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As I walked outside into the night, the cool October breeze blew against my face, sending a chill up my spine. I wasn't planning on going far. I just needed to cool my temper down before I faced Annie again, because if I hadn't, it might have caused some real trouble.

I started down the driveway and into the street, trying to clear my head. As I got further down the road, I heard a car coming from the distance, and when it passed me, the passenger stuck his head out and yelled some disrespectful curse words at me. I guess Simon's next move is going to be joining some group of gangsters like those. What am I going to do with this kid?

I took a deep breath. I had been walking for about 5-10 minutes. I was getting kind of lightheaded, so I decided to head back to the house, and prayed that it wasn't a sign that I was about to have another heart attack.

A few seconds later I heard an awfully familiar scream. It sounded like a woman was yelling someone's name. My name.

I realized it was Annie. I began to walk faster, and when she screamed again, I broke into a jog.

"Annie!" I yelled as loud as possible as I tried to make it to the house in time. This time her scream was hard to understand. I could tell she hadn't said my name, but I couldn't tell exactly what she had said. I prayed she was alright, and if she wasn't then my blood pressure would be off the charts because I would have been boiling with anger.

I broke into the fastest sprint of my life, and when our house (finally) came into view, I saw a black SUV with tinted windows parked out front. Two guys all dressed in black were carrying Annie down the driveway to their car. I slowed down, not wanting the men to see me in case they were armed.

As I creeped around the car, the look on Annie's face showed crystal clear that she was terrified out of her mind.

I wanted her to see me, to let her know I was there and that I was going to do everything I could to help her. I decided to make a very risky move. I ran towards the front of the house, this way the men's backs were completely facing me. As the men and Annie reached the SUV, Annie's and my eyes met for a split second. Her eyes were filled with shock and fear, and I think she mouthed the words, "help me".

I wanted to get in my car and follow them, but I knew I couldn't leave the kids at the house alone. I quickly made it to the front door and once I made it in, I shot up the stairs, frantically looking for Mary or Lucy. Mary was in the hallway, and when she saw me she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Dad! Mom --" Mary started, but I cut her off.

"I know, I know. Are you and the others okay?" I asked in a hurry.

"Yeah, Dad, we're all fine," Mary replied.

"Okay, stay here, because I have got to get in my car and follow those guys before they get too far down the road. Call Sergeant Michaels and tell him what's going on. Tell him they're driving a black SUV with dark windows. I didn't pay attention to the plate number. I will be back as soon as I can, okay?"

Mary started to say something, but I was already at the front door before I could listen. I saw the SUV heading down the road, so I ran to my car and hopped in. I quickly snapped on my seat belt, and put the keys in the ignition. I kicked it into drive, and sped down the driveway and onto the street.

Will Eric be able to stay on their tracks? Will he make it in time to save Annie?