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Summary: After Fourth year Harry decides to take a vacation and learns about himself and his family as he's gone.

Time period moved ahead ten years so harry was born in 90 and went to Hogwart in 2001.


Fourteen, almost fifteen, year old Harry Potter was sitting in his room at Number Four Privet Drive and he was bored as hell as he looked out his window. Three days ago he had just got home from his fourth year at Hogwart's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he had to participate in a tournament that was suppose to be held for people of age, which is seventeen or older. He got through all of the dangerous task and he along with fellow Hogwart's champion Cedric Diggory got to the cup first. They decided to take it together and got transported to Lord Voldemort who had Cedric killed and then came back to live and Harry barely escaped with his life. At first he felt responsible for Cedric's death but then he thought about it and decided that the only person to blame was old Moldy Voldy. But he was brought out of his thoughts as he saw the same person he just saw ten minutes ago walk past the house and glance at it.

Usually he wouldn't think anything of it but this was the third day in a row he saw a unknown person keep walking around the house and they were all always glancing around. He went to the park the day before and the person that was walking around he saw walking around the perimeter of the park. He wrote to his headmaster but he told him not to worry himself about it as he was looking into it. But Harry decided enough was enough and went to his trunk and got out his invisibility cloak and snuck down stairs and out the back door before pulling it on and running around the house wand in hand. He chased after the person and saw them turning a corner. He slowed to a walk and stayed back a ways as he followed the woman who looked to be in her twenties. They turned a corner and he followed her as she made her way down an alley way and he jumped slightly as he heard a loud crack.

"Shack that you." the woman asked and Harry heard a deep voice say.

"Yeah." Before a big bald muscular black man appeared.

"Thank Merlin. I'm exhausted." the woman said

"So how's the kid Hestia." 'Shack' asked

"I really don't know Kingsley. Dumbledore told us not to talk to him. I mean I know he has his reason's but I still think the kid needs comfort he just saw a fellow student killed." Hestia said

"Well you know Dumbledore only has Harry's best interest at heart." Kingsley said

"Yeah that's why he's teaching his friends to fight and not him." Hestia said sarcastically. "And probably why he didn't tell him he's really wealthy. I mean look at the kid he wears rags for merlin sakes."

"Well like I said Dumbledore has his reasons. Now why don't you head home I'm gonna go sit guard at Potter's house." Kingsley said and pulled on his cloak as Hestia disappeared with a crack. Harry was fuming as he quickly but quietly made his way out of the alley and back to the house. When he got there he snuck up stairs and took off his cloak and threw it on the bed before he spun and hit his wall as hard as he could cracking the drywall. Then he flopped on his bed face down in his pillow and screamed as loud as he could. When he was done he rolled over and saw a thin book laying flat on the old shelf that held Dudley's books. He went over to the shelf and grabbed the book that was covered in dust. He ran his hand over it to wipe off the dust and saw the cover. Maps of the world. He raised an eyebrow as he flipped it open and it landed on America and it said a little bit about each of the states.

"Hmm. I think a vacation is in order." Harry said to himself as he looked out side. "First stop, Gringotts."

With that he pulled out an old backpack from the wardrobe and threw his photo album and a few odds and ends that were important to him before he threw on his invisibility cloak, Hedwig was out and would find him where ever he went. He shouldered his firebolt and back pack then opened his door and started to walk down the hall way. Lucky for him Vernon and Petunia were gone so he snuck into their room and took all the money from the box Petunia stored it in which was around four hundred pound. When he got to the steps he saw Dudley walking up and decided to enact some revenge for all the torment he caused. He moved back some and waited till Dudley was on the top step to run as fast as he could and push all his weight into Dudley making him fly down the stairs. He started laughing as Dudley landed hard in the middle of the steps and he broke through them and he fell into the cupboard under the stairs and he heard him moaning.

Harry was still laughing as he jumped the hole Dudley made and went into the kitchen where he made some sandwiches and took some soda's and put them in a brown paper bag then he went out back and sat his backpack, broom, cloak and lunch down. Then he went inside and over to his aunts China cabinet and pushed it over and with a loud crash it broke then he went to the fridge and started throwing everything out of it and he did the same to the cabinets until the room was a mess. Then he made his way into the living room and closed the blinds before he started tearing that room apart. When he was done with that room he picked up a piece of paper and a pen from the phone table and wrote two simple words in huge bold letters.


After he was done he went out side and pulled his cloak on and grabbed everything and started walking around the house. When he got around to the front he saw Kingsley about to knock on the door. He smirked as he took off down the road and when he got to the park he pulled his wand and summoned the Knight Bus. With a loud bang the big purple triple decker appeared and Stan Shunpike hopped down and looked around but didn't see anyone and Harry remembered he had on his cloak and pulled it off.

