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Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay, but I now give you the official final and smutty chapyer to A Sticky Valentine! THIS is the smut you all had been waiting for, and I would know. Some of you ave actually been threatening me about it. *laughs* So! Because this is a special chapter, the disclaimer and warnings will change.

Thisis the smutty chapter of the fic, the one all you had been waiting for! It is rated M for the sexual themes and maybe the language (maybe. I dunno).

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For the remainder of the day, the boys decided to spend the rest of the day in town. They stopped for lunch, which was ramen since Naruto begged, then headed for the arcade for games, and then stopped by a sweets store to enjoy cake, which Naruto happily did and Sasuke had no problem watching his new blonde boyfriend help himself to it. The day itself was wonderful, despite the fact that they would have to explain themselves to the teachers and Tsunade when they got back to school.

But when the day was drawing to a close, Naruto was beginning to feel a bit ill, so Sasuke decided to walk the blonde home. Along the way, Naruto was feeling weaker and weaker, but neither could figure out why except Sasuke thinking Naruto ate too many sweets that day. This continued on until they finally reached Naruto's house.

"Well, I hope you get better," Sasuke finally said.

"Hey, wait a moment. You're just gonna leave? What about staying over?"

"...You know I can't do that..." the raven said while turning his gaze away.

"Look, Iruka's gonna be here. He told me so. Plus, are you really gonna leave your sick boyfriend like this?"

"I would if you let me get a head start."

"Oh! But Sasuke!"

Now Naruto started spinning around and put his hand to his head in the most dramatic way possible.

"I'm feeling so weak! I don't think I'll be able to reach the door! I'll collapse at any minute!"

"Yeah right."

Taking the dare, Naruto spun around one more time before letting his body fall backwards. But Sasuke was quick enough to run over and catch the blonde before his body could hit the ground.

"Dobe. What if I really let you fall? Then you would be worse off than you are now."

He had to stop yelling because it really did look like Naruto was worse than before. His cheeks were burning red and was curling himself up while giving out small moans.

"N-Naruto? Are you alright?"

"...No....I feel...it's really warm..."

The raven felt a little guilty lecturing the blonde although he was in such a condition. With him already in his arms, Sasuke lifted the little kitsune bridal style and up to the front door. He took the keys out of Naruto's pocket and unlocked the door. Once inside, he immediately took Naruto upstairs and laid him on his bed.

"I'll go find Iruka and see what we can do. Just stay here and rest."

The raven pulled the covers over Naruto and proceeded out the door to find the brunette guardian. After a couple of minutes, Naruto regained a bit of his strength, so he sat up in his bed and looked around. Eyeing a piece of paper on his nightstand, he took the time to grab it and read what was written on it.


I'm sure you and Sasuke made up by now, so you won't have to have me stay home. I'll be out late tonight. I hope you two get along well and don't destroy the house while I'm gone. Happy Valentine's Day.


"So he's out with his Kakashi tonight. I wonder if that perverted guy will even let him come back home..."

The blonde gave a heavy sigh while rubbing the back of his neck. Then a thought struck him: he wasn't feeling so sick anymore. His body was still a bit heavy, but he wasn't feeling as warm as he was earlier. But whatever he was feeling wasn't like a normal sickness. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

"Naruto!" Sasuke called from outside the room. "I can't find Iruka anywhere!"

"Oh! He left a note on my nightstand saying he would be out late tonight!"

"With Kakashi?!"


His footsteps could be heard getting closer to the door. The doorknob could be heard turning.

"I wonder if that guy will let Iruka leave."

"Yeah, that's exactly what I thou-"

As soon as Sasuke appeared from behind the door, all of the blonde's thoughts and his sentence came to a halt. He could feel his body tense up and grow warmer and warmer. Even that weird feeling from before was starting to come back. He crouched over and held himself while giving little moans indicating his uncomfortable state.

"Naruto? Are you alright?"

He didn't give an answer but continued staying in the curled up state.

"Weird. You sounded fine when I was outside. I brought some water, but I don't know what's wrong with you, so all I brought was aspirin."

"I...I don't know what's wrong, either....when I was lying down...I felt better...but suddenly...."

"It's fine. Just lie down right now. Maybe you'll get better then."

He followed the raven's orders and lied back onto the bed.

"Do you want to take the medicine now?"

"...no....I was feeling better without it....so maybe if I just lie down some more....."

