Hello and welcome to Twibasket, the semi comedic parody of Twilight and Fruits Basket! This was based off a random idea me and a few friends had one day at lunch, so you guys, enjoy. For this first chapter, only characters from Twilight will appear due to the fact that a plot will be involved and things need to be explained. So please put on your "Turtle Hats" and let us begin!


The house seemed empty, desolate, but not quite serene. The phone began to ring, echoing through the house. Carlisle quietly grabbed for the phone and peered around, hoping for a private conversation. But in a house stocked with vampires, the idea seemed impossible.

"Hello?" Carlisle softly murmured into the receiver. He didn't need to ask who it was. He knew immediately who was on the other line, for that was the reason why this conversation needed to be kept secret…

Meanwhile, outside of the Cullen's home, Emmett, Edward, Alice, and Renesmee absentmindedly walked about n the woods, waiting on Rosalie, Jasper and Bella, who had somehow vanished when they were walking together.

"Hey, Emmett, you do know there is a turtle on your head, right?" Alice mumbled almost with uncertainty while staring at the turtle that was placed squarely on Emmett's head.

"What turtle? Do you mean my funny hat?" replied Emmett with glee.

Alice stared at him flabbergasted and then responded; "No, Emmett, I'm sorry to say that your 'funny hat' is a turtle, and it just gnawed off a little bit of your hair…"

"Alice, how can you think that is a turtle, it is obviously a hat!" stated Renesmee while grinning.

"How can it be a hat? It has feet! And they are moving!" Alice said feverously, flailing her arms and pointing at the turtle that was clearly on Emmett's head. The turtle just blankly glanced at Alice and yawned.

"Alice, are you ok? It sounds like you need to have your eyes checked." worried Edward.

Alice was furious now, and so she bellowed; "MY EYES?! YOU GUYS ARE THE ONE WHO NEED YOUR EYES CHECKED! YOU THINK A TURTLE IS A STUPID HAT!!" Alice's eyes blazed as they deadlocked with the turtle's, who seemed very pleased with himself for angering Alice.

"No, we think the turtle is a very smart hat," Emmett interrupted, "You are just jealous because you don't have one!"

Alice briefly glanced toward Edward and Renesmee and the responded; "but they don't have 'hats'!"

"Oh, yes we do," Renesmee corrected while simultaneously placing a turtle on her, then Edward's head.

Everything was silent for a moment, awkwardly silent. And nobody moved a muscle, excluding the three turtles, who glared at Alice to make her as uncomfortable as possible.

"That's it!" muttered Alice, "I'm going back to the house, and if you find the others, tell them not to listen to you!" That was all Edward, Renesmee, and Emmett were able to hear, because before they knew it, Alice was gone, grumbling curses at the turtles all the way home.

When Alice made it back to the Cullen's place, she saw that outside the main entrance, Carlisle was pacing back and forth with an urgent look on his face.

"Alice!" Carlisle began, "help me gather the others; there is something urgent I need to tell you all."

"Please don't tell me you have a Turtle Hat, too," responded Alice with a deep tone of spite for the Turtle Hats in her voice.

"Never mind that now, just help me gather everyone back here!" Carlisle snapped. You could tell he needed to tell all of the vampires something just by the way he was moving. And at that moment Alice thought he looked like a little kid who needed to pee, but then after getting bored with that thought, she began thinking of ways to torment the Turtle Hats.

"What are you waiting for?" Carlisle interrupted while Alice's train of though crashed and burned in a fiery pit of lost thought-ness. "It is really important, so help me get everyone back here!" Carlisle continued as he faded into the distance.

Alice and Carlisle then attempted to find everyone and drag them back to the house. Unfortunately, the dragging part didn't go so well, because apparently, vampires do not like to be dragged. After quite a while of dragging vampires around, all of the Cullens were finally gathered in the main room. Carlisle stood in the center and prepared to make his announcement.

Carlisle then cleared his throat and began to speak; "okay, I have something very important to tell all of you," Carlisle paused for a moment, as if to make it a bit more dramatic, and then continued, "a red sock kinda got into the wash with all of Edward's and Jasper's white shirts, so now, due to two colors and a one night stand, the shirts are now pink…"

All of the other vampires stared at Carlisle like he had lobsters crawling out of his ears. And then, while acting almost oblivious to their reaction, Carlisle added;" Oh, and on a minor note, we are all going to Japan."

"WHAT?!" the cluster of vampires echoed into the air.

"Why do you want us to go to Japan when none of us speak Japanese!" blurted Bella.

"Actually, Bella, we can," Carlisle began with a smirk on his face, "the author of this Fan Fic has decided we can, and just in case, I have this. " Carlisle then pulled out a book entitled: "How Vampires Can Learn Japanese in a Couple of Seconds." the book resembled something Carlisle made himself and shoved it in his closet for many years, but Carlisle seemed attached to it just the same.

"But why do you want us to go there, we may run into an unfamiliar vampire's territory," responded Jasper. He was still angry that his shirts were pink. You could just tell.

Then Carlisle answered; "well, let's just say I know what lives there… so pack you bags and let's get ready to go!!"

Carlisle's mind was made up now, they were going to Japan. And once Carlisle set his mind, there is little that can be done to stop him, or wait; nothing can be done to stop him. The other vampires knew this and began packing their bags and Carlisle took them and tossed them into the car. It was bound to be an interesting trip.


Well, what did you think? I know this chapter wasn't very funny, but things will change when the Cullens reach Japan. Also, they are supposed to be getting in the car, they aren't taking a plane to Japan. When chapter two is published, we will finally see some people from Fruits Basket appear; otherwise I couldn't call this Twibasket. Okay, now leave a review. (^3^)