that bad?" Quinn asked in disbelief.

"Well I was thinking we could make it a special night." I trailed my finger down his chest and bit my lip.

"You mean...?" Quinn trailed off.

I nodded. "I want to. I want you."

"You're completely sure?" Quinn was whispering now.

"I want you." I kissed him eagerly so maybe he would take me seriously.

"Okay. But how do you think we're gonna get away with this?" Quinn asked putting his hands on my hips.

So I told him my plan and he agreed it was good. "I'll go ahead and call Pepper."

I called Pepper and asked him if he minded if Quinn and I tagged along this weekend since everyone had canceled on us. "Sure! That'd be great."

He gave me the info like where they were staying what time they were leaving and such. I smiled. "Thanks Pepper!"

Then I called Glen to tell him the news and I told him he could call Pepper to check if he'd like. I heard Quinn talking to his parents and he gave me a thumbs up.

It was going to work! Quinn closed his phone and gently pulled me back on the couch with him. "Now, do we still have those condoms Nate gave me or?"

"Uh, duh we still have them." I laughed at him. "But...we might not need them."

"What?" Quinn's eyebrows came together. "Are you trying to get pregnant or something?"

"No...I got on birth control." I confessed.

"Oh, when?"

"A week or two ago, with Katie's help."

Quinn's eyes widened. "Katie knows we want to have sex?"

I laughed at his expression. "No! I just told her I want to be prepared if it ever happens!"

"Oh..okay.." Quinn smiled. "Now where were we?"


Later that afternoon, I pulled Storm out of the field and lunged him in between the yards. Storm was coming along wonderfully and it made me think he had prior training to this. I didn't think it would be long before I was riding again.

I loved watched Storm move, he had beautiful movement and was obviously wanting to please his trainer. He still knew a lot from his domestic time and that helped me greatly. Bryan was supposed to come over while Quinn was still here to help me with the first try at saddling Storm.

I heard Chloe's door open and heard her yell hello. I smiled at her quickly but didn't let myself get too distracted, I wanted this session to end on a good note. I kept lunging Storm until we "joined up" as most people called it and then faced Chloe, Quinn and Bryan.

"He's really coming along good Belle, I definitely agree with you when you say he's had prior training. He seems to remember it all." Bryan said, giving Storm a gentle pat on the neck. Storm nuzzled his pockets looking for a treat, which he got spoiled with by everyone. "Sorry boy, nothing today."

"Don't worry Storm, I got you covered." Chloe reached over and held out a mint. Storm lipped it up fast and nodded his head. I smiled.

"Alright I think we should try the saddling in the pasture that way if he gets loose it'll be okay." Quinn suggested.

I led Storm to the pasture and Chloe closed the gate after Bryan and Quinn stepped in. "I brought over an old saddle that should fit him, I sat in the shed. Didn't think you'd want to use your nice saddle in case he flips out or anything." Bryan said.

"Good idea Bryan. I didn't think of that." I watched as Bryan grabbed the saddle and blanket out of the shed. Storm watched him intently too, pricking his ears forward as Bryan stopped a few feet away and sat the saddle and blanket on the ground.

"Bring him over, let him sniff it for a few minutes just so he can see what it is." Quinn said and I led Storm over to the saddle.

Storm sniffed it, nudging it a few times, snorted once or twice then started to lip the blanket. I took this as confirmation that he was okay with it now.

"Alright Belle, I want you to do the saddling if you can. Quinn will hold him, just get out of the way if he goes to freak out. I don't want you getting hurt." Bryan told me. "He trusts you and Quinn the most so I'll let you two handle it." Bryan stood by, waiting to help if needed.

I nodded and slowly grabbed the saddle blanket. I lifted it up and let Storm smell it and look at it again. Storm bit it and tried to take it. I laughed. "Storm you can't have it!"

Once I got it out of his mouth, I rubbed it on his shoulder, then his side, getting him used to the feel. Storm looked back watching me the whole time. He didn't seem scared or nervous... so I gently put it on his back and waited.

Nothing happened. I smiled at Quinn quickly before going to grab the saddle. I made sure the left stirrup was up on the horn and the girth was on the saddle so it wouldn't hit him right away. I did the same as I did with the blanket and then gently put it on his back.

Again, nothing. Just Storm's curiosity. I slowly let the girth and stirrup fall, hitting his leg and sides but he did nothing but stand there. I got smiles from Bryan, Chloe and Quinn.