Sasuke looked at the blonde hoping he could find a way to make him feel slightly better. As a way to try and comfort him, he brought his pale hand up to the blonde's face, but instead Naruto let out a loud gasp and pulled away a bit.

"Sasuke... please don't...."

"I'm only trying to help you."

"But I don't feel better...I don't want you getting sick..."

"I don't get sick that easily. Plus, I'm sure it's from something you ate, so I can't catch it."

Sasuke put his hand back on the blonde's cheek and caressed it a bit. This didn't seem to help the blonde at all because now he was squirming a bit in the bed with his eyes tightly shut. Thoughts of Sasuke came rushing into the blonde's head, which seemed like a really bad time to have them. Those thoughts weren't anything that had to do with Sasuke's smile or any of the times they spent laughing with one another or even the date from earlier. These thoughts were actually focused on Sasuke's lips. And specifically, where they were. He saw those thin lips moving from his swollen ones onto his tan neck, making their way to the space under his ear. As his lips were traveling further up, one of his hands were traveling down, massaging the nipples on his chest and slipping its way past the stomach.

The blonde's breath came out in harsh pants as his face grew to a horrific red shade. He brought his hands to his stomach to try and make the weird feeling go away, but it wasn't the place he was having problems. Unconsciously, his hands moved lower and lower until they reached his crotch. The blonde squirmed with his eyes tightly shut, hoping the feeling would go away, but it was no use. Sasuke looked down at Naruto trying to figure out what was wrong. The raven leaned in and whispered his name only to have the blonde gasp really loud. It finally clicked. Sasuke finally understood what was going on. Even so, he wanted to test it out first.

He didn't give the younger boy any warning at all. Sasuke leaned in and immediately captured Naruto's lips with his own. He forced his tongue into the blonde's mouth and roughly played with it as he moved his own body into the bed. No thoughts were in Naruto's head except deciding whether to grab the boy who was kissing him or to hold onto the place that seemed to be getting worse. When Sasuke finally pulled away, he leaned back in and began licking the kitsune's ear.

"I see Karin's potion is starting effect," the Uchiha whispered.

"Wha....what are you....talking about?....I thought..."

"I said the potion can't work as a love medium, but it doesn't mean it can't work for something else. How do you feel right now, Naruto?"

"Ahhhh~ I don't know...why....I feel....."

"Your hormones are going out of control when you see me. You must be really hard right now, right?"

Naruto gave a small nod while his heavy breathing continued. After getting an answer, Sasuke gave a small kiss on the blonde's forehead and got up from the bed.

"Why are you stopping?" the blonde asked.

"It's better that I go. I'm the cause of your problem."

"But I don't want you to go! Please, Sasuke! I want you to stay with me!"

"Naruto, if I stay....I can't do that."

Naruto didn't care about anything Sasuke was trying to say. He threw Sasuke back onto the bed and forcefully kissed him.

"I don't care what happens or what's right or wrong! Sasuke, I'm already this bad and I don't want you to leave! I know what could happen....and I kind of....wish it will...."

Sasuke only looked at his love for a second before giving a heavy sigh and pulling Naruto into a tight embrace. One hand made its way down Naruto's backside and the other began to undo his pants.

"Fine. But I can't guarantee what will happen next."

"Mmmm~ It's fine....I just.... I just want you now...."


Naruto's loud moans filled the room. Sasuke placed Naruto in his lap, leaning his back against him, with his pants tossed to the other side of the room and started rubbing his member so he could release. The blonde gripped the sheets even with his knuckles all white and tried his best to keep his legs open. Sasuke's lips made their way down Naruto's neck, kissing and nipping every few seconds. As one hand was gently massaging the blonde's length, the other took the task of unbuttoning his shirt and slipping it off his tan shoulders. Sasuke kissed the exposed shoulder and then made his way back up to the kitsune's ear and licked the lobe.

"How are you feeling right now, Naruto?"


Sasuke tightened his grip a bit.

"Are you ready to come yet?"

"Y-yes.....I want.....to come....."

Sasuke continued to rub Naruto's length as he let his other hand travel down to the blonde's entrance. With the precum from Naruto's member, one of the pale fingers made a ring around the entrance, teasing the whiskered boy as his the other hand teased the head. This is when Naruto began rocking his hips to the rhythm of Sasuke's hand, but at the same time rocking against the raven, making him groan a bit. Naruto kept rocking back and forth as Sasuke pumped faster. The hot breath on the back of the kitsune's neck was pushing him closer to coming, so much that he even started to close his legs and squirm. That didn't stop Sasuke. He rubbed the tip more and more and felt his own pants getting tight thanks to the friction that Naruto was giving. Finally, the finger running around Naruto's entrance forced its way in, surprising the blonde to jerk his head back and give a loud scream while coming. The pale hand continued pumping while letting Naruto ride his orgasm out until he fell back on the raven signaling it was over.


