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"There was nothing but a brick wall…it was her he had chosen, not me." My take on what Rose was thinking when the Doctor jumped through the time window on the SS Madame DePompadour.

It was her he chose

I stared at the brick wall, motionless. The broken shards of the mirror were scattered on the metal floor, and the light that the ship gave out was reflected off them, casting gorgeous rainbows on the ceiling.

I didn't care.

'Where'd he go?!' I heard Mickey ask, uselessly pressing buttons and pulling levers.

'Gone.' I said softly. My vision blurred; I couldn't be bothered to wipe them away. All the time windows…gone. He wouldn't come back.

And he knew. He knew what would happen, and he still went.

'But…but…then he can't come back.' Mickey said absently, standing by my side, gripping his fire extinguisher tightly.

I couldn't help it; the tears came unbidden at the thought of never seeing him again.

He had left me, without any means of getting home.

To drift endlessly through space, five thousand years in my future.

He didn't care.

He had left me for her, without looking back once.

'Rose?' I heard Mickey faintly ask. 'Rose?'

It was like the ground had been snatched from underneath me, allowing me to freefall in a black abyss that had no net to catch me. The arms which once offered support and comfort had a new occupant, leaving me cold and alone. The brown, sparkling, old eyes that had once looked for me looked for now looked for someone else.

In time (He had a lot of it) he would forget I had even existed.

He'd left me…he had forgotten.

It was her he chose.

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