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Sonny should have seen this coming. She did in fact use Chad's help with her James situation. She had been wondering what it would be after Chad had warned her that she owed him- BIG TIME. But this she didn't expect.

So, when the notice was taped to Tawni's and her dressing room door, she inwardly groaned and ripped it off before anybody could see. However, she was not fast enough for Tawni Heart, who caught a glimpse at the sheet and started to laugh hysterically by Sonny's side.

And so the teasing began. First, it was just Tawni, with little mockeries of Sonny acting "dramatically". And after Grady and Nico caught a wiff of it, they started asking her stupid questions like, 'Did you pack your sweater? We hear it's cold over there at the Falls?'. Sonny didn't have to put up with any comments from Zora, thank goodness, just giggles and the occasional roll of the eyes..

But, there was nothing she could do because she asked for it. So, she took the stupid mandatory acting classes and avoided the Mackenzie Falls cast as much as she could. She took to eating in her dressing room and not standing by any windows facing their lot. It was bad enough it was coming from her end. She didn't need it from their's as well.

When the day came for her script to arrive, she paced back and forth, biting at whatever nails she had left and pushing her hair forcefully away from her face. She stopped paying attention hours before, so when she turned and smacked into Chad Dylan Cooper, she had to steady herself on Tawni's chair.

"Here", he said, thrusting her script at her in a rude manner. He did not look happy, despite the fact that Sonny was going to humiliate herself all over the most watched show on television.

"What's your problem? Shooting not going well for you today?", Sonny asked bitterly, holding the script out like it smelled as bad as rotting fish. Her fingers were so tight around the edges that the paper was crinkling and her knuckles were beginning to turn white.

"We don't shoot Saturdays. Of course you'd know that if you read the notice-", at this, he nodded to her garbage basin, where'd she'd thrown it almost instantly after she'd received it. "And be careful with the script, you only get one". He looked about as angry as she felt, which confused Sonny a whole lot. Shouldn't he be the one laughing?

"What's your problem?", she repeated.

"You! That's my problem. Your lack of acting ability is going to take the credibility out of Mackenzie Falls", he shot back immediately.

"Hey- this was YOUR idea, remem-", she started, but was cut off by a hand in her face. She slapped it away forcefully.

"It wasn't MY idea. It was the producer of Mackenzie Falls. She must have heard from somebody- Portlyn probably-", he spat the name as if it burned his tongue, "-that I was having trouble coming up with my own idea of an IOU. So, she sugg- no, she DEMANDED that I make you a part of Mackenzie Falls for a couple of weeks for your punishment. I tried to warn her about what she was getting herself into", he shook his head, looking down at Sonny with regret.

"What SHE'S getting herself into? What about ME?", Sonny exclaimed, her anger growing from his insensitive words. "I should never have come to you for help".

"No. You shouldn't have. Not only have I humiliated myself in front of your friends and mine, but I also ruined my reputation for only dating blondes", he huffed.

Sonny looked at him bewildered for a moment before finally collecting her thoughts. "You are THE biggest ass ever-", she yelled, pulling back her arm, ready to hit him.

"WOAH! Sonny Monroe is swearing now?", Chad asked, protecting himself from the attack by stepping out of the way. He raised an eyebrow cockily and grinned when she smacked her hand off Tawni's chair. "Well, I'm off. Shooting starts tomorrow morning, 8 AM sharp. DON'T. BE. LATE.", he winked at her grimace and left Sonny to her crinkled script and her throbbing hand.

Sonny shook off the pain and sat herself down on Tawni's chair to look over the script. This whole script thing was a new experience to her because all she'd ever done was improv.

One loose leaf of paper slid out from behind the front cover. Looking at it, she realized that it was a Character Description Sheet.

Name: Samantha Nichols

Age: 17 years old

Place in the show: The new girl who brings a lot of attention to herself through her independence and Southern Charm. Much of this attention is from Mackenzie.

Approximate # of episodes: 3-4.

"Huh", Sonny said to herself. "So much for just being a background actor. No wonder why Chad was so mad". She rolled her eyes at her supposed "costume".

Costume: Despite being from the South, Sam is very caught up on Mackenzie Falls fashion, adding her own spunk to it. Commonly wearing long-sleeved tees, jean skirts and her cowboy boots, Sam stands out, but only in a positive way.

"Jean skirts huh?", Sonny asked herself. She groaned to herself and opened the script. She found herself getting lost in the pages, wondering why she'd never watched an episode before. It didn't sound so bad. 'It's probably the actors who make it suck', she thought idly to herself, laughing internally at Chad. Then, she realized that she would be one of those actors.

It was at that point when she read a part of the script she wasn't expecting- at all!

Mackenzie: (whispers in Sam's ear) You know, there's not too many girls like you around here.

Sam: (looking up at him through her eyelashes) No? What about Amanda? Or what about Erin?

Mackenzie: (laughs) They aren't real. But, you are. And, I like that. (Puts her hair behind her ear).

Sam: (eyes fluttering closed) Mackenzie... (in a whisper)

-- [They chastely kiss, but soon into it, sam pushes on Mackenzie's chest, shaking her head]

Sam: (looking down at the ground) Mackenzie... We can't do this. It's not fair for the both of us. I'm leaving at the end of the school year. I'm moving on and I can't take this. (She motions between the two of them) with me. I'm sorry.

Mackenzie: Me too.

-- End of scene.

"A kiss!", she exclaimed.

"A kiss?", came Tawni's voice from behind her. Sonny looked over to her.

"I-I didn't hear you come in", Sonny admitted, looking a bit sheepish. "And yes, there's a stupid kiss. I wonder if Chad knows about this..", Sonny trailed off, playing with her necklace.

"Well, if he doesn't already, he will so-", Tawni started, but was interrupted by a loud Moo-ing. Sonny looked down at her cell phone, the source of the sound.

"It's him", she gasped, unable to hide the hint of fear she was experiencing.

"Well, answer it", Tawni exclaimed, a little bored by the immaturity of the situation. It was only a scene kiss. No big deal... so why were they making it one?

"I will", Sonny said indignantly, pushing the ANSWER button and putting the phone to her ear...


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