Two of a Kind

(A Tru Calling - Dollhouse Crossover)

Chapter 1

Early morning


In spite of it being exceptionally hot at this time of year, she shivered like an abandoned dry leaf, blown in the autumn wind. The vapor floating in the air impairing transparency around the heated gravestone added another layer of blur to her tearful eyes. A sad reflection of the newly-shaken trust between the deceased mother and the confused daughter. A metamorphosis she certainly did not see coming. The gift her mother passed on to her was something she thought of as a miracle; a privilege she wanted to believe she deserved. For not only is she blessed with the opportunity to save lives, but also with the choice to change them. Her sacred duty is one she feared, yet cherished. A blessing that if misused, will turn into a deadly curse. Something her mother knew but did not wisely avoid.

"How could you?" she whispered as she desperately tried to catch her breath in between sobs. "How could you do this?"

So many questions wandered randomly in her head, trying desperately to find answers. Tru Davies has always been a quick-witted problem solver, but this time, the perplexity is beyond reason.

"Why did you keep it a secret? What were you afraid of? I'm sure you had a good reason to do what you did. You died trying to protect me, and you gave me the power to relive days, the least you could do was tell me."


Three days ago,


"Alright, this one's easy" says Tru, "what's a 7 letter word for 'substance that releases fragrant smoke when burned'?"

"Hashish!" shouts out Harrison.

"Incense, Harrison… incense… Gosh! This isn't working…" Tru throws away the newspaper with the half-filled crossword puzzle.

"Oh, come on, Tru… This is fun, we're having fun" says Harrison.

"It would've been a whole lot more fun if we were going to London like I first suggested."

"London's boring, and it's British, and it's cold. Besides, Lindsey's there with her new husband" Harrison says sarcastically and enviously. "Los Angeles is American and warm" he says dreamingly while looking out of the airplanes window. "Disney Land, baby! That's where the fun is."

"I can't believe you talked me into this."

"You said you needed a vacation."

"I didn't say I wanted to spend it with Mickey Mouse!"

"For your information, there's a lot more to Disney Land than Mickey Mouse."

"Whatever, as long as you're happy, then I'm happy."

"Aww! You're so sweet, sis" he leans over and gives his sister a kiss on the cheek. "Let's play something else. I got my Uno deck."

"No Harry, I can't focus right now, I'm really dizzy. I just want to try and get some sleep" confirmed Tru.

"I can't believe you're afraid of flying. All the time traveling you do, and you're afraid of flying?"

"I don't fly when I time travel. I just… wake up!" Tru's pale face and heavy breathing expose her stressed condition. She places her hand on her chest, and tries to swallow the fear.

"Just relax, sweetie. We'll be there in no time. Think of something nice… uh… birds… no, no not birds…. uh, dolphins… or flowers… or pizza..."

"blllllllluuuuughhhh!" Tru starts vomiting in a paper bag.

"Ooh! Nasty!" says Harrison to himself with a disgusted look on his face.


Next day, afternoon

Disney Land

Harrison returns from his roller coaster ride, staggering and groaning as he approaches the side bench where Tru is treating herself to a chocolate chip and blueberry ice cream.

"How was your ride?" She asks with a smile.

"Intense" Harrison admits. "Is it me or is the world spinning?"

"Now who's having motion sickness?" Tru laughs. "I was thinking, since we have different tastes in what's fun and what's sickening, I think we should split up and make better use of our time here."

"Great! There's that 'Pirates of the Caribbean' adventure that I'm dying to try out" says Harrison.

"And I think I'll take the 'Jungle Cruise'" says Tru, while looking into a theme park pamphlet. "That looks like fun. I just hope I don't get sea sick."

"I'm getting sick enough for the both of us." Harrison says right before he throws up on the flowers planted on the side walk.

"Ooh! Nasty!" Says Tru with a disgusted look on her face.