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'Oh, why am I doing this again?'

Naruto walked down the hall carrying a small bottle in a bit of a daze. He replayed the entire morning in his head, thinking how he got in his current situation. Now what was going on that was making his life difficult at the moment? Oh yeah. The most important day to the students, mainly the females, was coming up. Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day was the day that was made for only one guy: Uchiha Sasuke. Not that Naruto hated him. No, Sasuke was his best friend, as odd as it may seem. But it frustrated him every year to find the raven with all the attention of the girls and his locker always filled with gifts and letters about how all of them loved and adored him. Only once did Naruto get a Valentine's letter in his locker, but the handwriting was so messy and the person didn't sign it. So, it was either a very shy girl (which he thought was unlikely) or some guys playing a prank on him.

But that was old news for Naruto and he was over that (until he sees Sasuke's pile) but one thing still bugged him. Every year he would throw out the presents and cards and just carry on through the day as if nothing happened. Whenever Naruto would ask why, he would simply say:

"Because I'm waiting for that one person to give me that present that I can't refuse."

Whenever he said that, Naruto would give him a confused look and he would continue with:

"You'll understand....eventually. Or at least I pray you do, Dobe."

Oh, how the Guessing Game killed Naruto. Was he talking in that general term as if to say "The One" as for that person he hopes to meet in the future? The blonde could have sworn that he already had someone in mind, but whom? Was it someone he knew? God, he would always hate not having Shikamaru's brainpower at times like these.

But that's not the point. The point is what he was doing now. The bottle was for Sasuke, and the present itself was from Sakura. Every year, a week before Valentine's, the girls would always try to bribe the boys, er, I mean Sasuke since he's the only one who gets the attention, with other presents and on that day, they would hand him the card and chocolate and hope he would accept it. To their dismay, he would always turn the girls down, so they would only try harder.

That morning, when both boys made their way to school, the Uchiha opened his locker to find the usual stack of confessional letters of girls. He only gave a sigh and threw them out before getting his books and waited for Naruto who only gave a sheepish grin. They knew that these were only the small fry and the more aggressive girls would soon make their move. And sure enough, Persistent #1 showed up: Ino.

"Good morning, Sasuke-kun!~" she said with a huge smile on her face.

She gave a quick glare to the other blonde signaling him to vanish, but he only stood waiting for the usual routine: Confess, ask, turn down, move on. Even though this always happened, the girls never seemed to get the hint.

"You know Valentine's Day is coming up, right?"

She wiggled a bit and squeezed her arms together, a way for her to press her chest and extend her breast out more. Just a way to show her sex appeal, which sickened Naruto a bit. He wasn't sure if it was why she was doing it, or for whom she was doing it for. Anyway, Sasuke didn't give her a nod or any noise, but a blank stare to continue, which she gladly did.

"Well....I wanted to let you know that I love you, have loved you, and always will..." No response. "And so I wanted to give you~...this!"

She reached around the corner to pull out a large Uchiha symbol (the symbol of his family from older times) made of red and white roses. Because her family owned the floral shop, she was very skilled and wise when it came to flowers, so it was no surprise when she gave a present to him that was made of flowers. Again. For the fifth year in a row. The blonde girl beamed at him and awaited his response. Sasuke gave a long sigh as the whole thing started.

"Ino, I can see you put a lot of work into this and I'm really flattered. But what am I suppose to do with this? I can't keep it at school."

"But...but I made it just for you. I spent weeks growing the roses and making this..."

"And I said I appreciate it, but I can't keep it here. I can't take it home either because I walk home. It's very nice, Ino, really it is, but I just can't accept this. I'm sorry."

And with that, it was done. But none of the girls ever gave up during the pre-Valentine's Day period. Hell, they just never give up. So Ino only showed a moment of disappointment, but quickly replaced it with a smile.

"Alright Sasuke-kun. I understand. But I just wanted to let you have this."

Ino quickly took her present around the corner and disappeared from sight. There goes one, and two more to go. So their day strolled on by as any other day until the break came. At that time came Persistent #2: Karin.


And there she was in all of her know-it-all superior glory. She was pretty smart, right under Sakura who was under Sasuke who was under Shikamaru (test wise. He didn't care for homework) in our class. She also made her way to student council, vice-president of the class actually, so she was able to spend just a little bit more time with Sasuke, who was president of course, than most other girls. Everyone knew that she fell for Sasuke, even Naruto, but she always tried to play it cool and not look too desperate or needy for him. But everyone could see her trying and- Oh! Would you look at that! She even stuffed her bra this week, just to impress him. It was so pathetic it even made Naruto sick to his stomach.