"Now slowly try to hook the girth and make sure at first don't tighten it very much. Just enough that he can feel it and the saddle won't fall off." I did as Bryan said. I grabbed the girth brought it under his belly and slowly tightened as Storm watched me. "Get the lead from Quinn and walk him around a few laps. Walk him and then trot him so the stirrups hit his sides."

I grabbed the lead rope and led him around the pasture at walk. Storm didn't seem to mind at all, he just followed willingly. Then I moved it up to a trot and he followed closely. Never did he freak out while we were going around the pasture. He was as good as ever.

I stopped him by Bryan and Quinn. "He is just so amazing!" I said breathlessly.

They nodded their agreement. "It's amazing. He's had to of had training before and it must of went well because he doesn't seem to have bad memories." Quinn smiled back at me.

"So what next?" I asked. Bryan and Quinn looked at each other and seemed to have a silent conversation.

"Should we?" Bryan said out loud to Quinn.

"Should we what?" I was curious to what they were thinking.

"Well since he's doing so well..You could tighten the girth up so the saddle wouldn't slip under your weight and see how he does with the weight of a rider.." Bryan was hesitant.

"Just be careful." Quinn added. I nodded and Quinn took back the lead rope. I slowly tightened the girth again and again watching Storm for signs he was unhappy. Finally I got it as tight as I could, I stretched his two front legs out so the girth wouldn't pinch him or anything and then looked at Bryan for my next step.

"Okay you're gonna put your foot in the stirrup and put your weight in it. Just to see how he reacts to that then if all goes well, you get up in the saddle." Bryan came up behind me. "I'm here if anything happens, I'll catch you."

I took a deep breath and put my foot in the stirrup. Storm was watching me very closely now, I slowly pulled myself up and put my weight in the stirrup. Storm's ears flickered back and forth and then he let out a sigh. I smiled so no problems yet. I laid on my belly across the saddle, putting my weight on him, again he was fine.

"Swing up into the saddle." Bryan told me softly. I did as he said and I was in the saddle. Storm looked at me in the saddle and nickered.

I patted his neck. "Yeah boy, I'm on you." And then I couldn't stop grinning. This was amazing! I was on Storm and he was fine! "Do you think we could try to walk around?"

"He doesn't seem to mind." Quinn shrugged and had Storm start walking. I put my other foot in the stirrup and patted Storm as he walked along. Storm followed Quinn loyally, just bobbing his head.

I looked over towards Chloe and smiled. "Isn't he amazing?"

"Yes! He absolutely is!" Chloe called back.

Quinn stopped him by the gate and I was still grinning. "I wonder how far along in his training he if he started reining and all that."

"Try it." Quinn tossed me the lead rope and tied the other end to his halter. "I'll stay by his head in case he acts up."

I nudged Storm gently and said walk. Storm moved forward willingly and when I pressed the reins to his neck to turn, he did! I asked him for a trot and he moved out willingly, Quinn slowly backed away giving Storm and I freedom and then I asked Storm for a lope.

I went through the paces with him and did a figure eight, turned him left and right, Stopped him, backed him up. Then went over to the gate and stopped him.

"This horse is amazing! He must have been already done training and he remembers it all! I actually have a horse I don't have to train, he's already good, not spooky at all really. I'm just..." I trailed off not able to find a word to describe what I felt.

"Happy? Amazed? Content? Excited?" Bryan laughed, throwing out words.

"All of those." I laughed with him. I leaned down and kissed Quinn. "I guess we should end this on a good note. Although I just don't want to get off of him!"

But I dismounted and untacked Storm. Quinn grabbed the tack and took it to the shed for me. I turned towards Bryan and Chloe. "Well thank you Bryan for all your help, it seems he is already past most of the stages, now I just need to do a bit in his mouth and see how he reacts out of the pasture."

"You've got a good horse there Belle. If you ever do want to get back into competition, I think you've got a horse there that can do it. I'm glad things are finally working out for you." Bryan gave me a hug.

"Thanks Bryan."

Chloe and Bryan went back over to Chloe's to feed Iris and I fed Storm his grain, giving him a few treats and I laid out some hay. Quinn threw his arms around me and pulled me to him.

"I love you." He kissed me.

"I love you more cowboy." I smiled.

"Not possible."