"'Ello Neville." He said with a smile as Harry stepped onto the bus. "Where to then."

"The Cauldron." Harry said as he handed him three galleons. "Preferably now." he said and Stan nodded as Harry took a seat his eyes alert and he saw Stan talk to Ernie. With a bang they were off and about five minutes later Harry exited the bus with a green face. After the bus left Harry entered the Leaky Cauldron and quickly made his way through the bar not looking at the floor when he got to the back he tapped the wall with his wand and when the opening was big enough he quickly went through and made his way to Gringotts.

When he got to the bank he went up the steps and the two goblin's stared at him as he walked up the steps and he nodded to them as he went through the door. The two goblins looked at each other in shock before shaking their heads and going back to looking menacingly at the people passing. When Harry got inside he looked around trying to find an open goblin. When he saw that all of the desk were taken and each had a long line behind it he sighed and looked around to see if there were any goblins walking around that could help him. He sighed again as he saw every single goblin was busy doing something or other. So he got in line looking around paranoid that Dumbledore would walk in at any moment and take him back to the Dursley's. As he was looking around he saw a door off to the side open and a big goblin with a short black beard walked out with a guard behind him. Harry looked around again his paranoia getting the better of him and even though he didn't think it was the brightest idea he started walking towards the goblin

"Excuse me sir" Harry said bowing. "I am sorry to interrupt you as you are likely very busy." Harry said as he looked up and saw all the goblin's stopped what they were doing and were watching him as guards started to surround him starting with the guard who was behind the goblin. He was now beside him with a very big sword.

"Sorry to interrupt but I need to talk someone about my vaults as I think my key has been stolen and my families vault were kept from me. My name is Harry Potter" Harry said quickly and the goblin raised an eyebrow.

"Do you know who I am." The goblin asked and Harry shook his head no. "Well I am King Ragnok, I am in charge of the bank and it's people." He said and Harry's eyes went wide.

"I'm sorry great King Ragnok, I was just wishing to get through this matter quickly as I fear that I may be in danger." Harry said bowing again as he felt like he was in danger even as he spoke.

"No harm or danger will come upon you as you are in the care of Gringotts as soon as you enter this bank Mister Potter. We have been wondering about your accounts for a long while now. Please accompany me to my office." King Ragnok said and waved off the guards as he led Harry to a large door behind the goblins who were still staring at Harry out of the corner of their eyes as he and the king walked through the door. When they got through the door Harry saw that they entered a huge hallway lined with hundreds of doors. Harry walked behind the king with the guard behind him all the way down the hall way where they came upon a big silver door that the king opened with a touch. The king motioned Harry in and shut the door behind him as he entered leaving the guard outside.

"So sir you said you have been wondering about my account. What did you mean by that?" Harry asked

"Mister Potter..." Ragnok started

"Please sir call me Harry." Harry interrupted him.

"Than I am simply Ragnok." Ragnok said while thinking 'this kid sure is a strange one'. "Anyway's since January first of 93' each month their were three withdraws of five thousand galleons each put into a different account. So their has been 690,000 galleons withdrawn and put into a vault under the Order of the Phoenix, key holder Albus Dumbledore, one under the name Molly Prewett, key holders Molly, Ronald, and Ginevra Weasley, and then the last one is one under the name Albus Dumbledore and he is the only key holder."

When Harry heard this he started shaking angrily. "Get it all back." Harry said through clenched teeth.

"I'm afraid as Dumbledore is your magical guardian he is in charge of your vaults. But if you were to gain the headship of your house you could deem his acts irresponsible and against your wishes and take I all back from him." Ragnok said smirking on the inside if he was right he was about to gain a very powerful alley.

"What do I do." Harry growled.

"You simply place your blood in this bowl." Ragnok said and pulled out a big wooden bowl with carvings around the edge with a spike sticking out of the bowl. Harry stood up and pushed his hand down on the spike cutting his had open. He pulled back his hand with a wince and Ragnok grabbed it and healed it as the spike started spinning and a potion was released in his blood. When it stopped spinning Ragnok dipped a jet black quill into it and it soaked up all of the potion. When it had all the potion it Ragnok sat it on a piece of parchment and let it go as it started writing by its self. When it was done writing it fell on the parchment and Ragnok read it out loud.

