For Love of Amber Eyes

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"You have not returned my messages." Her father stated with slight accusation in his voice. "My apologies, father. I was immensely busy." The young woman replied guiltily. She clasped her hands tightly in front of her in the vain hope of calming her nerves. This was a conversation she did not relish having. They stood before the front gates of a large and magnificent castle, the place the young demon slayer woman now called home. "Sango, that is a poor excuse." He replied. In truth, Sango had deliberately avoided returning said messages. The thought of them frightened her as much as they angered her. How could her father write to her to tell her she was now betrothed? Then comes the more interesting question, the one she must answer today: How can she tell him that she was already married? And to a demon, no less. She knew he would hate the very thought. Hell, she knew he would never have even considered it before. Nor had she, to be honest. But now he would have to, just as she had. In fact, her husband was standing placidly a few feet behind her, not that her father or any of his companions knew that. They merely saw a youkai; something to kill if needed. Or, in this particular's case, her pet. Though, as a demon slayer's daughter she would have been profusely warned of the dangers of the humanoid specimens. Thus their confusion as they watched him warily. She knew better than that. "Again, I apologize, father." Sango said meekly.

For his part, Sesshomaru was very agitated; though it didn't show on his person. He knew exactly what the contents of those messages were, having read them himself, and was very much aware of what the substance of this visit would consist of. Needless to say he was NOT happy. She was his. His! And Hell would begin hosting charity barbeques before he let anyone take her from him. 'The presumption of this mortal to think he can take my mate from me and hand her to some inferior human male. This Sesshomaru will not have it.' He thought bitterly.

"Sango, you know why we are here. You must return home with us and marry Tomi." He stated. Sango flinched, she knew the man her father had promised her to. He was a boy from her village that she grew up with. He was a bully then and he is a bully now. Sesshomaru or no, Tomi was not a pleasant idea for a husband. Sesshomaru shifted his stance slightly. He didn't know this Tomi, and quite frankly he didn't care. The human was irrelevant in the demon lord's eyes. His Sango was not marrying him, end of story.

"Father, I can't marry Tomi. And I can't come back with you." Sango quietly stated. "Why?" Her father immediately wanted to know. He was becoming suspicious. He knew she would not like the idea of marrying this particular man but he didn't think that she would be so opposed that she would be borderline cold to him, her beloved father. For that was exactly how she was behaving since he arrived: detached and less than enthused to see him. Not at all like his usually sweet and gentle daughter. Something is amiss…

Sesshomaru looked on with increased attention. This was the moment he had been waiting for since the humans arrived at his gate almost an hour ago. The moment in which she confessed her attachment to him and sent them away empty handed. He knew why she had been stalling, given her family's profession, but he was busy and needed to get back to his paperwork. Paperwork, not his favorite part of being lord of the Western Lands but it needed to be done. He was only down here now to provide emotional support to the woman he loved. And oh, how he loves her. Yes, the fact surprised him as well. He gazed on expectantly as she turned her head to glance back at him. He nodded his encouragement and waited.

She turned back to face her father once more and took a calming breath. It did little for her. "Father, I can't go back with you because this is my home now." Not exactly what he expected her to say, but Sesshomaru waited patiently deciding she couldn't possibly be finished yet. As for her father, he merely arched a brow at the ridiculousness of his daughter living among demons and calling the place home. He scanned her again, once more taking in the beautiful and elaborate kimono she wore. His suspicions grew. "Nonsense, your home is in the demon slayer's village with us. With humans." He told her matter-of-factly. Sesshomaru growled slightly at this and scowled. Her home was with her husband, with him. The humans shifted into defensive stances at the noise coming fro within the youkai's chest. Though when he made no move to attack they relaxed somewhat. He gave them a chilling glare of reproach before shifting his attention back to his mate. She was stiff from the anxiety of what she must say next. "No, father, it isn't." She replied. "It's here with Sesshomaru." Her father stared incredulously when his daughter called the beast by name. And the way she said it! With affection dripping from every syllable. It was much more loving than one would give a simple pet. It was almost as if… No, he wouldn't entertain the thought for even a moment. There was no way his daughter could… "How could your home be here with that thing instead of with your own kind?" he asked, disbelief in his voice. Sesshomaru growled quite menacingly at being referred to as such. He would have attacked for the human's impudence had Sango not turned and shook her head before returning her attention to the man in front of her. For her sake he stayed his hand which was itching to wrap around the foolish human's throat. "Don't call him that, father." She demanded urgently. Sesshomaru could only be pushed and restrained so far. As it was, she herself was quite irritated with her father's disrespect to her love. It emboldened her. "I can call this place home. I can't return with you or marry Tomi because…" here she paused, took a deep breath and plunged ahead "I love him!" She exclaimed. Absolute silence. Not even the birds from the surrounding forest uttered a peep in anticipation of the harsh reaction that would surely follow such a declaration. Her father had paled considerably under his tan at her words. 'No,' he thought 'no way in all bloody Hell would my child give her heart to a demon!' He refused to believe it. "Sango, stop this foolishness this instant." He commanded. "There is more, father." She whispered in fear of his reaction "I can't marry Tomi because I've already married Sesshomaru." She glanced up into her father's face from where she had been staring at the ground before turning her eyes back to his feet. His reaction was instant and negative. With a hard slap to the face Sango found herself throwing her arms out to catch herself with her hands before she fell face first into the dirt.