"Oh it's way possible." I whispered as he kissed me again.

"So maybe tomorrow after school, you could bring Storm over to my place and we could take a mini ride in one of the pastures with Chip. See how he does in another place." Quinn suggested.

"That sounds good." I laid my head on his chest. I heard a door open and looked up to see Glen and Katie walk out.

"Hey guys, you wanna come in? I was just about fix us some dinner!" Glen called out. I took Quinn's hand and we walked into the house with Katie and Glen.


At dinner I had told Katie and Glen about Storm's progress. They were both equally amazed. "That's great Belle! Now you'll have a riding horse of your own!" Katie had hugged me.

"Just be careful when you take him to the Ely's tomorrow. He might react differently than he did today." Glen had warned me.

Dinner had been mostly talk about horses, ours, the Ely's and Katie's. Then we had talked a little bit about the wedding(which would be in late October, which was coming up fast..) Katie had asked me to be her maid of honor and Glen was asking my father to be his best man. They were going to have it at the Sterling's ranch outside if not too cold, otherwise they would just use a heated tent but I knew Katie really wanted to have an outside wedding. Which was possible because it was still pretty warm weather.

I sat down at my desk now, finishing my homework for school tomorrow and thought about this weekend. I felt slightly guilty about lying to Glen and Quinn's parents but I knew they would never let us go on our own and I really wanted to do this for Quinn, for us. Plus it would be our birthday weekend and I think Quinn would enjoy that as a birthday present.

I also felt nervous. Would it really hurt? Would Quinn like it? I pushed away the nervousness and the questions. I focused on my homework til it was done and then went to take a shower.

Quinn called me after my shower as we both were laying in bed. He had cleared tomorrow with his parents and Jake and Sam would be joining us in case anything was to happen with Storm. We talked until his mom came in and told him to go to sleep and she told me to get some rest over the phone.

I laid in bed and eventually drifted off to sleep. It wasn't a peaceful sleep. (Dream in Italics) Today would be Monday, September 27th...

It was dark and I couldn't see. Lightning flashed in the sky and I saw a face. It was Seth's, he had an evil grin on his face. Behind him, I saw someone...

Abruptly I realized it was David Marley. I turned to run only to stop with a scream in my throat. Laci laid there, on the ground, eyes wide open, staring at me, unmoving. I couldn't scream, couldn't move. I looked back and Seth just kept smiling at me. I felt the pain of betrayal hit me again. Somehow I knew he had something to do with this. He was connected to Laci and David. That's when I saw the blood on his hands, the knife he was holding.

I woke up with a jolt and looked around. The sun was starting to come up, it was time for me to get up. I put on some old jeans and t-shirt with my boots to go feed Storm. I let Sophie and Nellie out, seeing Glen was already gone for the morning.

I climbed over the fence and fed Storm, checking his water and gave him a kiss on the nose before I went back inside to get ready for school. I waved at Chloe who was feeding Iris as I let the dogs back in. Inside I made myself a quick bowl of cereal and ate it quickly, noticing I was growing short on time.

I dressed myself in jeans, a dark blue t-shirt and my sneakers. I heard a knock at the door and it was Quinn. "Good morning my love." Quinn kissed me.

"Morning baby." I hugged him. "You look sexy today." Quinn was wearing a dark grey shirt that fit him nicely and jeans the, erm, hugged him in the right places too. Plus his cowboy boots.

Quinn drove us to school and we talked about the fact after this weekend I could get my license. "You excited babe?"

"Yeah I'll have more freedom." I smiled at him.

"Which means she can break up with you and date me now cause she won't need your truck." Nick teased Quinn, we all laughed.

"Never gonna happen." I kissed Quinn's cheek. We were at school and we all went to our classes. The day flew by and after telling Mrs. Ely about Storm's progress, I went to talk to Brett.

After talking to Brett and explaining a few things, I was off the basketball team. I just decided I didn't have the time anymore with riding other people's horses and working with Storm while still having time to myself.

I went outside to find where Katie, who now would pick me up from school while Quinn was at practice, waited for me.

I got in Katie's truck and asked who I would be riding today. "Well first you'll ride Music, then Lightning, Savannah and then if you want you can ride Spirit."

"Of course I want to ride Spirit, him and I are best buddies now." I smiled at Katie.

