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The seventh chapter of my Naruto© fan fiction, Ladybird. Read and review, my duckies.


Chapter Seven : Talon


"Suzu-chan!" Naruto said, wriggling in her grip.

"Hey, Naruto. How was your day?"

"My DAY?! You're asking about my day?! Besides the fact that a freaky eyebrowless freak tried to KILL ME, yeah, my day was just PEACHY!"

"...well, you didn't need to snap."

"GAH!" he exclaimed, jumping away from her. He then looked to his shaken and very confused teammates.

"So...," he started, a sweatdrop forming. "You met Suzu, right?"

"Suzu?" Sakura said. Sasuke just looked at the woman before him.

"Ya know..." he said nervously now. "Bird-chan..."


Zabuza was getting pissed at the clamor of the genin at their teammate, and the woman who managed to evade his attack.

"Enough!" Zabuza said, handling his zanbatou once more.

"Your not going to try and hurt me with that, right?" Suzu said, smiling pleasantly.

"Oh that's exactly what I'm going to do." With that he jumped and made a slash to where Suzu was standing.

Suzu grabbed the branch of a tree behind her and swung her body to the other side, dodging the attack.

Sasuke and Sakura finished their berating of Naruto to watch Suzu.

"Suzu-chan!" Naruto said, worried.

She gave a thumbs-up in reply, and mouthed the word 'plan'. Suzu then focused her attention on the rouge ninja before her.

"That was not very nice, you know." She said to Zabuza, wriggling her finger like a mother would to her child.

"Being nice isn't really part of my profession." Zabuza growled. What is with this woman?

He threw a couple of kunai, and she dodged them yet again, though one managed to graze her shoulder.

Cursing, she ripped a few feathers from her frock, and aimed them at the feet of the Mist nin. None of the strange feathers turned projectiles hit him, but after a few seconds detonated and sent Zabuza flying.

"If you try to hurt the kids, you'll have to get to me first." She said, watching as the ninja got back on his feet.

"Your not that much of a weakling, after all." he said, cracking his knuckles. She smile she gave him could send shivers down any man's spine.

"I try." Thus started the game of cat and mouse, though whether Suzu was the mouse was up to question.


Watching as Suzu threw more of her unique feather weapons at the Mist nin, Naruto and his team huddled together in a group.

"Ok guys, I know I have been keeping some stuff from you--"

"Damn right, Naruto!"

"--erm, yeah, but you need to stop and think about the matter at hand, getting Kakashi-sensei out of that water death trap."

"Wow dobe, I didn't think that that you were capable of thinking smartly."

"Thank yo—hey, what was that supposed to mean, teme?"

"Naruto! Focus!"

"I'm trying, Sakura-chan, but Sasuke is being an ass and--"

"Shut it!"

"So, anyway, I have a plan." Naruto finally said, a serious expression on his face. Sasuke gave him a look.

"You thinking what I'm thinking, dobe."

"Yeah, teme. Sakura-chan, watch Tazuna."

"But...alright then." Inner Sakura was rampaging. /How did they make up a plan, telepathy?! CHA!/

I'm always left out.


Suzu leaned on the trunk of the tree, breathing erratic.

"Ninja...sure have some stamina..." she said hoarsely. Her job as decoy was wearing her out, and Zabuza knew it.

"Well, onna. Getting tired?" Zabuza asked, hand flexing on the butt of his sword.

"Nope." Suzu lied, stretching. "Just warming up."

"Right." He said, swinging his sword once more. Instead of showing off her impressive acrobatics like before, Suzu sidestepped and barely avoided the full brink of the attack. She was bleeding profusely, and only her arm was holding her up on the forest floor.

"This is the end for you." He said, ready to make his final move.

"No way in hell." she replied before taking in a big breath of air and releasing in a fantastic blast of sound.

The deafening caw that she let out seemed to shake everything around her, animals and birds fleeing. Zabuza hissed and help his hands to his ears, the sound too much for him. She continued this for a full minute, affecting anyone within a five mile radius.

After the minute, she closed her eyes and slumped over. I can't take it...Naruto, hurry up!


Naruto heard the loud caw loud and clear. Suzu-chan!

He saw Zabuza coming out of the bush, cleaning out his ear with one hand and holding the limp form of Suzu in the other. Throwing Suzu into the trunk of a tree like one would do the trash, he flexed his muscles.

"She has one hell of a voice..."

"Suzu-chan! What did you do to her?!" Naruto said angrily, eyes briefly flashing to red.

"Who gives a shit about her? Question is, what am I going to do with you brats...I know. I'll kill you one by one, starting with you!" Zabuza charged towards Sasuke.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" 12 clones surrounded Zabuza, each with a kunai at the ready.

"Get 'em!" One of them said, and they all dog pile on Zabuza. Zabuza throws all of them off effortlessly.

Naruto, as he is being thrown back, zips a Fuuma shuriken at Sasuke. "Sasuke!" he cries out.

"Right!" he replies, catching the large weapon. "Kage Shuriken no Jutsu!" He throws the shuriken at Zabuza, who catches it.

However, another shuriken continues flying towards Zabuza's clone and Kakashi. Zabuza's clone gets hit, and Kakashi becomes free.


"Ugh...my head..." Suzu saids, slowly getting up and looking at her surroundings. Kakashi and Zabuza are currently engaged in a heated battle, and the copy ninja's Sharingan is exposed.

"What a creepy looking eye..." she muttered, catching the attention of Team Seven.

"Suzu-chan! Are you OK?!" Naruto said, looking Suzu over.

"...no. I'm not. My head hurts, my wounds are getting infected, and I'm starving as hell. Get me some food."

"Same old Suzu!" he said, giving her a hug.

"Stupid kid..." Suzu muttered, ruffling his hair. She looked up to see Sasuke, Sakura, and Tazuna staring at her.

"What? Is there something on my face?"

"So your that bird?" Sasuke asked bluntly.

"Yeah..." What a little snot.

"You practically gouged my eyes out!" Sakura screeched.

"Easy on the ears...and I'm not sorry for that." Bitch.

"Hmm..." Tazuna said, eying her appreciatively. "Not bad."

Suzu adjusted her chest. "Thanks." What a perv.

"The match is over." Sasuke said, looking at the still Kakashi and the body of Zabuza. Team Seven rushed over to where the barely standing Kakashi was.

Suzu looked at Zabuza. "Asswipe got what he deserved..." she whispered. "Though I can't help but think..."She saw a smaller figure jumped down, talk with Kakashi, then disappear with Zabuza's body. Who was that?

Suzu limped over to where the group was, and Kakashi looked at her.

"And who are you?" Suzu pointed to where his red string bookmark was, still tied to her ankle.

"The messenger." she replied. Kakashi nodded once, and keeled over.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura exclaimed. Sasuke and Naruto lifted him up, and Naruto helped Kakashi on Sasuke's back.

"I'll show you to my home. You are all welcome." Team Seven nodded and left with Tazuna, Naruto helping the limping Suzu to walk.


Blerg. This is my worst chapter left. A practically summarized the whole Naruto plan/Kakashi saved scene in three sentences :D. I need to start writing more...


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