"I just wanted to let you know about the council's meetings and topics for this week," she said while handing him a folder.

"Hn. Thanks."

"I just hope," she pushed her glasses up in her superior manner, "that all these distractions this week won't bother you for your council duties. Not that it could! I mean, it iis/i annoying after a while, but I'm sure someone like iyou/i wouldn't be phased."

'For the love of God!' Naruto thought. 'Kill me now!'

"But you know..." She leaned down close enough to the raven and whispered in a sexy voice, or at least her poor attempt.

"These girls are just a pain, you know? You really should just find a way to make it stop once and for all, like some kind of good excuse. Like you already have a girlfriend or something like that. Not that I would want to, but I could help you out with that-"


Sasuke finally looked up from the papers and gave her a blank stare much like to the other bothersome girl from earlier. Actually, it had a hint of annoyance in it.

"I really wish you would stop doing that. I would rather you just come out and confess to me than to just beat around the bush, got it?"

Her face grew just about as red as her hair. Once her brain started to work again, she pulled herself up and pushed her glasses up with her most loud and annoying laugh that even made Naruto want to punch a small child.

"Oh Sasuke-kun! What are you talking about! Ha ha! That's flattering, but I'm sure that won't happen! But I'll be sure to keep that in mind! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

And with that, she spun around and held her head high and made her way out with the utmost grace and that ear-shattering laughter following close behind. Once her shrieking wasn't heard anymore, Naruto spun around and gave the raven a really annoyed look.

"You do realize she only got the wrong idea from that and she'll just be back again, right?"

"Hn. She's always hanging around me even when I politely tell her to 'get lost'. How's this going to be any different?"

The blonde shrugged and went on with reading his manga. Sadly, it was only the beginning of the week, so the girls didn't try for just one day. Oh no. Four more days of this repetitive crap left. As for the girls, two down, one to go. And to Naruto's opinion, the last was the scariest. Sure, they were all scary, but with her, he thought his life would be in danger if he stood in her way.

Persistent #3: Sakura. She did have some cuteness and feminine charm in her, but she was as tough as one of the guys, even said to be rival to Tenten's personality. It was so quick to tick her off, so most of the guys tried their best to stay clear of her. Naruto, however, always found a trip to the infirmary courtesy of the pink-haired girl herself. What was even more intimidating and annoying of her was the fact that Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were very close in middle school, even when she still had a crush on him. So compared to everyone else, she always had the upper hand when it came to the young Uchiha, and the blonde had plenty of bruises from the older days to prove their closeness.

So when the lunch break rolled around, the blonde made a quick trip to the principal's office thanks to a prank involving a tube, a rubber chicken, guacamole, and Gai's desk (don't ask). Once he was done with that, he made a sprint for the cafeteria until a nice tug on his collar made him come to a complete stop. He turned his head around to see the sweet but scary Sakura standing over him with a suspicious smile on her face.

"Hi Naruto."

"Oh. Hi Sakura-chan."

"So Naruto, can I ask you something?"

He got up from the floor and dusted himself off.

"Is it a confession?"

"No way! Why the heck would I do something like that?!"

"I get it. I get it. It was just a joke you know. So what is it?"

She pulled from behind her a small bottle with a pink-colored liquid floating inside of it.

"I want you to give this to Sasuke-kun. And make sure he drinks it."

"Okay...but what is it?"

"It's not really any of your business, but it's a love potion. A special one made by me."


Sakura slapped her hand over the blonde's mouth and pulled him around the corner.

"Yes, it's a love potion!" she hissed. "Not so loud! I don't want the entire school to know!"

She pulled her hand away and wiped it on her skirt.

'I'm not that dirty...' he thought.

"Just take this and give it to Sasuke-kun. I'll be following close behind. Just give him the potion, make sure he drinks it, then just go away. Understand?"

Naruto looked at the bottle with a bit of confusion. The pink girl's gentle expression turned to a violent one, complimented with her raising her arm and pulling her sleeve back.

"Got it?!"

And so, Naruto was heading to the cafeteria with a bottle of potion. He had always been the middle man for girls to deliver presents and letters to Sasuke, so this wasn't any different. But what made him a bit angry was what Sakura was doing, and to whom. And he couldn't quite put his finger on it, but things were only going to get from bad to worse...