I got to Katie's house and changed into my riding clothes. First I took Music out who was a western pleasure horse, I would usually just ride her around the ring going through her paces, making sure she was in shape and ready for competition.

Music had really started working well on her form, at first her movement and body was a little off but after a couple weeks of riding her, she was really coming along great. Her owner, Mr. Daughtry, rode when he could but since he was a deputy didn't have that much time. They had used to compete a lot but apparently once fall came along, things picked up at the police department. I was more than happy to ride her for him. Music was such a willing horse.

Then I took out Lightning, which his name was ironic, cause he was calm and slow. Not anything like lightning in a storm. Lightning was just a trail horse that was used occasionally for his owner, Mrs. Applebee, was an elderly woman who rode maybe twice a month but she didn't want lightning to sit around in the field so I rode him on a small trail ride for about an hour at Katie's farm.

Savannah was a newly trained horse whose owner had taken a spill off of and got hurt. Since Savannah was newly trained, her owners didn't want her to lose everything she had learned and be bad when they could get back on her, I rode her everyday refreshing her and teaching her some new things. Lately I had gotten her used to walking on bridges, in water, over a tarp, under a tarp, around balloons, anything I could think of.

Finally came Spirit, we had actually done our schooling show last weekend and had placed second. Very well done for both of us I thought.

I did my usual with Spirit, jumping or if I wasn't jumping, w/t/c and just exercising him. Spirit had mainly gotten over his aversion to saddling and mostly anyone could saddle him. Katie occasionally rode him just to get him used to someone else.

After I was done and Quinn and Glen showed up, we all had dinner at Katie's. "So Belle...Katie and I have something to talk to you about."

I stopped with my drink halfway to my mouth. "Yes?" I said putting it down.

"Well two things. One is...Katie's pregnant!" Glen smiled at me.

"Oh my God! Congratulations!" I hugged them both and Drew and Quinn did too. "How far along?"

"Just six weeks, we just found out." Katie smiled. I was so happy for them both.

"Second is..we're thinking it would be better if we moved here, instead of moving to our house." Glen said slowly. "It would be easier on Katie with the horses and you could bring Storm, he'd had more room. Plus you guys wouldn't be alone at the house every night while I'm on vet duty."

"Okay." I shrugged.

"Okay? That's it?" Glen asked chuckling. "I expected more from you. A bigger reaction."

"Well it's not like we're moving very far. We're moving ten minutes away from where we were. Plus you're right it will be easier on Katie—and me with riding—and Storm will have more space."

"See I told you she would be fine." Katie poked Glen's arm.

"Well I guess it helps she'll be closer to Quinn too." Glen chuckled at us.

"I didn't think of that but yes, we're in very close riding distance or each other." I smiled at Quinn.

"And I will be moving to one of the apartments we have here on site." Drew spoke up.

"Dad, you don't have to." Katie said.

"You're a grown woman now Katie, you're getting married, having a child. You need the house more than I do. Plus it'll be less rooms to clean." Drew winked.

We talked a bit more about the baby and what Glen would be doing with the house of his. "Well I have a couple people interested in renting it some maybe that or maybe I'll just let it sit for awhile." Glen said.

When dinner was over, I rode home with Quinn to pick up Storm. Since it was only five, we were still going to ride. Storm loaded fine on the trailer and we went to Three Ponies Ranch.

When we showed up, Sam and Jake were waiting with their horses and Chip tacked up. I unloaded Storm and tied him to a hitching post. Quinn was giving me a saddle to borrow since Dream's saddle didn't fit Storm. I bit my lip thinking of Dream, who no one had seen since she disappeared but I quickly shook those thoughts away.

I tacked Storm up and put a hackamore(bitless bridle) on him. I was waiting to use a bit on him. Soon as I was tacked up I mounted him and Sam lead the way to the pasture.

Storm did fine next to Chip who was curious about his new riding buddy. Chip stopped to touch noses with Storm and I bit my lip, nervous of what they would do. But Storm just nudged his shoulder and on they went.

The trail ride was pretty much perfect. Storm didn't spook but once at something in the distance. On the way back towards the barn, we let the horses run and let me tell you, running on Storm was the most exhilarating, exciting thing to ever happen. He was so fast! He beat all the other horses back to the gate, only stopping when I asked him too and he was still excited, prancing, bending his neck and tossing his head.

Obviously he loved to run. I untacked Storm and walked him along with Ace and Sam. "He's such a beauty, can you imagine the babies he would make?" Sam sighed dreamily.