Naruto's cerulean eyes drifted to the boy behind him clouded in lust for the other. He reached back and pulled Sasuke into a heated kiss while rotating his body so he was facing the dark-haired boy. While the two continued kissing, the blonde led Sasuke down to the bed so Naruto was sitting on top of him. When their lips finally separated, both looked into each other's eyes while heavily panting.

"Sasuke...I want more," he whispered. "I'm not done yet....I want you more, Sasuke..."

Sasuke didn't give an answer. All he did was pull Naruto back down into another kiss while letting his hands move along the tan body. The hand covered in the blonde's cum made its way down to Naruto's entrance and pushed one finger in and began moving. The blonde broke the kiss and let out a loud moan while letting his body move once more to the rhythm of Sasuke's probing hand. The pale boy's lips found their way back to Naruto's neck while the other hand slid its way down to Naruto's already hard member and began stroking it. Naruto's arms couldn't hold out to the pleasure coursing through his body. His upper body collapsed onto the boy below, without ever letting the lips and tongue separating from his neck. With his ass still in the air, Sasuke slid another moist finger in and began a scissoring motion to make the blonde cry out more.


The blonde continued hoarsely whispering the name, holding onto the pillow underneath and feeling the fingers moving back and forth, in and out. One of the tan hands finally loosened its grip from the sheets and made its way down to the pale hand currently occupied by the member. Naruto felt his way around until he got to the zipper of Sasuke's pants and began to undo it. This caused the raven to let out a gasp, but did not stop him from pleasuring the blonde. In between breaths, Naruto still called out his lover's name while pulling his length out and started pumping as fast as Sasuke was.

"Sasuke....I want this...." he moaned while slowing his strokes.

This is when Sasuke finally stopped and looked at the blonde. Naruto started to remove Sasuke shirt while trailing kisses along the pale neck. When the shirt was off, the blonde made his way back up and kissed the young Uchiha passionately while positioning himself over the raven's member. After a couple of strokes, he brought his entrance to the tip and rubbed the two together.

"Na-Naruto! Wait!"

"I want this bad, Sasuke..."

The clouded blue eyes looked into the onyx ones and immediately froze all of the raven's thoughts.

"And I know...you want this, too...."

With a couple of nudges, Naruto finally got Sasuke's length into his entrance and slowly pressed his body down to let it slide deeper. With each painfully slow second and inch, the moans from both boys became loud and hoarse as Sasuke's manhood reached deeper and deeper into Naruto until it was completely in. Naruto shook a bit, trying to get used to the feeling, which didn't help Sasuke since Naruto was acting as a human vibrator, making him moan some more. After a couple of moments, Naruto lifted himself just a bit before sliding back down and letting the raven's length completely inside once again. Naruto's hands made their way to Sasuke's chest and gave support as Naruto moved further up and down once again. The soft moans from earlier gradually became louder as the kitsune continued to pleasure himself and the dark-haired boy underneath. After getting the general feeling down, the blonde sat upright and gradually increased the distances of the thrusts. Like before, he let his hips rock against the Uchiha's with each thrust, gasping Sasuke's name every time he forced his body down.

Sasuke cocked his head back with his eyes tightly closed and could feel Naruto's tight hole slide up and down, over and over on his rock-hard member. He dreamed this moment over and over before at night, but he never imagined it would feel that good. The heat generating from Naruto's body, the great sensation from his hips and entrance, and the delicious moans hanging in the air. All of these were intoxicating the raven to the point of driving him wild. But this wasn't enough for him. Along with feeling Naruto, he wanted to see him as well. Opening his onyx eyes revealed something he didn't expect: a completely submissive blonde moving up and down on Sasuke's length. His entire tan body was covered in sweat and his face glowed a beautiful shade of red that complimented the pleading look on his face. This was no longer enough. Sasuke wanted Naruto just as much as Naruto begged for him.

