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Will looked around her in disbelief. Ok I'm on a cliff with a psychopath. The psycho's nothing new. Okay he's holding a human heart. Ok he's definitely a psycho and that can't be good for me.

"Kill her"

"No" Will screamed back "who are you?"

"Kill the girl"


"It's the only way to get in this circle and if you want to capture me you have to be able to enter"

"Who are you?"

The man simply raised his hand showing Will the heart he was holding he smirked evilly.

"Kill her and I'll answer all the questions you ask"

"No. I won't kill her"


"How do you know you don't want to kill her you haven't even looked at her, for all you know it could be a him"

Will span round to look at the prisoners, that were chained to the wall of the cliff, beside them. Only to see Cornelia who was barely conscious and her mother who had a huge hole in her chest.

Will fought the urge to sink to the ground and cry her mother was dead.

"You killed her." Will screamed in pure temper "her mother was dead.

"You killed her." Will screamed in pure temper "you killed my mother!"

"It was so I could get into this circle and be…"

"I don't care what you killed her for. I want to know why you chose her" Will interrupted "And then you expect me to fucking kill my best-friend!"

"I did not choose them"

"Then who did?"

"I cannot say"


"Because he will have my head"

"Tell me who HE is" Will ordered

"You think YOU can order ME around CHILD?"

"What makes YOU think I wouldn't try?"

"You have a point child"

Will smirks.

"To get rid of me child you have touch me with the heart of Candracar and to touch me with the heart of Candracar you need to sacrifice your friend"

"What are the rules of this? How is this played?"

"Once you have her heart you can enter the circle but never leave the edge of the circle there is a demon which has been trapped in the centre for thousands of years which will eat you alive"


"Who are you again?"

"Nice try"

"It's the only way to enter the circle?" Will quizzed


I think the man in the centre has had enough of these questions thought Will as the man raised up her mothers heart and started squeezing it as if he was trying to resuscitate her mother. Will heard a very loud heart-beat and it was getting louder and louder.

Will was in agonizing pain as the noise continued never missing a beat. Will decided she had enough of this torture and turned around so she was facing Cornelia. Will saw a knife in the grass at her feet. How long has that been there? Will reached down and picked up the knife.