"I know, I think about that all the time. I think about possibly bringing it up to maybe Jake or Katie to breed him, I'd definitely be interested in breeding him." I agreed.

"Maybe when Tempest is older, she can have his baby." Sam laughed.

"That will be a long time, considering she's not even a year yet."

"True." Jake called Sam then to give her and Ace a ride home and I waved goodbye to both of them. I put Storm in the corral with Chip, who seemed to be his new best friend, and went up to the Ely house with Quinn.

Inside Maxine greeted me with a hug and a piece of pie. I ate it and it was so good, I loved Maxine's pies. Apparently so did the men because there was none left within minutes.

I watched as the boys teased one another, as Luke kissed Maxine's cheek when he thought none of us were looking. It was just so cute! I smiled over at Quinn quickly and pecked him on the cheek.

"Ew, I'm trying to eat here." Nate joked.

"Don't look." I suggested, shrugging.

Everyone laughed at that and I enjoyed being here. A part of this huge family, I had been an only child and with Glen gone so much, it was nice to have all these people around. I was really glad we were going to Katie's so I would have someone to be with when Glen wasn't there. I would have a family again.


Friday, October 1st four pm(OMG! IT'S HERE! lol BTW I don't remember if I ever gave Quinn an age so I think I had him being 16 , so now he's 17 if i'm wrong correct me please!)

This week has flown by much to my happiness. Last night we had celebrated Quinn and Jake's birthday(although today was technically Jake's birthday but we had a party for him last night along with Quinn) and it had been fun. I looked over at Quinn as we drove to the store to get some food and drinks for the weekend and to get the cabin's keys off Nick, the only one who knew what was really happening but had swore not to tell.

I had called Pepper to cancel saying I needed to stay behind to work with a client of Katie's and Pepper said he was sorry we couldn't make it but it was okay. But Quinn's parents and Glen still thought we were going with them and we were taking Storm and Chip to the cabin with us.

"Are you nervous?" I asked, not looking at Quinn anymore. I fidgeted with my hands while waiting for him to answer.

I felt Quinn looking at me. "Belle if you don't want to have sex we don't have to, we can just enjoy the weekend being alone."

I shook my head. "No I want to. I'm just kind of nervous, ya know.."

Quinn squeezed my hand and I finally looked at him. "I know babe." Quinn kissed me quickly on the lips and pulled into Phil's parking lot.

We got out of the truck and went into Phil's, where Nick was working. "Hey lovebirds." Nick winked at us as we walked in.

"Hey Nick." I smiled at him then I went off find sodas and chips while Quinn talked to Nick. I grabbed three twelve packs of soda, mountain dew, pepsi and another mountain dew. Quinn and I loved Mountain Dew. I grabbed some chips I knew Quinn and I both liked, a pack of hamburgers and hot dogs, a bag of frozen fries, some paper plates and cups and then made my way to the register.

"Damn you really went shopping." Nick commented as I sat the items on the counter.

"Shut up." I blushed. "I also need a bag of horse feed."

Nick rang me up and Quinn insisted to pay. Finally after arguing with him for five minutes, I let him pay. I kissed his cheek as he took the things out to the truck. Nick handed me the cabin keys. "Place should be clean, it's fenced in just like Glen's house so the horses will be okay and it has trees along the fence so they'll have shelter. Just remember to lock up when you leave."

I nodded. "Thanks again Nick for doing this for us." I gave Nick a hug.

"You guys are my best friends, no problem." I left and got in Quinn's truck where he was waiting.

"I'm just gonna stop by the house and get the trailer and Chip then we'll get Storm and your bag, then we're on our way." Quinn smiled at me. We were already on the way to Three Ponies Ranch.

Chip was no problem loading as usual and we gave his parents hug. "Be good for Pepper and Ross this weekend." Maxine told us both.

"We always are." I laughed.

When we stopped by Glen's, no one was home but Glen had left me a note telling me to have fun and that Katie had taken the dogs for the weekend and that he would be over there since he was off all weekend. I grabbed my duffle bag, making sure the condoms were in there, and threw it in Quinn's truck.

Storm didn't have any problems loading, especially with his buddy Chip on there. We were on our way to Reno now, Quinn kept me talking the whole time. About school, Storm progressing, working with Katie, anything. I think he knew I was still nervous and trying to take my mind off things. It was sweet.