Name: Harry Potter

Parents: Prince Hanzi James Potter the second (Deceased)

Princess Lillian Potter (Adopted Evans Maiden Ancalimon) (Deceased)

Living Relatives: Frank Longbottom of the European Lycan Clan

Relation: uncle by marriage

Princess Alice Longbottom (Adopted Madison Maiden Ancalimon) Relation: Aunt

on mother's side

Neville Longbottom

Relation: cousin

King Hanzi James Potter the first

Relation: Grandfather on father's side

King Autumn Ancalimon

Relation: Grandfather on mothers side

Queen Rose Ancalimon

Relation: Grandmother on mothers side

Titles if taken up: Prince Potter of the European Vampire clan

Prince Ancalimon of the American Elven clan

Lord Slytherin

Lord Ravenclaw

"What the bloody hell." Harry said and Ragnok looked up to see a pale Harry sitting limply in his seat. "My dad's a...a vampire and...and my mum's an elf and his apparently Neville's mum's sister and his dads a Lycan. Then on top of that I am the decedent of Slytherin and Ravenclaw."

"So what do you want to do Harry?" Ragnok asked

"Can you get Neville here?" Harry asked only focusing on that for now. Ragnok nodded and pushed a button on his desk and started speaking in the goblin language. After talking for a few minutes he looked at Harry with a smile.

"It seem's Harry that you have luck today as the young Longbottom heir was just seen going down to his vaults with a goblin who will bring him here when he is done. Now what would you like to do." he asked motioning to the parchment.

"I will except the title of all four of them." Harry said and Ragnok nodded before he started waving his hands over a big box and chanted in his native tongue. When he neared the end he spoke all of Harry's titles in English and the box started to glow a bright white. When the glow went away Ragnok opened the box and pushed it to Harry. He looked inside and saw four ring boxes. One was emerald green, one was blood red, one was black, and the last was blue. He slowly reached into the box and pulled out all four of the ring boxes. He opened the green one and saw a beautiful golden ring with diamonds going around it. In the middle there was a crest which was a leaf with a sword and arrow through it the letter A engraved on top of the leaf. He pulled the ring out and slid it on his right index finger and it shrunk it's self to fit his hand and he felt magic pulse through him.

He let the wonderful feeling of the magic dim a little before he picked up the red box. He opened it and saw a black ring with blood red ruby's around the band and the crest was of a quarter moon with a sword through it and hanging off the bottom of the moon you could see a small bat hanging. Around the band where there was space in the ruby's the name Potter was engraved. He slid it on his right ring finger and it shrunk down to fit him and once again he felt magic wash through him nearly overwhelming him.

"Wow that feel's really good." Harry said as he picked up the blue box and opened it to see a simple platinum band with a small blue stone on top of it and an engraving of a raven was on both sides of it. He slid that on his left index finger and it resized it's self and he felt an even more power flow through him then he did for the first ones. He was about to but the box down when he saw a note sticking out from under it. He pulled it out and read


The four split into groups of two

brought together by the powers true.

the princes's who can remove us from our ageless sleep

to be taught the powers that they keep.

From our ageless sleep we wake up for

the two who will end this pointless war.

"What does it mean?" Harry asked looking up at Ragnok who had a huge grin on his face.

"I have a feeling we will find out in a while." Ragnok said

"Whatever." Harry said with a shrug and picked up the last box and opened it. This ring was black with silver snake like scales engraved on it. The top of the ring was like a snakes head coming out of the ring with small ruby's for eyes and a black diamond in its open mouth. He pulled out the ring and found another ring with the same message. Harry put the ring on his left ring finger and the magic that entered his body over whelmed him so much that he fell back in the chair as the magic pulsed through his veins. He started to feel a little better when there was a knock on the door.

"Do you want to still see Mr. Longbottom?" Ragnok asked and Harry nodded and tried to get up but could and only ended up sinking lower into the chair as Ragnok stood up and went to the door and opened it. "Ahh Mr. Longbottom please come in."

"Did my Gran call you, is she here?"

"No Mr. Longbottom. This isn't about your Grandmother it is about your cousin. Harry James Potter, Prince of the Potter family and the Ancalimon family. Lord of Slytherin and Ravenclaw." Ragnok said and Harry was finally able to push him self up and turned to look at Neville with a huge smile before he walked forward.

"Hey cousin how's it going. Wanna leave England with me for a while." Harry asked and Neville started to smile.

"We're cousin's? How?"

"Our mum's were adopted they were sisters." Harry said "So you wanna go with me."

"That's why I was here to go over to the States for a vacation. Seeing as I never do anything fun."

"Might I suggest that you take a blood test first." Ragnok asked and Neville nodded.

"May I make a request before you start." Harry asked and Ragnok nodded.

"Of course Harry."

"Could you get me a copy of every single file that has my name on it. So all with Harry James Potter, Evans, Ancalimon, Slytherin and Ravenclaw." Harry said and Ragnok raised an eyebrow.

"Of course Harry." Ragnok said "Go with Glamrock here and he will take you to get all the files you have requested as we do your cousins blood test."

"Thank you." Harry said and left the room with the goblin who escorted Neville. "If we may I'd also like to stop at my vaults." Harry said and Glamrock nodded.


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