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OK, this story has actually been dancing around in my head from Series one, where Matt's dad was completely unsurprised by digimon, but it wasn't until series 2 that I realised I had a lot more scope to work with. So, This has been an idea I've had for many years, and upon watching season 2 again recently (Like today) I actually plotted out the story.

The Original digidestined, the ones mentioned by Genii in series 1, the first 5. This is their story. In which I hope to explain some things, and hope to give you a story truely worthy of digimon fans.

Story Summary

They thought it was just a video game, a way to have fun, or escape lifes injustices, none of them expected to end up on an adventure that would change each of them forever.


Hiroki Hida: (11) A kind and courageous boy, who though level headed and normally so full of common sense, will not hesitate to throw himself head first into anything, be it a pit of snakes, or one of his mothers tea parties with her friends.

Hiroaki Ishida: (10) A rebel, standing out against his aunts unfair treatment towards him, but a sincere and reliable friend when needed. He always has his trusty camera with him.

Yukio Oikawa: (10) A lonely boy, who finds making friends difficult, his parents often despair of him. He finds his comfort in computer games and makebelieve.

Kyako Kyashu: (11) A computer whiz who despite her love for computers does not forget about real people either.

Mizuki Sohma: (8) A little girl with a big attitude, she's not afraid to speak out against anything she considers to be wrong, she believes in helping others and despite her young age she often has sage and hopeful advice for others.

Digimon & Evolutions

Botamon----Koromon----Agumon---- Greymon----MetalGreymon----WarGreymon



(Due to this being a new digimon I shall discribe it here to save time later on)

Datirimon is a small green creature with what looks like a stalk on it's head.

Farnimon is a grey/green ball with short wings that can only allow it to hover for a short time

Falcamon is a brown an gold birdlike digimon, similar to Hawkmon without the bandanna with a crest of feathers on his head

Predamon is a medium sized digimon very sleek, with all gold tail feathers and a wicked looking beak

AviPredamon is a slight more humanoid digimon, with arms, as well as wings, he has a Crest of gold feathers on his head

FighterPredamon is smaller than AviPredamon, wearing a fighter pilots cap, black wings gold chest, he carries a blaster gun


(as I made up the last one, here's a description)

MeteorKabuterimon is smaller and more humanoid than previous evolutions, (think Beetlemon from frontier only MeteorKabu is red and blue), he carries an engery blade he can make longer or shorter at will



Hiroaki Ishida watched his sons and their friends laughing and joking with each other around the campfire they had gotten to start, a task Tai and Davis had taken on, and had both failed miserably at, until Matt and TK had laughingly taken over. Everyone had teased them about how they would survive in the digital world without the others. It was all good natured, and no offense was taken. Everyone was having a good time, even Ken, who was normally so reserved, was laughing and teasing.

It made Hiroaki's heart glad to see it, but it made it ache too. Ache for those who could not be here, and for the way their story was forgotten in time. But he would not intrude on the children's enjoyment. He simply sat to the side, penciling in some work. After all, just because he was taking his first vacation in 15 years, and spending the time with his sons (the others would be returning home after the weekend was up, he, Matt and TK were staying on until the following weekend), did not mean he could afford not to do a little work, he was sometimes convinced the TV station would collapse without him there.

He listened with half an ear to the kids telling of their respective adventures, Davis' exaggerations a match for Tai's. His heart clenched (as any parents would) when he heard them tell of the dangers they had been in, and it clenched tighter when they spoke of what they had learned about themselves.

His eyes drifted from his work to look at the children, to Matt and TK, the others, lingering for a moment longer on Izzy and Cody, before he forced them back to his work, and concentrated... for a full minute before he heard Matt say, his voice contemplative.

"What about the original digidestined?"

Hiroaki's head snapped up, but was not noticed as the others around the fire began a rising volume of questions of "What?"

"You know, what Genii told us, that there were digidestined before us." Matt explained.

"You mean your not the first ones?" Yolei questioned.

"Oh, yeah, I remember, something about a wall of fire and a great evil, right?" Tai said, a finger tapping at his chin as he thought.

Sora nodded from where she was leaning against Matt. "Yeah, that was what he said."

"Why are you asking Matt?" TK questioned.

Matt shrugged easily. "I'm not sure, I was just thinking about it. I mean, how much older than us were they? What was the problem back then? Who were they?" he looked almost flustered by the end, embarrassed.