An hour later, we pulled into a long driveway. A few minutes later after going up the driveway we saw the cabin, it was very pretty and big with a big porch. I saw the fencing in the back of the house and all the trees, the horses would definitely be fine.

We parked and unloaded the horses, putting them in the back yard and threw out some hay and gave them their grain for the night. After making sure they had water we went up to the house and unloaded all the stuff from the truck.

I went down the hallway to the bedrooms while Quinn was pulling stuff out for dinner. I opened the guest room door and the bed was unmade so I found some sheets and made the bed up until Quinn came and found me.

"Look at you, little miss housewife." Quinn chuckled and gently kissed my check. I bit my lip, thinking about tonight. I wanted him so bad but yet I was so nervous.

"Let's go get some dinner." I suggested. Quinn talked to me while I cooked us a couple of hamburgers and fries. Quinn excused himself for a minute to the dining room and I finished up dinner. As I brought the food out to the dining room, I stopped in my tracks. Quinn had put two candles in the middle of the table, lit them and dimmed the lights.

I smiled as he came up from behind me. "Like it?"

"It's very romantic." I complimented him. He took the food from me and sat it on the table and held out a chair for me. I smiled and sat down and he grabbed us some sodas before sitting down beside me.

We talked for a little bit about school, his games coming up, potential cars for me, about me moving to Katie's. After we finished dinner, he helped me with the dishes which didn't take more than a few minutes.

"You know, this kind of reminds me of a couple living together." I smiled at him.

"Same here, I could see us every night having dinner together, doing the dishes together. Sitting together and watching tv, going to bed with each other, waking up next to you every morning. Sounds like my kind of a perfect life."

I turned around and kissed him gently on the lips. "Only a few more years and that could be possible."

"It sounds so long." He slid his hand along my face.

"I know but we still have to finish school and then we could probably have our own place after we finish school." I told him, running my hands down his chest.

"I think you should go check on the horses really quick. Then hurry back inside." Quinn said. I looked up into his eyes and saw the same thing I was feeling; desire.

"Okay." I whispered. I slid out from his arms and went outside to check the horses. I filled up their water buckets, threw out some more hay and gave them both kisses goodnight. As I came back in the house, I looked for Quinn, he wasn't in the kitchen or living room.

"Quinn?" I called out. That's when I noticed the rose petals at my feet, smiling I took off my shoes and socks and followed the trail of rose petals to the bedroom. When I opened the bedroom door, there will little candles lit everywhere.

I felt Quinn's hands on my waist and I turned to face him. "What's all this?" I asked with a happy smile.

"I wanted to make our first time romantic. I wanted you to enjoy it." Quinn told me with a smile.

"It's definitely romantic. Who knew you could be such a romantic guy?" I kissed him and he grabbed me, pulling me against his body. I wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss, Quinn picked me and laid me down on the bed.

(I'm not going to put their sex scene in the story just because I know some of you don't like that, but for the people who want to read it, I will do a one shot if you're interested. They will do a little bit of kissing, etc in this chapter/scene but there won't be a sex scene in here!) ***Going to go rated T here, not M, but T. (They're just making out, taking off clothes, no sex)

Quinn kissed my neck and went down, gently kissing my collarbone. Quinn gently pulled at my shirt and he pulled it, I frantically reached for his and pulled his off. I ran my hands all over his chest and sighed contentedly as he kept kissing my neck.

I've never wanted him more than I did now. I wanted this moment to happen right now. I tugged at his jeans and he got the hint pulling them down, I yanked my off and wrapped my legs around him.

We kept going like this for awhile. Quinn stopped to grab the condom and looked at me. "You're ready?" I nodded and then he kissed me fast.


Saturday October 2nd, nine am Belle POV

I woke up and stretched with a groan. I looked over and Quinn was smiling at me. "Morning beautiful."

"Morning." I kissed him on his lips, then pulled away.

We were both silent for a moment, but it wasn't awkward, more of a blissful silence. I blushed thinking about last night, it had certainly gone well.

"You know, you're quite the seductive girl when you want to be." I blushed even more at his words.

"I don't know what you mean." I giggled.

"Oh I don't know, you waking me up at about two am, telling me you want me again, that you have to have me." Quinn grinned.

