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When they left the room they searched for the founders. They went to all founders doors and knocked. When they knocked on Rowena's door it opened to show all four founders sitting in a circle on the floor. They quietly started to turn around as they had their eyes closed obviously meditating.

"Did you need something?" They heard Helga ask and turned to see that her back was still to them and their eyes were all still closed.

"Umm yeah we were just wondering where would we be staying?" Neville said

"You'll have to make your rooms in the Room of Requirement." Rowena said quietly.

"Okay thanks." said Harry and they turned to leave again.

"Dinner will be ready in an hour or so." Helga said to their backs as they walked.

"Okay." Harry and Neville said together as the door was closed behind them.

"Wonder what their doing in there." Neville said as they walked in front of the Room of Requirement.

"Probably going over some more of those documents that were put into them while they were out." Said Harry as he opened the door that appeared in front of them. It opened into what appeared to be the Gryffindor common room, but instead of having all red and gold all four houses colors where spread around. Plus another rather large edition was the huge flat screen on the wall. They walked into the room and looked around.

"This room is bloody wicked man." Neville said as he walked over to one of the blank walls and a door appeared. He opened it and walked in to find the room that he was picturing in his mind.

"Merlin I love this room." Harry said from across the room and Neville turned to see him looking into his own room.

"So umm Harry I think we should talk about all this man." Neville said as he sat down in front of the fire in an arm chair.

"What do you mean mate?" Harry said as he spread out on the couch.

"About our parents and stuff. I never knew any of this stuff about my folks and well I don't think you did either. I've never had any cousins and I mean for Merlin's sake were prince's, you're a vampire, I'm a lycan, and we both have elven blood in us. Oh and we happen to be related to the founders of Hogwarts. And I never would have found out any of this if it wasn't for you mate. How did you even find out?" Neville asked. Harry sat up and put his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands.

"It's a long story mate." He answered with a sigh.

"We have time." Neville said with a small laugh.

"Alright. Well this past summer I noticed some people around my house." Harry started and told him the whole story.

"Why the hell would they do something like that." Neville said angrily after Harry finished who the story.

"Because they care about nothing but themselves." Harry replied softly. "I always thought of them like the family I never had and it turns out it was all a lie."

"Two things here mate. First it wasn't all a lie the twins and Mr. Weasly. You never said anything about them being involved. Even though their older it always kind of seemed like the twins looked up to you mate. And Mr. Weasly he just doesn't seem the type to do something like that. He's too honest a man for that." Neville said and Harry seemed to think about it.

"I guess your right, but what's the second thing?" Harry asked.

"You have a family now mate and I won't do anything like that to you." Neville said

"Thanks Nev." Harry said with a small smile. "So what do you make of this whole elven prince thing we have going for us."

"I think it's pretty weird actually. I didn't know regular elves were still around. I thought they were killed off a long time ago."

"Really well I wonder why our mums were put up for adoption, I mean their parents are still alive. I wonder why they gave them up?" Harry said

"Well we'll have to find them while we're across the pond." Said Neville and Harry nodded his head.

"Sounds like a plan."

"Guy's dinners ready." They heard and looked at the door to see Salazar standing there looking in.

"Great I'm starving." Neville said jumping up quickly.

"Your starving, try going about a thousand years with out food and waking up one day. I could eat an dragon." Salazar said as he turned around and they followed him out laughing a little bit.

"Doesn't sound very appetizing but if that's what's for dinner I'm game." Harry said as they walked into Helga's room and their mouths started to water instantly.

"Merlin that smells great." Neville said as they entered a dining room.

"Thank you dear." Helga said beaming as everyone sat down and started eating.

"So there is one thing I don't get with all of this. How are we related to all of you?" Harry asked and Salazar put down his fork.

"Well you Harry are related to us on your fathers side he is my grandson." Salazar said causing Harry to raise his eyebrows. "Not what you were expecting?"

"No I was expecting to be something a lot different than that. Maybe second cousins twice removed or something weird but not that you would be my great grandfather and great grandmother." Harry said in awe.

"Yes well our youngest was a daughter. She got mixed up with Hanzi Potter. It wasn't a position we wanted her in, but we could see their love was true. She was turned and many years later, just thirty-five years ago or so a potion was made by a vampire so they could conceive and your father was born and sadly it seems our daughter passed." Rowena said with a sad smile.

"What about us?" Neville asked after a few minutes of silence turning to Godric and Helga.

