Connect the Dots
Chapter 1: First Meeting
by QueenoftheSerpents

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J'onn still had no permanent residence after leaving the Watchtower almost a month ago. He stayed in motels when he could, but mostly spent his nights in alleys or parks. He felt grateful that his Martian physiology made it so he didn't have to eat as often as humans, as he would have a great deal of financial trouble if he had to buy food. And he was low on funds as it was.

This night, he found himself in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. Looking around, he had to admit to himself that it was quite nice and well taken care of. There were also plenty of benches for him to rest on. He finally decided on one that was partially hidden by surrounding foliage and settled down. Sleep not forthcoming, he pondered where he would go the next day. San Francisco was a nice city, from what he had heard on his way here. It had many people willing to lend a hand, and he could possibly find a small job to do before he left town.

Suddenly, his quiet thoughts were harshly interrupted. A very angry woman was yelling at someone; a man, he thought. Knowing that eavesdropping wasn't a good thing, he couldn't help but listen in. Well, it was hard not to, with the woman being so loud.

"Get lost, you asshole!"

"But, Rae..."


Then there was a loud SMACK, and a groan. Deciding that whatever this was was going to get out of hand if he didn't intervene, J'onn got up from his head and ran in the direction of the sound. He rounded the bush to see a man running off, clutching his head. Then, when the man was out of sight, he heard the sound of sobbing. Coming closer, he saw a young woman in a waitress outfit, kneeling on the ground with her head in her hands. Next to her was a good sized stick, which he assumed she had hit the man with. Not sure how to approach her, he cautiously took another step forward. "Miss?" he asked cautiously.

The woman grabbed the stick and whirled around, looking ready to kill. J'onn could now see that she had frizzy red hair, and wide blue eyes that were full of fright. He held up his hands. "Forgive me, Miss. I mean you no harm," he said.

The woman's eyes narrowed, but she didn't lower her stick. To show he truly intended no harm, J'onn backed up a step. He wasn't too sure what to do in this situation, but before he had a chance to decide, she asked him, "Who are you?"

"John Jones," he answered without a second thought.

She still looked unsure, but J'onn could tell that she was calming down. She dropped the stick, then folded her arms. "Did you want something?" she asked him curtly.

"I overheard the commotion," J'onn replied, "And I wanted to see if anyone was hurt." He paused, then continued, "Are you hurt, Miss?"

She sighed, then shook her head. "I'm fine," she answered, looking at the ground.

Now that her anger had burned off, she appeared much more vulnerable than she had at first. J'onn felt a pang of sympathy for her. Whatever she had gone through, it had had a major effect on her. "Are you sure?" he asked.

Another nod. J'onn didn't really believe her, but decided the smart thing to do would be to leave it at that. He looked in the direction that the man had run in. "What happened?" he asked.

The woman's eyes narrowed and her lips tightened in anger. J'onn briefly considered running, as he didn't want to reveal who he really was to anyone at the moment, but the moment passed quickly. She looked off in the same direction. "That man was my boss," she replied. "He decided that I owed him some...favors in exchange for asking for a day off next week." Her eyes became angry slits as she spoke. "I told him what he could do to himself, and I quit on the spot. He followed me all the way out here to get me to reconsider. I refused, and left him a few marks to remember me by."

J'onn was silent for a moment, absorbing her story. Frankly, he was surprised that she could hold her own in a fight. She was quite small – only coming up to his chest – and skinny, with no defined muscles that he could make out. But he decided that the smart thing to do was not to comment on that. He nodded at her. "I am sorry that you had to experience that." He said. He turned to leave. "Best of luck finding another job."

She looked up at him, and for the first time, a small smile appeared. "Thank you, John." She extended her hand before he could go, which he gently took. "I'm Rachel. Good luck with...whatever it is that you're trying to do right now," she told him before turning to leave herself.

J'onn watched her walk off until she was out of sight, then returned to his bench to get some rest.

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