I bit my lip. So it hadn't only been once last night, more like three times. "I couldn't help it. It was so amazing last night, I wanted more of you, is that a bad thing?"

"No, not at all. I loved it." Quinn kissed my cheek and pulled me close to him. "And then of course when we woke up at five, I was the seductive one."

"Yes you were." I giggled again.

"Are you happy that we made love last night? All three times?" Quinn looked at me seriously.

"Yes, I don't know how it was for you but it was absolutely amazing for me." I paused. "I think it also made us closer in a way, another step in our relationship."

"Oh trust me it was just as amazing for me. I just wanted to make sure you didn't regret it at all." Quinn stroked my cheek.

"How could I regret giving myself to you? When I know you're the one I want forever, the one I want my virginity to. It was everything I could of dreamed of and more." I kissed him for a few seconds on the lips.

"I feel the same." Quinn deepened the kiss and pulled me on top on him. I moaned his name as he kissed me.

"We've really got to stop." I laughed breathlessly as we laid in the bed next to each other after making love for the fourth time.

"I can't help it. I just want you so much." Quinn grinned over at me.

"Let's get in the shower then maybe we can go for a ride?" I suggested. Quinn nodded and got up with me to get in the shower. He followed me into the steaming water and we had our first shower together.

I washed him off and he did the same. I winced when he washed me down there. "You okay?"

I smiled. "Yeah, just a little sore."

He leaned in and gently kissed me. "We should stop for awhile until you're not sore anymore. I don't want you to hurt."

I nodded my agreement. We both washed off and got out of the shower. I dressed in jeans and a t-shirt since it was warm outside and he put on some jeans and shirt.

We saddled the horses up outside and Quinn pointed out a nice short trail for us to go on. We held hands as we rode until Storm got a little excited and I had to use both hands. I looked over at Quinn as he looked ahead and felt overwhelming love for him, he was all I ever needed, all I wanted. Quinn looked over and gave me a grin and I grinned back. I was being honest when I told him I felt closer to him, we had given each other everything last night. We shared every part of us last night.

We rode for a little longer before we turned around. Back at the cabin, I untacked the horses and fed them while Quinn made us sandwiches. We ate them out on the deck, watching the horses and cuddling.

"I love you." I told him as I snuggled into him closer.

"I love you too." Quinn kissed my forehead.

We went in the cabin and watched a few movies on the TV while cuddled up on the couch together, not knowing our little secret was just about to come out...


Glen POV- same day four pm

I stopped by Riverbend to look at Tempest for Sam. Jen came along with me and I was talking to Luke and Wyatt when Pepper and Ross pulled into Riverbend.

"Hey what are you guys doing here?" I asked as they walked over to us.

"The rodeo was canceled didn't you know?" Pepper said as he came up next to me.

"What do you mean canceled? Belle and Quinn went with you, they left last night." I said, worried.

Pepper shook his head. "Belle called me yesterday to tell me she was staying behind with Storm, that there was a problem."

My stomach sank and I looked over at Luke. "Did Quinn say anything?"

Luke looked angry. "No, just that they were going to leave around four to go with Pepper and Ross."

Pepper seemed to be awkward now. "Glen, I'm sorry. I didn't know that she was still saying she was going with us, I guess I should of called you."

I shook my head and grabbed my phone. "Excuse me for a moment." I walked over to my truck.

I dialed Belle's number. Her phone rang, rang and rang but no answer. I left her a voicemail, telling her to call me as soon as she got this and she was in big trouble.

I walked back over and looked at Jen, Sam and Jake who were standing there. "Did the three of you know anything about this?"

They all shook their heads. "Dr. Scott, we were under the impression they were going with Pepper and Ross." Sam spoke up.

"Where were y'all supposed to go this weekend?" Luke asked.

"Up to Nick's dad's cabin up in Reno. It was going to be for Jake, Quinn and Belle's birthday." Jen answered, looking nervous.

"Guess we should go talk to Rob then." Luke said to me. "I'll meet you at your house, I'm gonna go get Maxine."

I nodded, keeping my anger in. "Sam, just keep doing what you're doing with Tempest and she'll be fine."

Sam nodded but nobody spoke up.

I left and met Luke and Maxine at my house. We all walked over to Rob's and I knocked on their door. Nick answered and after he took in our expressions asked if we were okay.

"We need to speak to your dad and you and Chloe." I answered him as he let us inside.