Sesshomaru had seen it coming, the second the words left her lips he had seen her father's arm come up and instantly knew his intent. He almost moved, despite his promise, to protect her from the offending limb but he stopped himself after only one step. He couldn't interfere. She had made him promise. And he would never break a promise to her, even in spite of his better judgment… Unless doing so would cause her real bodily harm. As it was, it took all of his considerable will power not to move and even then he nearly failed.

Sango hesitantly picked herself up again. Frankly she was stunned. Her father had never struck her outside of training before. She slowly raised her stinging face to look into the eyes of her glowering father. "How could you?" he demanded "How could you shame your clan, your honor, you very humanity and give yourself to some demon with piss-colored eyes?!" She audibly gasped at this. "They are not piss-colored." She said with tears in her eyes. "They are golden, like the sun." Her defense of the creature only seemed to anger him more. He raised his arm again and she did nothing to stop him. This time she stayed down. "No daughter of mine will give herself to a demon. No daughter of mine will shame me and herself to such an extent as this." He hissed through clenched teeth. "As far as anyone is concerned, I have no daughter!" And with that he snatched the taijiya mask she wore on her obi threw it into the forest and gave the woman a sound kick before turning to leave. Her soft voice stopped him mid-stride just as he was about to disappear into the trees. "You can take away my inheritance. You can take away my ability to come home. But I'm still your daughter. No one can take that from me, not even you." She said softly as tears began cascading down her face. Her father, the man who raised her, the man who trained her, responded with nothing more than a snort of contempt before striding angrily into the forest without a backward glance.

It was coming, he could sense it. "Sango." He gently called to her. She lifted her shamed face to look at him, got to her feet and took the outstretched hand he offered her. He pulled her to him with an audible smack. With that he lifted her up into his arms and carried her as quickly as he could away from the site of her heartbreak. Others had begun to gather during the exchange between the humans and he would not allow his wife to be humiliated further. He would take her away to cry in privacy. In a matter of moments he had taken them to their sleeping chamber and sat them gently on their futon. He wrapped his arms and legs around her huddled form shielding her from view of the rest of the world. It could almost feel it breaking, the dam holding back her sorrow. And when it finally gave he allowed her to sob into his chest.

He remembered a time quite a while ago, when he was only beginning to feel his affections for her, when he had been placed in a similar situation. The difference had been the fact that the sobbing girl in his arms that time had been Rin and she had been crying because some children had been taunting her about her humanity. He remembered looking to the demon slayer for assistance as he didn't know how to go about comforting the distraught little girl. Sango had simply smiled and said 'Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply hold someone and listen.' He had done just that, and though he couldn't understand a damn word the child had been sobbing, it did seem to help considerably. So, looking down at the woman he chose to give his heart to, he pulled her to him tighter and ran a hand gently through her hair as she shook and sobbed. She had defended him to the bitter end and he couldn't help but feel a terrible anger for the pathetic human who'd dare reject his mate and love. 'Filthy human, as if he could possibly comprehend her utter superiority." He thought.

Soon enough, her sobs turned into whimpers, her whimpers into sniffles and her sniffles into silence. Her breathing had become shallow and even. Looking down, Sesshomaru found that she had cried herself to sleep. Quietly and as tenderly as he could, he laid them both down and continued to hold her to him. He would never abandon her to her loneliness. He vowed never to make her regret her decision to stay with him, regret her 'betrayal' of the ones she had called family. She had defended him 'til the bitter end. And all for love of his amber eyes.

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