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It was another Friday night in Luigi's after a hard weeks work, they had finally got a result on the string of robberies they had been investigating and the team were celebrating. Of course this meant that they were all drinking vast amounts of alcohol and Chris and Ray were subjecting a long-suffering Luigi to the customary round of awful Italian jokes.

The team were sat around their usual tables at the back of the restaurant and were all a bit worse for wear. Chris and Shaz had forgotten their usual shyness and were currently sat almost on top of one another. Whereas Ray was sat on the other side of Chris, with a pint in one hand and a fag in the other. Rather than head to their usual corner table, Alex and Gene had decided to join the team to celebrate and were currently sitting at the end of the table, opposite each other.

Chris and Shaz were giggling and whispering to each other, seemingly oblivious to anyone else. Meanwhile, Ray was trying, and failing miserably, to attract the attention of the blonde who was stood by the bar.

This left Gene and Alex to talk amongst themselves and the conversation had started to die out as the evening drew on. This was mainly because Alex was well aware, from previous experience, that when she'd had a few glasses she flirted with her DCI much more than she should. This, mixed with the fact that her feelings for him had been becoming increasingly confused in recent weeks, made Alex decide that keeping conversation with Gene Hunt to a minimum was probably the best way of avoiding humiliation. 'Definitely the best idea' Alex decided as she watched Gene remove his tie and undo the first couple of buttons on his shirt.

Alex had begun to see her rude, arrogant boss in a different light in the last couple of months. It had been almost three months since the Prices were killed and she had had to watch her parents ripped away from her all over again. She had been a mess for the first week or so but eventually she decided that she had already done her grieving for them when she was a girl and resolved to push it to the back of her mind. However, during those first few days, Alex had seen a totally different side to DCI Hunt, he was considerate, kind almost, towards her and that's when the complications started.

Alex had always known that, deep down, there was more to Gene Hunt than the boorish northern flat-foot, but she had never expected to be so intrigued to learn more about that part of him. Of course, she had always found him attractive in a physical sense, six foot of pure red-blooded alpha male, 'Well, who wouldn't?' wondered Alex, with that blonde hair, the breath-taking blue eyes, and that pout. 'God, that bloody pout' just thinking about it was enough to make her swoon. But it was more than just a sexual attraction for Alex now, and she was finding this new development in her feelings unsettling.

There was no denying that there was a large amount of sexual tension between the DCI and his DI, even Chris could see that. Alex would often see her own desire reflected in Gene's eyes and was sure that he found her attractive. 'And therein lies my problem,' contemplated Alex, 'Desire. That's all it is for him.' She sighed out loud, Gene looked up and she was once again lost in the intensity of his gaze.

'You gonna leave that bottle alone, Bolls?' Gene asked, 'Yeh've been twirlin' it round fer at least ten minutes.'

'Oh, sorry.' She mumbled as she looked down at the, now still, empty wine bottle she'd been spinning absentmindedly and shook her head to try and clear her thoughts.

'Thinkin' bout anythin' nice?' he prompted, 'You were away with the bleedin' fairies!'

Alex blushed at having been found out, which earned a curious glance from Gene. He was just about to ask another question when Shaz suddenly cut in.

'Look the bottle's landed on the guv,' Shaz laughed, 'you'll have to kiss him now ma'am!'

Gene raised an eyebrow at Alex as she blushed an even deeper red and mumbled, 'I, err, didn't mean, I was just…'

Looking confused, Chris interrupted Alex's stuttering, 'Why has she got to kiss the Guv, have I missed something here?'

Shaz explained, still giggling, 'You never heard of spin the bottle Chris? The person that spins the bottle has to kiss the person it lands on.' Then Shaz's face lit up and said, 'Why don't we all play, it'll be fun!'

Alex was still red in the face and began muttering that she didn't think that was a good idea, while Gene shifted uncomfortably in his seat. The new turn in the conversation, however, had caught Ray's attention and he practically shouted, 'I think it's a great idea!' Having watched the Guv and his DI with increasing interest the last few weeks, he was much more perceptive than he cared to let on, he had noticed the subtle changes in their relationship and wanted to see where this game would lead.

'Great' thought Alex, 'This is going to be embarrassing. I have enough trouble controlling myself around him as it is, how will I keep my emotions in check when I have to bloody kiss him?!'

'Right', said Shaz, barely concealing her excitement, 'Seeing as Ma'am has already spun, her and the Guv are the first unwilling victims of the game!'

Alex groaned inwardly, 'This just gets worse and worse!' she noticed Gene staring across at her with an impassive look on his face, 'At least it's only a peck on the lips.'

Alex had been half hoping that Gene would put a stop to this game before it got started but was surprised when he leaned in, with a smirk on his face, and whispered, 'What yeh waitin' for Bolly? Scared?'

Truth be told Alex was terrified, but she was damned if she was going to let Gene know that. So, she swallowed the lump in her throat with difficulty and gave him the lightest of pecks on his mouth. She pulled away as quickly as she could, trying very hard to control her breathing so no-one would notice the effect he had on her. 'Christ!' she thought, 'It was only a peck! How on earth am I going to cope when the game starts to heat up?'

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