A/N: I know it's short, but work with me here. I thought any more would be overkill for this part. This is a scene between the scenes. If you are familiar with episode 05 "Aristocratic Assassin Sesshomaru" then you should be able to follow this with ease. If you need to refresh your memory on that episode, please do; or you will be completely lost. I know for a fact that this is cannon to the story as I had watched that episode in preparation to writing this. So you should at least watch up until Inu Yasha gets dragged off to the river of death.

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"Oooh, wait for me, Lord Sesshomaru!" came a high-pitched, whiney voice from behind. Sesshomaru snorted (if he actually did such undignified things) in exasperation. Of course he continued on. It was beneath a lord to wait for a servant, it should always be the other way around. "Lord Sesshomaru!" And now he picks up his pace. Honestly, Jaken should know better by now. If you are going to whine, you will be left behind. Plus, such antics always entertained Sesshomaru… even if showing it would be beneath him. In fact, despite his stony disposition, Sesshomaru was actually in a very good mood. He was close. "My lord! The staff… it moves!" came the obnoxious voice from several yards away. Oh yes, very close indeed. The Staff of Two Heads ripped itself from Jaken's scrawny hands and levitated over the path they were following to stop several paces away from where Sesshomaru had ceased walking. It had stopped just before a decline in the path over-looking a quiet village. Sesshomaru smiled, he finally understands. Inu Yasha.

It had been… upsetting to travel all the way to his father's tomb only to find it empty, at least of anything of use. There had been that pack of mangy mongrels, but other than that: disappointment. Then there was those foolish mortal samarai. All that was required of them was to acquiesce to his simple command for a boat. Those humans couldn't even manage that. And on top of all of that, he couldn't, for the life of him, figure out that damn riddle: Seen, but never seen. Protected, but never known by its protector… What the hell does that mean? How is it that someone with as incredible a mind as his couldn't unravel a silly riddle? All in all, it had been a horrible trip thus far. And then things turned around, and because of Jaken, no less. That sycophantic fool has actually made himself of use. While he despised his half-breed brother, Inu Yasha, the fact that he was now free of the priestess' curse may benefit him in finishing his quest. The Staff seems to be leading them to that vermin, anyway. But how to proceed? One can't expect that stubborn idiot to simply hand over the information he seeks. This Sesshomaru must trick it out of him. Unfortunately, schemes are beneath him.

"Mi'lord?" That wretched voice again, "How do you plan to take the information we require from Inu Yasha, mi'lord?" The question was met with silence. With a sigh, Jaken looked out into the forest around them as he trailed after his master. A shadow caught his eye. Did it just move? The shadow moved again. It did! Jaken stopped to examine it further. It seemed to be in the shape of a woman. She turned toward him. She has no face!! It's an unmother. A plan began forming in Jaken's mind. Lord Sesshomaru could use her. "Mi'lord? Might I make a suggestion about this dilemma?" he inquired. Sesshomaru stopped walking and turned to his loyal vassal. "You have a plan, Jaken?" Jaken nodded vigorously at Sesshomaru's question, proud that he had piqued his master's interest. "Should it fail, you shall die." The happy smile slid right off of Jaken's face.

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