UB"Soul Mates"/U/B

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BSummary: /B [Dean/HP] On a job, when the spirits of two dead lovers possess Sam and Harry, it causes a host of new problems for Dean. Especially with Sam falling in love, Harry trying to kill Sam, and Dean still needing to buy back his soul. At least life for the Winchesters is never boring. Sequel. AU.

BWarnings: /B BSlash. Dean/HP. Sam/HP. Violence. Cross over. AU. Language. Rape. Character Death (minor). Possession. OOC. /B

BRating: /B NC-17. Male-on-male sex ahead.

BA/N:/B This is a sequel to my only other Supernatural fiction, Soul Music, but this one takes place during Season 3 (Before the 'dream walking' episode, so the boys still have the Colt, Groundhog Day didn't die, and Sam still believes Ruby can save Dean). Also, has anyone seen the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 2, episode where Buffy shoots Angelus? Hint.


BUWords: /B/U 9,368

BUChapter 1/B/U

BUSoul Mates/B/U

... Sam moaned softly. His eyelashes fluttered as he turned his head to the side. Someone was kneeling over him, breathing softly on his face, and Sam smiled. His eyes opened, slowly, and he blinked a few times before his smile grew.

"Good morning, love," Harry Potter whispered, as he bent down to kiss the youngest Winchester.

The kiss was slow and easy, but Sam could feel tingles of pleasure running throughout his entire body. He gasped, reaching up as Harry tried to pull back, and tangled his fingers in the Siren's raven hair. "I love you," he gasped against the other's parted lips. "God, Harry, I love you so much."

Harry pulled back, smiling widely. Green eyes sparkled as Harry spoke. "I love you too," he paused, baring his teeth, "Dean."

Sam gasped, jerking forward in the bed. His hand was pressed to his chest, and he panted heavily trying to catch his breath back. At least once a week, for the past three months, he had dreamt of telling Harry he loved him, and Harry always reacted differently. But this wasn't the first night Harry had called him Dean...

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