The pale boy's hands quickly took a firm hold and drove the blonde's hips back down and allowed his manhood to dig even further in. The impact made Naruto cry out Sasuke's name and release at the same time. This was no longer in Naruto's hands. Sasuke's drive was now much more than Naruto's. Over and over, Sasuke thrusted up and pulled Naruto down so he could reach deeper into the younger boy to where he was hard once again. The whiskered boy started losing the strength to keep going and began crouching over. The raven took this opportunity to pull Naruto by his neck into another heated kiss, letting their tongues sloppily wrestle with one another while continuing their heated exercise. But now it was too much for Naruto to keep up, thus crouching forward more trying to catch his breath.


Since Naruto stopped moving, Sasuke took the initiative to continue. Leaning forward, Sasuke placed both of his hands on the kitsune's back and laid him down on his back. Repositioning himself, he moved his lips to the blonde's chest and nibbled a pink nub. Naruto tried to hide the moan in while gripping the sheets underneath him, but every so often the noise would slip past his lips, much like the pink tongue that teased his nipple. The raven propped the blonde's legs on his shoulders and began thrusting again, faster and harder than before. Naruto's loud moans filled the room once more, crying out Sasuke's name between every breath and with each strong thrust. The blonde's face was much worse than before. Before, it was only a look pleading for the raven, but now it had the look of complete ecstasy, absolute satisfaction. Everything was already starting to build up, but seeing his love with so much pleasure in his face forced Sasuke not to be gentle anymore.

The young Uchiha grabbed the tan legs and threw them off his shoulders and to each side of the young blonde and leaned in more with each thrust. Now he was reaching much deeper. Naruto could only scream Sasuke's name over and over as he could feel the other boy's length digging deeper into him each time. The kitsune turned his head to bite the pillow as hard as he could as Sasuke kept reaching deeper and deeper until he hit something. The blue eyes rolled back as his vision was blinded by white. That spot, that one spot Sasuke was able to find, sent something through Naruto's body that made him lose control for a split second. Sasuke realized what he had just done when the blonde's scream was much louder than before and when his hole tightened a great amount. So he positioned himself to hit that spot once again and hear his blonde scream out once more. The screams from before could no longer form the raven's name but only loud and hoarse noises every time was pushed harder into the mattress. The young Uchiha leaned forward and pressed his lips against the other boy's, letting his tongue messily play with the other to the point of saliva running out of their mouths. Naruto wrapped his arms around the pale neck and dug his fingers into the black hair as Sasuke let his tongue slide out of the blonde's swollen lips to follow the line of saliva down his cheek and to his already spotted neck and started to suck on it once again.

The slapping noises of their wet bodies colliding together started to pick up as Sasuke's rhythm quickened, but was soon drowned out by the grunts and moans from the two boys who were reaching their climaxes. Naruto drove his hips into Sasuke's and wrapped his legs around the pale waist while trying to scream out his name some more, even if they only came out as loud noises. Sasuke pulled back from the red and tanned neck and looked up at his lover to see the face that was in complete satisfaction once more. The pale boy gritted his teeth as he felt himself sliding in and out of Naruto's tight hole and his body wrap around his. At this point, the raven couldn't help but utter the blonde's name.


Sasuke bent his head down and wrapped his arms around the tan boy as continued to drive into him.


Naruto only responded with more of his own screams. One of the pale hands gently caressed Naruto's leg and made its way up his body to the blonde's erection. As soon as he grabbed onto it, he pumped his hand up and down Naruto's shaft as fast as he was pushing his member further into the blonde's hole. Naruto's arms tightened around Sasuke's neck as felt more pleasure coarse through his body.

"Ah! Sasuke! More! More!!"

Sasuke leaned forward again and forced his tongue into the blonde's mouth. The other hand that wasn't occupied with Naruto's member made its way up to the blonde's chest and played with one of his nipples. Naruto tore his lips away with strings of saliva still hanging from them, and threw his head back to scream more.

"Sasuke!~ I'm coming!~ I'mcomingI'mcomingI'mcomingI'mcomingI'mcomingI'mcomingI'mcomingI'mcoming!!!"

Sasuke only replied by raising his head to Naruto's ear and licked the earlobe. Unable to take anymore, Naruto dug his nails into Sasuke's back and let out a loud scream. Hot, white semen came out all over both boys chests as the kitsune continued screaming at the top of his lungs in pleasure. Feeling Naruto's hole tighten even more, Sasuke wrapped his arms around his blonde and thrusted even faster until he reached his own climax. The raven bent his head down and let out a loud grunt as he released inside of Naruto.

"Sasuke! I can feel it! It's so hot! It's so hot!"