"Your dad as you know was a part of the European Lycan Clan. I started the Clan." Godric said with a grin. "Secretly of course other wise I never would have been allowed to teach. We we're hated as much then as vampires were. Anyway Helga and I had children and all of them were born lycan's. But they got married and had kids and so on."

"So in other words you're my many great grandparents." Neville said and Godric nodded.

"Yes Ric just likes to talk about forming the Lycan Clan." Helga said making him pout a little causing everyone else to laugh and go back to eating. After a while Godric stopped pouting and brought up the training.

"Tomorrow morning we are going to wake up early to start training. Sal and myself have been going through some of the training and exercise books and things that were put into our minds so we are going to be getting you into the best shape possible." He said with a grin.

"When you say morning roughly when are you talking about?" Harry asked before taking a bite out of his roll.

"I was thinking four." Godric replied causing Harry to start choking and Neville slapped him on the back as hard as he could causing it to fly onto Harry's plate.

"Four are you crazy." Neville said while Harry caught his breath.

"A little yeah." Godric replied with a grin.

"Why so bloody early." Harry asked

"So we can get as much work done as possible of course. As soon as we're done exercising we'll work on weapons training. Then you can shower and eat breakfast and start training with each of us on the various magic's. At the end of the day you'll come back to us for animagus training for you Harry and to learn how to control the lycan in you Neville." Godric said still grinning. "It'll be great."

"Yeah sure it will." Harry said as he went back to eating.


The next morning Harry and Neville were woken once again by water being poured over them. Harry looked up angrily to see Salazar standing over him laughing, while Neville was glaring at Godric in his room.

"Get changed and go out the door in the back." They were instructed.

"Changed into what I don't have any clothes." Harry said to Salazars back.

"Room of Requirements remember." Was the reply he got back before the door was closed. So he got up with a sigh and went over to the far wall and as he walked a dresser appeared. He opened it and pulled out some clothes to work out in. He got changed and walked out of his room and through the door at the back where Neville, Godric, and Salazar were already waiting.

"Who's ready for some fun." Godric asked causing Harry and Neville to glare at him. "Great let's start with some warm up's you never want to exercise a cold body. We're going to start with some jumping jack's."

"Okay we're all done exercising." Godric said an hour later they did some running, sit ups, push ups and weight lifting and Harry despite how he know looked was still tired as hell after words.

"Thank Merlin." He said between puffs.

"Now on to weapons." Salazar said with a grin causing Harry and Neville to groan as the landscape around them changed to a long room. The entire left wall was covered with different kinds of weapons long swords, short swords, broad swords, rapier's, daggers, dirks, axes, hammers, and pretty much any other weapons you could think of. "I think we're just going to need swords today."

"Alright you two, go pick your weapon." Godric said so they walked over to the wall.

"What are you thinking Harry." Neville asked as they walked along looking at the weapons.

"Don't know yet." Harry said but stopped and picked up a long sword. It was three feet long with a long straight double edged blade. The hilt had a very small guard, a single handed grip, and two backward-curving quillons near the pommel. He looked at the tag attached to it. "Celtic long-sword, usually a slashing sword because the rounded tip is ill-suited for stabbing and thrusting. Think I found what I wanna use."

"Me too." Neville said and Harry looked over to see him holding a long sword. It was about four and a half feet long with a three and half foot long blade. It had a guard with two down-sloping arms ending in quatrefoils. "It's a claymore."

"It's huge." Harry said.

"You guy's ready or what." They heard and turned to see Salazar and Godric stand in the middle of the room.

"Yeah." Neville said

"Let's do this." Harry replied at the same time and they walked over to them.


"Why did we do that?" Harry groaned as they walked back to their little house to shower before breakfast.

"Cause you said let's do this." Neville said in reply as he rubbed his aching arms.

"You said yeah when they asked if we were ready." Harry shot back as they walked in and he pulled off his shirt as they split ways.

"Yeah well, Harry what the hell happened to your back." Neville asked and Harry cringed a little bit from having been so stupid.

"It's nothing." Harry said.

"Mate your back's scared like crazy." Neville said as he started walking towards him and Harry turned around.

"I said its nothing, now leave it alone." He hissed between his teeth before turning around and storming into his room slamming the door behind him. He went through the other door in his room and got into his shower. After he was done he dried off and stood in front of the mirror. He closed his eyes and when he opened them there was a mirror behind him. He looked at his back at each scar individually. For anyone else it might be hard, but he could trace every scar from start to finish and knew exactly when it was done and why. He looked at three scars on his back in particular.

