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What would happen if Mandy, So Random's old cast member who left a while back to become a movie star were to suddenly come back? And ask for a spot back on So Random? But with the economy in such bad shape, how can they possibly afford to keep both Sonny and Mandy on board? Suddenly, the cast is split completely down the middle. Tawni and Grady make up Team Mandy and Team Sonny consists of Zora and Nico. And Sonny... Sonny's just caught in the middle. And if someone outside of the cast were to voice their opinion? More chaos would ensue, of course. And of course, what good is a story without a little jealousy and romance too? So who stays and who goes? Read to find out in, Who's On Team Sonny?

Chapter One: Surprise!

*One year ago*

"Marshall, what does she mean 'working with us'?" Tawni asked, pulling Marshall aside.

"Well she's our newest cast member, Tawn. You remember? We said goodbye to Mandy on our last show," Marshall reminded Tawni.

"I remember the goodbye," Tawni said faking cheerfulness. "I just didn't think there was gonna be a hello." Tawni jerked her thumb over her shoulder towards Sonny, her newest cast member.

Mandy Morretty had been on the cast of So Random for a year and a half before she left to take a major movie deal and become a bigger star. No one had heard from her since she left. No one ever thought she would come back…

*Present time*

The day had started out ordinary. Hanging out in the prop room, joking around, rehearsals, lunch, a couple of pranks on various people, all normal activities for the Randoms. Now they were back in the prop room going over sketch ideas.

"I don't care what you guys say. I am not dressing up as a giant lobster," Tawni complained as she looked at the drawn out idea on Zora's paper.

"Yeah, I don't really want to be a giant bowl of melted butter either…" Sonny spoke gently so she wouldn't hurt the other three's feelings.

"See. Sonny and I are together on this. Giant lobster dinner idea is out," Tawni stated.

"But that's only two against three. We still win," Grady pointed out.

"Yes, but I count as two people." Tawni flashed everyone a toothy, innocent grin.

"That makes it even then," Zora said, logically.

"Sonny counts as one and half people. Case closed. No lobsters." Tawni dismissed the idea with the wave of her hand and went back to drawing something on her own paper.

Sonny couldn't help but smile. She still couldn't believe Tawni and her were actual friends now. Sure it had taken almost an entire year, but the outcome was worth the wait. Sonny had finally found her niche in her So Random family.

"But that's not…" Nico trailed off. He jumped up and gasped. "Mandy!"

"What?" Everyone else asked before turning to the doorway.

"Surprise!" Mandy shouted with her arms held out "ta-da" style.

Tawni was the first one to reach Mandy and break her no-hugging rule.

"Hi, you guys," Mandy said from in between the group hug.

Sonny just stood to the side watching them all, smiling. She had been a big Mandy fan before she came on So Random.

"What are you doing back here?" Tawni asked once the hug had broken apart and everyone was seated around the room with Mandy in the middle of their attention.

"Well, I just thought I'd visit my old friends. I hadn't realized you replaced me. I haven't been watching So Random lately so…" Mandy trailed off, glancing sideways at Sonny.

"Yeah, Sonny came along right after you left," Grady explained from his seated position on the couch, right next to Mandy.

"Oh…" Mandy twirled her a piece of her light brown hair around her finger nervously. "This is kind of awkward then…"

"What do you mean?" Zora asked from the open sarcophagus.

"I also sort of came back in hopes of maybe rejoining you guys…" Mandy said, shifting uncomfortably.

Tawni jumped out of her seat. "Really?" she asked, excitedly.

"Well, I can't now…"

"Well, how about we ask Marshall if she could just be added on as a sixth member?" Nico suggested.

"Yeah," Sonny agreed. "Who says we can only have five cast members?"

"Okay," Mandy agreed, brightening at the idea.

Marshall's office, ten minutes later…

"Sorry guys. We've been getting our budget cut all over the place, and even with our new profits from the check-it-out girls merchandise and popularity from Sonny, I don't think we can afford to add another member. I'm very sorry, Mandy," Marshall said regretfully to Mandy and his cast of kids.

"What? But… Mandy was one of the original members of So Random!" Tawni protested. "Everyone in the audience practically cried when Mandy left the show. Everyone loves her. We can't just deny her, her old job.

"Well, Tawni, we actually can since Sonny already took her old job. She's already her replacement," Marshall explained.

Everyone looked at Sonny, except for Mandy who just stared at the gray carpet. Sonny recoiled slightly from the stares. Mostly from the two coming from Tawni and Grady.

"Well… not to be mean… we love Sonny but… she's had a good year-long run. Maybe it's time to say goodbye to Sonny for a while and hello to Mandy again," Tawni suggested.

Marshall sighed. "You guys, I can't just kick Sonny off the show for Mandy to come back."

"Couldn't you just consider it?" Grady asked.

Sonny's mouth dropped open in shock. Zora and Nico both slapped Grady's arms at the same time.

"What?" he asked innocently, rubbing his arms.

"Kids…" Marshall began.

"You can't even consider it?" Tawni snapped.

Zora and Nico both glared at her. They didn't want to give up Sonny for Mandy.

Marshall flinched slightly at the sound of Tawni's harsh, high-pitched tone. "Well-"


Marshall frowned slightly and glanced back and forth from Sonny to Mandy. "Alright… I will think about it. But you should know, at this point, Sonny is staying and Mandy is a guest star on one reunion episode."

"Marshall, it's okay, really," Mandy said. "I really don't need my position back that badly."

"Mandy, shh! He said he'd consider it." Tawni said grinning.

Sonny could feel her insides frown. She had thought she was friends with all of them here. Not just Nico and Zora.

Tawni and Grady caught sight of Sonny's face.

"Sweetie," Tawni said, crossing the room and hesitated slightly before placing an arm around Sonny's shoulders. "We'll always be friends, and we still love you. It's just that… you have been on the show for over a year now."

"Right… We just think it would be nice if Mandy could come back for a while. Before she gets another big movie deal or something," Grady added. "It's not that we dislike you. It's just that…"

"You like her better?" Sonny asked, checking their expressions carefully.

Mandy hid her face in her hands. She hated that she was causing all of this conflict. Why did I even bring it up in the first place? She wondered to herself.

Zora and Nico both fired out a quick, reassuring "no, of course not," while Grady and Tawni remained silent.

Sonny shrugged out from under Tawni's arm and forced a smile and feeble laugh. "Hey, it's okay. We're still friends, right?"

"Right," they agreed.

Sonny nodded like that solved everything and like that was the end of the conflict centered on her and her job. When really, it was far from over, and Sonny was far from comforted by those words.

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