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Chapter name: Blood Type

Chapter song: Green Eyes - Incubus

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Edward POV

It was too hot in Chicago, far too hot. Being back was great, but I wished that we'd started the tour in the winter; at least then it'd be cool at least. I'd started off in Chicago as a child, but when my parents had died, I'd been packed off to several destinations, arriving, finally, in Forks, with Esme and Carlisle. I'd disliked the cold at first, but over the years I'd grown to love it. I'd savoured the warm days, that rarely came, but the rain made everything shine so beautifully. My favourite part was the spider webs after the rain; with raindrops resting on the silk, different colours gleaming outwards. Beautiful.

Everything was too new here, too polished. It was beautiful in a different way; but it wasn't home anymore. Everything was too clean. Forks had been…old fashioned, musky, not dirty, but not sparkling either. The rain had made the air fresh; here, the breeze bought pollution, noise, gas, modern…ness? I didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as I used to.

When we first arrived, Emmett, Jasper and I loved it, it was the height of cool to us; three boys from the wettest, lest crowded place around. By the next time we arrived, we were over it. Nothing was as good as home. Even when we brought Esme and Carlisle with us, nothing was as good as Forks.

When I'd fist arrived there, Forks was amazing, a new adventure for a young child. I'd been seven or so when I'd finally settled in there. Esme had been unable to have a child, and when she'd come to re-decorate the centre I'd been living in, she'd taken a shine to me. As soon as she and her team of interior designers had finished with the place, she'd signed the adoption papers, and whisked me off to Forks with her. I'd only spoken to Carlisle once on the phone during Esme's time in Chicago, but we'd hit it off as soon as I'd arrived. They were the best parents a child could wish for.

Emmett had joined our little family soon after. His parents had been killed whilst hunting; he'd been recovered by an emergency team that had heard reports of a small child halfway up a mountain. He'd been extremely ill when he'd been recovered, suffering from hyperthermia and malnutrition; Carlisle had brought him right home from the hospital.

The final addition to our family was Alice. She'd had Amnesia; and, to this day, could still not remember anything more than her name: Mary Alice Brandon. She'd changed her surname to Cullen, as we all had, whilst living with Esme and Carlisle; it had made them happy, Esme at least. She still used Mary Alice Brandon in business though; her label merely Mary Alice.

I knew my sister was there before I'd even reached the top of the stairs. I suppose I knew when the elevator took far too long to reach the ground floor. I'd given up in the end and taken the stairs two at a time.

Alice and I seemed to have a special kind of connection. We had conversations that nobody knew about, mere nods of the head; we were in tune, I suppose you could say. We'd worked together especially well as lyricists on Twilight. She still helped out sometimes whilst I was having trouble. It was the sort of connection that let us finish each other's sentences. If I couldn't find a word that would fit a line, she'd have one. I also seemed to know when she was around; like she was spreading pixie dust around her as she moved; but the sort that only I noticed.

Maybe it was because we'd been so close as children.

I smiled as I pulled out my keys, stepping up to open the door. Despite the fact that I'd like to kill her at times, Alice usually had a way of making me smile. She was the happiest person I'd ever met; aside, perhaps, from Emmett. The pesky little pixie, we'd re-named her. Or munchkin, for when we felt particularly mean. As soon as she'd disappeared after telling me about my lovely new female assistant, I'd pretty much forgiven her. You couldn't hold a grudge against Alice.

I wondered whether she'd brought my assistant with her to the suite. Probably.

I was getting a little bit excited about meeting this new assistant now. Not that I'd have admitted it to her; but Alice had had a 'feeling' about this one. Ever since we were children, Alice's 'feelings' had been right. The first time she'd laid eyes on Jasper she'd had a 'feeling'. At the time, I thought she'd been wrong, and had just found him attractive. But it'd been almost ten years, and they were preparing to be married. I didn't think I'd ever even seen them argue in all of that time.

Despite my initial reaction; you wouldn't catch me betting against Alice.

I slipped my key into the lock, and twisted it open, I pushed the door open, stepped in, and shut it with a click. Sure enough, about ten seconds later, my little sister danced into the hall.

"Eddie!" she called out; sounding more like she was singing. I grimaced. She, of all people, knew how much I hated that nickname. She usually reserved it only for special occasions - I.E. when she was extremely pissed off with me. She must really have been trying to make an impression on my new assistant. Or I'd done something wrong that I didn't remember.

I felt, rather than saw, her launch herself into my arms. I quickly wrapped my arms around her so that she didn't fall, and hugged her close. She'd not grown at all since we were about twelve. She didn't even weigh any more than she had when she was younger. A moment or two later I let her down, and allowed her to pull my hand along with her as she danced into the lounge room, babbling about something inconsequential the whole way. I looked down at her small, dancing feet and chuckled.

She suddenly stopped, and I stilled, making sure I didn't go barrelling into her small back. Then I looked up and saw,

"Edward", Alice started, a brilliant grin lighting up her small face, "this is Bella! She'll be your new assistant, starting tomorrow! Isn't this great! Edward?"

I shut my open mouth with what must have been an audible click. Standing awkwardly before me was the girl I'd met earlier that day. Since then, however, she'd changed into a simple blue dress that fell to just below her knees, giving me a brilliant view of her lovely pale legs. I looked upwards and took in the curves that the dress revealed, before looking once again at her lovely, heart-shaped face; once again lit with a brilliant red blush. A strand of her hair fell into her face and I had the sudden urge to push it behind her ear, before I caught her eyes; her lovely big brown eyes, which I found myself once again getting lost in.

