Greetings, okay, this is my first MvA (Monsters Vs Aliens) fanfic, so don't flames on me! Of course, this is fanfic, and a little Bobxhis-jelly-girlfriend. Enjoy and I don't own the DreamWorks.

Summary: When Dr. C was ready to marry Susan. Q, everything was perfectly fine at first. However, they've got a call for an emergency mission from Monger before they were officially married. And in the meantime, Gallaxhar was back for his revenge! What will happen? Can they stop Gallaxar's evil plan before he did? Will Dr. Cockroach and Susan's wedding will be happily complete?


Wedding Crush

By Arceus. Conberma

Chapter 1: Wedding Day


Dr. Cockroach was in tiptop shape, wearing in tuxedo. 'Everything is perfectly set.' he thought and tided his tie in the mirror. In the mirror himself, he was in human form.

All because of his latest invention, a ring. He made two rings for him and Susan, to change them back into normal; they could manage to change back into their monster form anytime they wanted to.

Suddenly, a hard knock form his door. "Hey, Doc! Are you ready? We're gonna be late!!" cried an impatient voice behind the door, it was Link.

"Saying that we're late, Judie's starting to melting!" that was Bob, holding with his jello girlfirnd.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Dr. C replied, as he came out of his room.

Link patted his shoulder, "How do you feel?" he asked.


In a second, Link has given Dr. C a hard pat on his back, made him almost choked. "So how do you feel?" he repeated.

"G…Great." Dr. C replied, grunting.

"That's good! Butterflysaurus, we're going to have a ride to the wedding!" Link announced as Butterflysaurus roared in cheer, everyone has hopped on.

"We better hurry, I don't want to miss those ladies wait for me soooo late, thanks to this Doc." Link smirked.

"Quit showing off, not only you have the girl." Dr. C mocked.

Yes, today is a special day. A second chance for Susan to be a pride again, she and Dr. Cockroach were getting to marry today. They had been dating after they completed their mission in Paris. Since Dr. Cockroach cared, helped and saved her with his life, he started to feel something special to her, and so was Susan. Derek wasn't please to hear that his ex-girlfriend was dating with a cockroach, not to mention her parents were too. But after they both had showed and proved how deep they were in love, Susan's parents ad slowly soften as they only slightly gave their blessing.

During the flight, Dr. Cockroach conjured the day he made a proposal to Susan…



Dr. C just gave Susan a proposal two weeks ago during their mission, well actually it was after the mission, hence Dr. C's rings, no one would recognize their appearances so the reporters wouldn't disturb them…

"It's the good thing you made these rings, doctor." Susan commented, but slightly blushed when she saw the true face of Dr. C.

"I'm glad you like it, dear." He replied, grinning.

They were in Rome, the mystical land of Gods and Goddesses, and yet they were in a restaurant for a date. Susan spoke, "You now, I never thought that I have a chance to see your true face." She blurted out.

"Well, it's the only way for keeping us alone." Dr. C shyly replied.

Susan then noticed the facial reaction from him, "Is there something wrong, doctor?" she worriedly asked.

"Oh, no, no, it's just…" he took a deep breathe. "Do you know what's Cupid?" he then asked.

Although Susan had no idea what he was thinking about, but she answered to him anyway. "He's God of Love. That whoever couple got hit by his love-arrows, they will fall madly in love."

"You are correct, my love." Dr. C said with a smirk.

"Love?" he usually said 'dear', Susan knew.

Just then, a musical band came by their side and played a romantic melody. Susan was confused, but when she saw her boyfriend knelt in front of her, holding a diamond ring with an arrow crossed a heart, in a small box. That really made her blushing in more confused!

"Susan. Murphy. Ginormica, will you marry me?" Dr. C asked, devoting.

"What are you doing? There are people watching. Get up to your feet." She whispered.

"I will not stand up until you say 'yes'." He firmly said. "Susan, I promise I will give you happiness and loving care for the rest of your life." He vowed.

Susan didn't what o say, she was speechless and tears were burst out. Dr. C saw it in shocked, "What's wrong? Am I doing wrong?' he worriedly asked.

But he saw Susan shook her head, "No, I'm just don't know what to say…No, what I mean is…" she was stammered, finally she took a deep breathe, "Yes, I will." That was her answer.

That was all he wanted to hear, a simple answer that could fill his heart with endless happiness. He embraced her and spun her, joy for both of them. Even the crowd cheered for them.

--End of Flashback--


"Doc? Doc! Snap out of it!" Link shouted from Dr. C's ears.

"Easy there, Link, don't shout at my ears. Sensitive hearing. Not to mention it could maybe affect my brilliant brain." Dr. C ignored.

"Soon I will be married and live happily after with my true love." Bob said dreamily.

"That's me, Bob." Dr. C stated.

"Hey, we're here!" Link announced as Butterflysaurus roared to signal. Below them, it was a huge place where every monster from the Area 51 and the people who were invited into the wedding party. In the centre, there was a small white palace for the ceremony.

Dr. Cockroach grinned widely and couldn't wait to see how beautiful when Susan put on her wedding dress and the sacred vowing ceremony.


To be continued…