"July 28th, 1991, six-thirty p.m. more letters came for me this time in a dozen eggs. Hit with a belt for about five minutes before Vernon realized it had no effect on me. Then he turned it over each strike tore my back open. So bad that Petunia had to actually stitch it up. And now to think about it maybe Dumbledore did that because he knew what would happen." Harry said and looked back in the mirror surprised to see tears running down his cheek. He looked back at his back for a few seconds. His anger started to build before he grabbing the soap holder and turning around threw it at the mirror. He turned back around and slammed his fist down on the sink shattering it. He turned and kicked the tub completely shattering the thick marble. He couldn't seem to control himself as he slammed his fist into the wall again and again. Eventually there was a hole completely through the wall into his room. He smashed through it and continued to vent his anger onto his room. He grabbed his dresser and through it at the wall like it weighed no more than a rag doll. He was just tossing his bed at the wall when the door was thrown open. He started to swing his fist at the wall, but before it could connect he was grabbed from behind and spun around. He pulled his fist back getting ready to swing when he saw it was Neville.

"Harry what's wrong?" Neville asked and Harry seemed to sink a little bit.

"My life." Said Harry quietly as he held out his arms and clothes appeared in his hands. He pulled away from Neville and walked to the bath room as he walked the room started putting its self back together. He went through the door to the bath room to see that it was completely fixed. He changed into his clothes before going back into his room. He walked out of his room and headed straight for Helga's room. He sat down and while the founders talked Harry and Neville were both quiet.

"Anything wrong boys." Helga asked as Harry put some pancakes, bacon, eggs, and various pieces of fruit on his plate.

"Just tired is all." Neville said

"Okay well hurry and eat. You have Herbology after breakfast." Helga said so Harry quickly ate his food.


The rest of the day Harry spent slightly withdrawn paying just enough attention to know what was going on. After dinner he was given a book by Salazar simply titled Animagus Guide.

"I want you to read this. It'll help you in your training." He said and Harry nodded.

"Alright thanks." He said before turning around and heading to his room. When he got into the common room area and sat down in front of the fire with his book. Neville came in about an hour later and sat down opposite Harry.

"Do you wanna talk about it mate?" Neville asked and Harry sighed and shook his head. "Mate just know you can talk to me alright about anything. Truth be told even before today, you have always been my best friend. Which says some really poor stuff about me since we never even really hung out. But we're cousins. I just wanted to let you know you can talk to me."

With that Neville stood up and started to walk away. "It was my uncle." Harry said causing Neville to turn around and walk back over.

"Your uncle." Neville said and Harry nodded looking at the fire.

"Not all of them of course. Some are from my aunt. My uncle let my cousin do it a few times."

"Why?" Neville asked

"Th-they didn't need a reason. Not a real one anyways. Every one was done for something I couldn't control." Harry said

"Like what?" Neville asked quietly Harry sighed again as he pulled off his shirt. He turned around and slid his hand across his back. He slid his hand from below his left shoulder blade down and across to his right side.

"October 11, 1998, 2:30, my piece of shit cousin and his friends were chasing me trying to beat my ass. Dudley, the fat bastard that's suppose to be my cousin tripped and skinned his knee. He claimed I did it. That is just one of the marks that was left by the lamp cord he used on me. But it was a special occasion because I hurt his little boy. So I was held down and had alcohol pour on some of the cuts and salt put in the others. Then I was left in the cupboard under the stairs that served as my room for a week with no food. It wasn't all physical, I'm surprised I'm not a raging sociopath running around killing people right now to be completely honest with you." Harry said and he felt Neville touch his back.

"I say before we leave we go and kill those stupid pieces of shit." Neville said angrily and Harry turned back around and gently rubbed his eyes.

"That wouldn't change the past. I'm just gonna live with the knowledge that I'll never be going back there." Harry said as he pulled his shirt back on.

"How can you just be okay with letting it go!" Neville said

"Because I know if I give into my burning desire for revenge it won't stop there. It'll go until I get back at everyone in the world who ever wronged me. I… I just can't do that." Harry said and Neville nodded.

"Fine I'll do it then." Neville said making Harry laugh a little.

"Thanks but I'd prefer you not to. I just got you as a cousin, don't wanna lose you already mate." Harry said giving him a manly hug. "I'm going to bed mate. See you tomorrow morning."

"Night." Neville said going into his room.


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