Both boys held on tightly to one another, their bodies shaking as they were each riding out their climaxes. Feeling the last of it come out and the feeling slipping away, the two let out a heavy sigh and loosened their grips on one another. Sasuke collapsed on the blonde and laid on his sticky chest for a few moments while each tried to catch their breaths. When his breathing finally slowed down, the young Uchiha slowly pulled himself out, with traces of his cum leaking out of the blonde's entrance and hanging from his member. The raven slowly bent down and kissed the whiskered boy gently on the lips, which the blond happily leaned into.

Sasuke rolled over next to the blonde and closed his eyes with a small smirk filled with satisfaction. He had always dreamed of finally getting together with the person he loved most, seeing him every day and giving kisses every time they met or separated for only a short amount of time. But he never imagined being able to sleep with Naruto, and especially this soon! The raven's smirk grew wider wondering the next time they would be able to do this, and how he wanted to make sure it would be even better the next time they had sex. But the raven's thoughts were interrupted when he felt Naruto's side of the bed change and barely hear his name being whispered from the said kitsune. Sasuke opened his eyes, but wasn't prepared to see what was waiting for him.

There, on the bed next to Sasuke, was a sun kissed colored ass that he was now so familiar with, and a tan hand probing its hole. Naruto was now on all fours, except for one hand, and was pleasuring himself while moaning the young Uchiha's name over and over. The blonde's face had his mouth open and his face in the most erotic manner that made Sasuke's member come back to life at the sight. Sasuke was unaware if he was making any noises or movements that would interrupt the blonde from his little activity, but Naruto did stop and turn his face to the once again aroused raven and speak in the cutest fashion Sasuke had ever heard.

"Sa....Sasuke....not enough...."

The hand moved out of Naruto's entrance and made its way to the blonde's erection and started rubbing. The cerulean eyes were once again covered with lust and were pleading to the raven that was only so far away.

"It's not enough....please....more.....I want....more, Sasuke...."

In no time at all, Sasuke had already taken a hold of Naruto's backside and immediately inserted his rock-hard erection into the begging and submissive kitsune. His hole was already slick from the leftover cum from their last round and his insides felt just as hot as they did before. As tempted as Sasuke was to start thrusting into Naruto, he paused only for a moment to lean in and whisper into Naruto's ear.

"This has to be the worst Valentine's gift ever," he whispered, "because no matter how many times I sleep with you, it will never be enough to satisfy me."

"Well, it wouldn't hurt to try, now would it?" the blonde responded in an erotic whisper.

And with that, the raven pulled himself out and slammed back into the blonde, repeating the process and filling the room with pleasurable screams and moans once again.


The bright rays from the morning sun shone through the window and landed on the blonde's sun-kissed face to welcome him to the new day. The lids to his eyes fluttered open to reveal his sapphire eyes that glistened in the light. The tired blue eyes drifted to the window and looked out to the tree just outside, and on the tree was the red bird from the other day. He was all by himself, looking around and hopping on the tree branch, but did not make a single noise. After several moments shifting from one side to the other, the same blue bird flew over and landed on the branch right above the red bird. Neither bird said anything and remained in their places without even making their shifty movements. Finally, the blue bird dropped down to the branch below and hopped his way to the red bird. As soon as he did, the red bird made his way to the blue one and began his singing. The blue one happily joined in and the air filled with beautiful music sung by both birds that were finally reunited.

Suddenly, Naruto felt something moving on his chest. He turned his head and looked down to see Sasuke looking up with his deep onyx eyes and his heart-stopping smile on his lips. At that moment, everything from the night before came rushing into his head.

"S-Sasuke!" the blonde exclaimed with his face turning a bright shade of red. "How...how long were you awake?"

"Hmm...just a little bit, but I couldn't help but see your beautiful face glowing in the morning sun."

"How the heck can you say such embarrassing things in the morning?"

The raven only moved up and gently kissed the tan boy on the lips.

"Good morning, my little Naruto."

When their lips separated, Sasuke pushed himself up and looked down at his blonde.

"Are you feeling better now?"

"I guess...."

The young Uchiha gave a kiss on Naruto's forehead before rolling off and sitting up on the bed.

"I'm....I guess I'm sorry for doing all that to you," Sasuke mumbled.

"No! It's not your fault!" the blonde yelled while sitting up in the bed. "I was acting weird and you were only trying to help! I forced you!"

Sasuke only looked away when he spoke again.

"Even so, I was the one taking advantage of you when you were so submissive by that potion. I should have left like I said I would, but instead gave in and slept with you when I shouldn't have."