Rob came out of the kitchen into the living room. "Hey guys, what are you doing here?"

"Belle and Quinn seem to be, well, not missing but we don't know where they are." Maxine replied.

"Oh I have an idea." I answered hotly.

Rob frowned. "What's your idea Glen?"

"You know that the kids were supposed to go up to your cabin, all the kids for their birthday. Well I think they went to your cabin." I told him.

"That's impossible. Only I have the keys and the cabin is locked up." Rob walked over to his desk and we followed. I watched him open the drawer and look for his keys. He couldn't find them. "Nick! Chloe! Come out here!"

Chloe and Nick came out. Chloe looked confused, Nick looked guilty. "What's up dad?" Chloe asked.

"Did either of you get into my desk and give Belle and Quinn keys to the cabin?" Rob asked them both.

"I didn't." Chloe answered honestly.

"Nick?" Rob looked at his son.

"I'm sorry Dad." Nick looked down.

I sighed. "You gave them keys to the cabin Nick? To go up there all alone?"

Nick still wouldn't look up. "They asked me to because they still wanted to go. They wanted to spend their birthdays together."

My cell phone rang and it was Katie. "Did you find them?" Katie asked. I had texted her to ask her if she knew anything about this.

"They went up to Rob's cabin in Reno. Alone." I told her as I walked into the kitchen for privacy.

"Oh." Katie seemed to sound worried.

"I'm sure they're fine, just being stupid." I told her.

"Well..." Katie hesitated.

"What is it Katie?"

"About a month ago, Belle asked me to get her on birth control." Katie blurted out. "I didn't think anything of it at the time 'cause she assured me they weren't going to have sex, she just wanted to be prepared if it ever happened."

My heart froze. Oh no, no ,no, no, no. "Shit." I muttered under my breath. That's why they wanted to go to the cabin so bad, to be alone. How could I have fallen for it?


Belle POV-nighttime

I changed into my Pjs as Quinn laid in bed. "You know, you don't have to put your Pjs on. You could always sleep naked." Quinn commented from the bed. I laughed and got in bed beside him. He was just in his boxers.

"Yeah and then we would be tempted to have sex again." I kissed him on his cheek and cuddled into his arms.

"You're right, I guess." Quinn trailed his fingers down from my shoulder to my waist. "Can we at least maybe have sex once more before we leave tomorrow?"

"Yes." I smiled up at him. "Since it's my birthday and all tomorrow."

Quinn smiled back. "Yes, you'll be sixteen. Sweet Sixteen."

I didn't answer, just laid my head on his chest tiredly. Quinn turned out the light and we fell asleep together.


October 3rd, eight am.

"Wake up sleeping beauty." I felt Quinn kissing my face and neck. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him.

"Good morning." I whispered as I opened my eyes.

"Good morning and happy birthday, my love." Quinn kissed me. "I brought you breakfast in bed."

Quinn had made me some toast and eggs. "I know it's not much but it's all we had."

"It's perfect." I told him as I bit into my toast.

After breakfast, Quinn fed the horses and I started packing things up for us to leave. It made me sad to leave but we had to unfortunately.

We sat and watched another movie for awhile but we couldn't stop kissing and touching each other. We ended up in the bedroom one more time.

As we cuddled in bed, Quinn pulled something out of the nightstand. "I got you a birthday present."

I was speechless as he handed me the little black box. "Quinn..."

"Open it."

I opened the box and there was a beautiful ring inside. I gasped. It was a beautiful sterling silver, it was two hearts entwined together(one upside down and one right side up) with our names on it and our birthstones. His was Sapphire and mine was Rose.

"Do you like it? It's not an engagement ring, but a promise ring." Quinn seemed nervous.

"I love it!" I kissed him deeply. "What promises does it hold?" I asked with a teasing smile.

"That I'll love you forever, that I'll never leave you, never hurt you, I promise to always be there when you need me. No matter what. That's my promise to you." We kissed again.

"This is way better than what I got you." I smiled.

"You got me a brand new saddle, I think that's way awesome." Quinn protested. Quinn gently slipped the ring onto my left hand, on my ring finger and we just laid there for awhile.

I didn't want this weekend to end. It had been so perfect. Nothing could make me forget this weekend, it would always been burned into my mind. We had taken a big step in our relationship and it was amazing. I couldn't see how it could get better than this and nothing could bring me down. Nothing.


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