"Edward. Edward? Edward!" I snapped my eyes back to my little sister, who was glaring up at me. "In-tro-duce yourself", she told me, emphasising each part of the word.

"Ah, of course", I began, quickly wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans.

"Edward", I told her, holding out my hand, "Edward Cullen", I smiled at her.

"I'm Bella", she told me simply, smiling nervously back at me, and reaching out to shake my hand. She was shaking a little, but her grip was firm. "It's a pleasure to meet you", she continued.

She was quick to let go of my hand, which made me a little upset, a frown started to form on my face. I quickly pulled my smile back.

"The pleasure is all mine", I assured her, trying not to look into her eyes again; instead focusing on her cheek; her blush was fading now, giving way to the pale skin beneath.

"Let's get some tea", Alice interrupted my staring, and I brought my eyes down to look at her. I smiled.

"Yes, lets. We can get to know each other, Bella." The beautiful blush returned, and I smiled wider, gesturing towards a door at the side of the room which lead to the kitchen. There were places we could sit inside. Alice making drinks might be a useful distraction if I needed it.

Not that I really wanted to be distracted.

Bella POV

This was Edward Cullen. I was standing in the Peninsula suite opposite Edward Cullen. Edward effing Cullen. Again.

Either my dreams really were getting better, and longer, or I was probably having one of the best days ever. Despite embarrassing myself earlier. And I was going to work with this man? Impossible. This was every fan's dream.

Then a thought hit me.

I'd already embarrassed myself once today, and standing there staring was probably just making myself look even more like an incompetent fool. If I had to work with him, how many embarrassing situations of mine would he witness exactly? A blush blew up on my face.

"Edward. Edward? Edward!" Alice's calls brought me back to the land of the living, and the not-staring. "In-tro-duce yourself", she told Edward. I realised he'd been staring at me too. Probably trying to work out just how much of an idiot I was. Or remembering out unfortunate meeting earlier. I felt my blush deepen. The beginnings of a headache started to form. He hadn't even introduced himself properly, and I already wanted to die.

"Ah, of course", he muttered. "Edward, Edward Cullen."

He stuck his hand out for me to shake. Just like Emmett and Jasper had. I took it quickly, my hand shaking, telling him my name. His hand was warm and he had a firm grip. His skin felt silky against mine. I was reluctant to let go.

Looking up at him, I saw a frown on his face, 'Oh no. He barely knows my name and I've already upset him. Stupid Bella.'

"It's a pleasure to meet you", I told him, though because of my nerves, it sounded more like a question.

"The pleasure is all mine", he replied, politely. His eyes were staring at something on my cheek. What on earth? Had I gotten a spot that I'd not noticed, dirt? I panicked, forcing my blush down.

"Let's get some tea", Alice chirped from my side. Her brother quickly agreed, suggesting that we could get to know each other. My heart skipped a beat, before I realised that he was going to be my new boss. Of course he wanted to get to know me; 'we're going to be working together for at least the next eight months; and he knows nothing about me.'

I followed Edward and Alice into a kitchen that was at least four times the size of mine at my flat; and I'd bought the place because of the large kitchen. I felt a little strange being in such an amazing Hotel suite. I'd never even seen a suite before now. Suites were for the rich…and the famous.

Standing behind him I got an almost embarrassingly good look at my new boss. He wore the same clothes as earlier; that shirt looking abnormally good on him. I noticed from the back that his hair fell just to the middle of his collar at the back. I also noticed that he was wearing slightly tight jeans that gave anyone who looked a spectacular view of his arse; and his gorgeous long legs.

I blushed. The man before me was beautiful.

The man before me also pulled me out a seat, as though he were my date, rather than my boss, before taking the seat opposite me at the long, wooden table. He was extremely polite, I surmised, as I watched him smile at me from across the table.

"So Bella", he started, as Alice started whizzing around with the stuff to make tea with. "What did you do as your last job?"

"I was a waitress", I muttered, quickly and quietly, ducking my head.

"And why did you stop being a waitress? Alice tells me that you were unemployed when she met you."

I looked up to see him playing with an apple that he'd obviously picked from the fruit bowl that sat in the middle of the table. He glanced up and met my eyes.

"I-I-I'm very clumsy", I told him. He chuckled.

"We'd better not let you near the equipment then", he told me, eyeing the apple, and smiling.

"Yes", I replied, not sure what to say, "that'd probably be smart."

"Well it looks like you're going to start working for me tomorrow Bella, since Alice has hired you", he glanced across at Alice, giving her a look I couldn't read. "We'll have to lay down some ground rules."

"Of course!" I said immediately. I'd been wondering when that would come up.

"Well the first one is you have to tell me if you're uncomfortable with anything. If you don't want to do something, you don't have to. Within reason", he looked up at me, and I nodded, "and secondly, I suppose you're not allowed near any of the instruments, because you're clumsy. That's it, I think."

I looked at him, stunned. That was it. Not even anything about 'no throwing yourself at me', or 'no begging me to sleep with you'. Not even 'no demanding autographs for friends and family'.

I smiled at him.


"Perfect", he repeated, bringing the apple to his lips and taking a bite. His green eyes closed for a moment, before opening once more and staring right into mine.


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