'And I thought the ice cream cravings would drive me insane,' Kagome bemoaned, hand on her swelling stomach. 'But noooo, this is InuYasha's child. Of COURSE I'd begin to crave ramen…'

She felt the tears start to gather as she realized there would be no deliciously salty, starchy cup of noodles to quell this hunger; the treat InuYasha loved would not be invented and readily available in Japan for many, many decades. Along, of course, with everything else a young woman from the future would crave: brownies, a burger and French fries from WacDonald's… her mama's homemade oden!

Breathing deeply, she reminded herself that this was her decision. A world without conveniences and delicious meals was livable, if sometimes painful; a world without InuYasha was absolutely unthinkable.

The reminder didn't work. Kagome grumbled as the craving grew. Added to the hormones flowing through her system, she'd been beyond moody; irritable seemed to be her default setting lately. After her earlier outburst, she felt like a horrible person and wanted InuYasha to come back and tell her everything would be fine. She knew InuYasha felt guilty that she'd left everything from home behind, and she hadn't wanted him to learn just how much she'd started to miss her old life.

"I swear to all the Gods, InuYasha… I would purify your sorry behind for just a bite of ramen!" InuYasha had blinked in shock.

Then a smirk crawled across his face and he reached out to caress her belly. "Keh. Now I know we're gonna have a boy; no little girl of yours would want to live off ramen."

Kagome had not been amused. For what seemed like the hundredth time in what seemed like just as many days, she was craving foods she could not have, and it was going to drive her batty. Once InuYasha had pulled himself from the crater, he'd stalked toward the village silently.

She was settling down for a good cry when the mat at the door flew open and her husband walked in, carrying a large, steaming bowl. His eyes sparkled.

"You know, when you were gone… I tried to hide how much I missed you. I didn't think it was fair to whine about you being gone when you were with people who loved you. I couldn't be that selfish." He sat next to her and the smell of the dish he had brought made her stomach grumble noisily.

He grinned. "But I think Kaede-baba knew. One day, she made me this."

It was a bowl of noodles, steeped in chicken broth and herbs. She gaped, trying not to drool, and he handed over the bowl and chopsticks.

"I know it's not the real thing," he said as she dug in with gusto. "But it tastes pretty damn good. It's healthier, too."

As soon as the bowl was empty, Kagome flung herself at him and kissed him soundly. "I love you," she murmured against his lips. "But next time… can I have beef-flavored?"


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Word Count: 500 exactly

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