"Did they do the things we did?" Ken continued, also blushing, and Hiroaki was ridiculously reminded of another who acted almost exactly the same way, and he couldn't stop the strangled noise he made.

"Dad?" TK asked.

"What's wrong Mr. Ishida?" the others questioned, all turning to him.

"Are you choking? I know first aid if you are!" Mimi offered, wringing her hands together a little worriedly.

Hiroaki waved them off, coughing before saying. "It's nothing, probably just a bug." he tried a smile, but it didn't really stick.

"Dad?" Matt asked, really concerned, and everyone seemed to take their cues from him, after all Matt knew his father best. Hiroaki bit down another strangled sound at that thought. Except that his son knew nothing, didn't know that he was just like them. "dad seriously, what's wrong?"

"Nothing Matt, just have fun kids, ignore the old man over here." he waved them off, and they did settle back down, but the conversation didn't resume immediately.

Finally Davis broke the silence. "So what else do you know about these original digidestined? Did Genii tell you anything about them?" he asked.

He was a lot like her.

Hiroaki stubbornly pushed aside those thoughts, not wanting to give his sons another reason to worry over him, but he made a note to look her up when he had the chance, see what she was up to. and returned his attention to the paperwork on his knees. But the words blurred. Genii had told them. He didn't know why that surprised him really, but he hadn't told them everything. Maybe that was a good thing.


He looked up sharply to see TK watching him with a frown, he had obviously been calling out for a while. "Yes TK?" he responded slowly.

"We were just wondering, Mr Ishida, if there were ever any reports of digimon before Tai and the others saw the digimon at Hieghtenview terrace?" Cody asked, his clear green eyes contemplating him over the fire, so like... This was ridiculous, he had never been this sentimental over that time before, so why now?

"Not that I know of, digimon weren't seen here until that incident as far as I'm aware, at least, not actually in the real world."

"What do you mean 'not actually in the real world'?" Izzy asked quickly, startling Hiroaki, he thought quickly, but was thankfully saved from answering by Cody.

"My grandfather told me that my father used to speak to a computer game like there was someone who could talk back. Maybe it was really the digital world." the youngest suggested.

"So how would they get into the digital world? Did their game controllers turn into digivices or something?" Davis asked, looking around, clueless.

"I don't see why they would, I mean we all got ours without something turning into them." Kari said quietly.

Conversation resumed, and Hiroaki was glad that he seemed to have been forgotten about, he settled back, resigned now that he would not get any work done this evening, he let his mind wander down through his memories, picking out a few, and smiling slightly, before the smile was washed away by a feeling of melancholy.

"Excuse me Mr. Ishida." He blinked and looked up at where Ken was standing beside him, the others were still talking around the fire, he nodded fractionally for Ken to ask his question. "Why were you staring at me just then?"

Hiroaki glanced back to where he had been looking, and indeed it had been right were Ken had been sitting. "You remind me of someone I once knew." he answered honestly.

Ken nodded as if that explained everything. "And Izzy, Davis and Cody? Do they remind you of someone as well?"

Hiroaki looked into the boys eyes, and could see the calculating look there. He nodded. "They do."

Ken nodded slowly, and Hiroaki could see the wheels turning and all the right dots connecting. Ken looked back at the group, biting his lip for a moment, before his expression hardened slightly, and Hiroaki was too slow to stop him. "Guys, I think Mr Ishida has something he needs to tell us." his blue eyes shifted back to meet Hiroaki's as the group as a whole turned their heads to look, and there was no remorse there, in fact there was the slightest smile there. "Do I still remind you of someone?"

Hiraki huffed a little and muttered. "You have no idea."

"Dad?" Matt and TK voiced in unison.

Hiroaki cleared his throat and searched for some way out of this, before sighing. Maybe it was for the best, and didn't he owe it to them, to those that couldn't be here to tell their story. "Ok, Ken's right, I do have something to tell you, but I ask that you don't interrupt until I finish. It's important you don't interrupt." he looked at each of them.

In total unison they all nodded, all eyes focused completely on him, he could see on some faces that there was some inkling of what he was about to reveal, but he closed his eyes against it, and dredged up the very beginning, because he couldn't start at the end, they would understand nothing then.

"27 years ago..."

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