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The air was damp and cool that night. Darkness cloaked the wood, the moon hidden by the mangroves' branches.

Struggling, a lone figure stumbled along. Their leg was immobile, arms scarred and bleeding, and face caked with mud. The figure kept looking up, hoping for light to claim this dark forest.

Finally, a dim but sure yellow starting chasing the stars away. A splendid sun peeked from the horizon.

Putting their arms up, the figures injured hands turned to wings.

Letting out a 'caw', the newly formed bird escaped the mysterious wood, her fortune following close behind.



by vivacity-qualm


Chapter One: Feather


Konoha was always its most beautiful in the morning. The sun worked tirelessly to create a warm glow to the modest village, making the brightly colored homes and stores that more bright and lovely.

Birds sang their daybreak songs with a extra vigor that day.

Casement windows were opened, doors unbarred.

People of all varieties came out of their cozy homes, shivering in the sweet morning air. Storekeepers began to open their doors, men and women went to their respective workplaces.

All of the daily dawn activities was observed by a lone raven with injured wings and a broken leg, looking for someplace to rest.

"Just a little farther..."

The raven gained more adrenaline and flew more steadily. That adrenaline slowly tittered away, however, and the raven found it harder and harder to fly.

"I can't take...anymore..."

The raven closed its eyes, awaiting oblivion. It fell down to the earth, to a training field where one young energetic ninja was doing his exercises.


"Gonna train hard, so I can be the next Hokage!" With that exclamation Naruto Uzumaki created three Shadow Clones, and began a spar with them. His team was off today, but instead of resting he decided to train and hone his skills as a ninja.

Landing a roundhouse kick to two of the Clones, he noticed something small and dark fall from the sky and land in a bush. Curious, the young blue-eyed genin made his way over to the bush to take a look.

A raven lay there, eyes barely open. A big gash was on her left wing, and a laceration seemed to cover her entire back. Her right leg was twisted abnormally, so he guessed it was broken. What really struck him was the fact that the little bird was shivering and looking at him almost warily with her lidded eyes, almost non trusting.

"Don't worry, little bird. I won't hurt you." Naruto took the bird gently in his hand, while the raven struggled (to no avail) out of his soft grip.

"I'll fix you up now, bird-chan. Don't fret." With that the orange-clad ninja went to his home with his new found friend.


The raven's body was now covered in gauze, and a bandage placed on the nasty gash on her wing. Her leg was braced with a small piece of wood, and was wrapped with gauze.

She was now observing the boy she now knew as Uzumaki Naruto, slurping ramen like a vacuum. He seemed very...cheerful, at least when it came to eating noodles. His apartment was not very large, and she was currently laying on the boy's folded futon.

Naruto noticed the bird's glances. "Ne, bird-chan, want some ramen?"

Birds don't eat ramen...but, hey. I'm not even a bird really.

The raven nodded once, and Naruto held out one noodle. She ate it, and almost choked. Too salty.

"I'm sorry, bird-chan! I'll get you some nice worms instead if you don't like ramen."

Worms? Please!

The raven looked at Naruto with a clearly disapproving glare.

"Ok...seeds, maybe? Some sunflower seeds, bird-chan?"

That's better...

'Bird-chan' nodded once, and Naruto went out the door to get some. She rolled on her side to the large window, and looked out at Naruto arguing with a stand owner about prices.

Naruto Uzumaki...


Nightfall was coming. 'Bird-chan' hoped that Naruto would sleep soon.

The blonde yawned. "Well, good night bird-chan! Sweet dreams...about bird things, I guess!" He placed the raven on a pillow opposite him and unrolled his futon.

Putting on his pajamas and hippo sleeping cap, he went under he covers and closed his eyes.

'Bird-chan' peered into the boy's face until she was satisfied that he was asleep. At that moment the sky was dark and clear, and the moon shone through a lone cloud.

The raven's arms slowly transformed into arms, her left covered with gauze.

Her talons turned into legs, though one was still broken and braced.

Her body turned into that of a mature woman, and her feathers formed a dress that ended mid thigh and had feather straps.

Limping toward the window, Suzu (or bird-chan) looked out to the lone clouds covering the lone moon.