"Um....about that...."

The raven turned his head to the cute blonde nibbling on his finger with an upset look on his face.

"You see...that potion didn't really have effect....the entire time...."

Sasuke only sat there and stared at the blonde.

"It kinda.....wore off.....a bit before....the first round...."

The two boys sat in bed for the longest time without saying a word. Naruto's body shook a bit worrying if he upset the raven with his little act.

"Sex maniac," Sasuke said with a huge smirk on his face.


"You're telling me we went for four rounds and it wasn't even because of the potion? I didn't know you were so desperate for sex, Dobe."

"L-l-like you're one to talk! What about those first few days you were molesting me?! Huh?! Was ithat/ipart of the potion?"

"One: I just molested you. I wasn't really trying to get in your pants. Two: Sure, let's go with that."

Sasuke leaned down while Naruto shot a death glare in the raven's direction while gritting his teeth. After a moment, Sasuke turned his head to the fuming blonde and let his signature smirk crawl back on his face.

"Admit it, Dobe. You can't resist this sexy body, can you?"

"Teme! Quit acting all high and mighty!"

"Oh? So now we're restraining ourselves, are we?"

The young Uchiha pinned the tan boy to the bed and looked over him with his same superior smirk.

"Well, how about you try and resist me after this?"

He proceeded with kisses along the blonde's neck, sucking at the skin where his jaw and neck meet. As much as Naruto was struggling, he wasn't putting much effort into it.

"No...Sasuke wait....it's morning already...."

Sasuke only ignored him and proceeded to work on Naruto's lips. It was only for a couple of seconds before the tan boy shot up and screamed,

"It's already morning!!!"

Of course, he hit Sasuke's head with his own while jumping up, so both of them were holding their foreheads while muttering under their breaths.

"What are you talking about, Usuratonkachi?"

"Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!"

Naruto jumped out of the bed while trying to find his clothes that were tossed aside from the night before. Seeing Naruto in such a frantic state, Sasuke's face turned gloomy as he looked down at the sheets.

"Was it....really a mistake to sleep with me?" the raven asks.

Naruto turns his head so quickly it looks as though his neck snapped.

"No! Don't ever think that, Sasuke! That wasn't a mistake! It will never be a mistake!"

Sasuke gave a small smile but was immediately interrupted when Naruto threw the covers over his head.

"Stay here! Do not come out of the room!"

Naruto dashed out of the room before Sasuke could warn him that he was only wearing a shirt, which didn't even belong to him. The blonde scurried over to Iruka's room, but found no one to be there. While stomping down the steps, he hoped to God that Iruka hadn't heard them last night, or at least wasn't too mad about them sleeping together. When the blonde jumped into the kitchen, he found nothing there. Nothing for cooking breakfast, no cups out for his morning coffee, nothing. Before he could go into deep thought, the tan boy looked over to the answering machine and saw a blinking red light. Out of curiosity, he pushed the button and let the message play back.

BEEP. "Hello, Naruto. This is Kakashi. Iruka went....a bit overboard with drinking, if that's a good enough excuse, and will be staying the night at my place. Don't worry. I wouldn't let him drive home drunk, so that's why he's staying over. Take care of yourself....and don't push yourself too much! 3 BEEP.

"So Iruka never came home last night. That's a bit of a relief, but no big surprise."

Naruto spun around to see Sasuke standing behind him wearing only his pants.

"Gah! When did you leave the room! And why are you wearing only that?!"

"Dobe. That's my shirt you're wearing."

Naruto looked down and turned bright red knowing that Sasuke was right.

"Not to mention..."

The raven leaned in and pulled at the helm of the shirt.

"...That's all you're wearing."

Sasuke threw the blonde over his shoulder and began to carry him up the stairs.

"H-hey! What are you doing?!"

"We're going back to bed. We still have a bit of time until Iruka gets home right?"

"Wha-? And you called me the sex maniac?!"

The blonde was hushed by a pale hand sliding into his entrance once again.

"You seem pretty ready here. Not to mention I don't hear you complaining anymore."

Before Naruto could give an argument, Sasuke already closed the door to the blonde's room and threw him onto the bed for another round. Obviously Valentine's Day wasn't the end of the boy's love for one another.


Naruto: *wrestles out of kiss*

Naruto: W-wait! What about school?!

Sasuke: .....forget about it.

Naruto: WHAT?!

Sasuke: *tackles Naruto*